Why wait the usual 10 weeks, we can usually fit you in within 2 – 3 weeks on average as we have our own DSA approved customer test centre. We are an independent training supplier specialising in First Aid and Trauma Training in the Gloucestershire area.
First Aid & Trauma Training are very proud to provide instructors and supporting healthcare professionals with experienced backgrounds of hands on care to patients, therefore giving the candidates a proven enhancement to their learning experience. Is your Health and Safety paperwork holding you back, would you like to grow, gain new contracts or improve existing ones for your business then please contact us at First Aid and Trauma Training and we will guide you through the process.
As well as First Aid and Trauma Training and Health and Safety Training, we also provide Manual Handling, Fire Safety, Risk Assessments and Policy Writing as well as Face Fit, Hand and Arm Vibration Training and Hearing, Noise Training and Confined Space Training and Confined Space Cleaning and Rescue. Based in Gloucester, we are happy to travel and work with organisations within Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties. The First Aid at Work course is a 3 day HSE approved course that provides the learner with all of the information they need to deal with a First Aid incident whether in their workplace, home or just out and about. This course has been designed in order to give first aid training to those people working in what would be deemed a low risk environment or an environment with a small amount of staff. This course is available to anybody that has already completed a First Aid at Work within the last 3 years.
The paediatric first aid courses have been designed to teach those people that work with or around children how to deal with basic life support procedures and recognise well known childhood illnesses and conditions. This fully certificated qualification satisfies the guidelines and criteria as laid down by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and OFSTED. The purpose of this Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace (QCF) is to provide the learner with the skills, knowledge and understanding within the work environment to ensure that all employees are aware of their own safety and the safety of others that might be affected by their work. This is an excellent introduction to health and safety in the workplace and will benefit all employees, particularly those who may be accepting a health and safety role, such as a safety representative within their organisation. We are all exposed at times to some form of manual handling such as lifting, carrying, pulling and pushing actions that can be compounded by simultaneous movements such as climbing or pivoting. You will, no doubt, be well aware of the potentially devastating effects of fires in the workplace in terms of lives lost, injuries, damage to property and the environment, and to the business continuity. You will, no doubt, be well aware of the potentially devastating effects of fires in the workplace in terms of lives lost, injuries, damage to property and the environment, and to business continuity.
Wow just received a phone call from a company in Worcester where I taught CPR and oxygen administration two weeks ago. A really enjoyable course in quite challenging surroundings, Ben dealt brilliantly with the situation and continued to keep the course running even when interrupted by clients, a great course that has refreshed my skills.
This course has really made me confident as a first aider, it was fun and the instructor was brilliant. I learned a lot that I didn't know and it has given me confidence to administer first aid if required, I really enjoyed this course as it was easily understood. You don't have to stay on at school until you are 18, have you considered an Apprenticeship!

RM Training has a team of experienced Assessors and IQA's with many years of combined experience. RM Trainings attention to detail, patience and immense support they provide to the the apprentices with has been fantastic.
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We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the very latest in first aid and trauma training. The courses are fun, dynamic and will leave the new first aider feeling confident in the ability to treat and look after their casualty until medical help arrives.

It is important that as an employer or person in charge of the health and safety provision of your organisation, you identify whether these requirements meet the HSE’s standard guidelines. This course is excellent in re-instilling confidence back into the first aider who may have had very little practice of first aid in the 3 years prior to the last course. Personal injuries resulting from incorrect manual handling in the workplace, accounts for over one million working days lost per year as well as the pain and suffering experienced by the casualties.
It turns out one of their fellow workers collapsed yesterday from a cardiac arrest and his colleagues who leapt into action and responded in the correct way received praise from the cardiac surgeon who said they undoubtedly saved his life.
To me the most important thing was to learn the procedure for CPR and the first action to take. We have found the training for the apprentices to be very beneficial for daily practical tasks from administration to customer services. If you need cash, you walk into a BANK, get your cash out, DEPOSIT the cash with the teller, get a SAR filled out, and immediate get a cashiers check for whatever you gotta pay.
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Interest rates are so whimsical these days, fluctuating between a nominal -25% to 0%, so they might as well pass this "hardship" on to customers. Because of our independence from larger companies we can offer your business, organisation or group a bespoke first aid course that incorporates the most common risks that are found in your area of work, at a very competitive price. That is what it's all about and I am really proud to say I taught them the basics to make that difference.
RM Training delivers Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Pre-Employment Training and various Tailor-Made Courses. RM Training works with various prime contractors who supply us with our funding so we are able to competently deliver apprenticeships. Mommy and daddy taught them to hoard cash, but apparently they missed the part about putting it under the mattress.
Maybe you haven't noticed but law changes abruptly to suit whoever is in power during a crisis. I have to say that observing one of the ML bankers literally sleeping, with his head on the table, while the rest of us were checking the prospectus documents and a room full of lawyers were billing $1,000 per hour each, did not exactly leave me with a favorable impression.
From January 2013 to April 2014 RM Training successfully delivered over 900 Employability qualifications in England and Wales with an overall success rate of 95%.
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