Frank Francese was born in Arizona in 1951 but has resided in Colorado for most of his life. This workshop is an adventure in watercolor - exploring the magic and luminosity of the medium will have impact and excitement to both the viewer and the artist. David Taylor shares his techniques and skills, with attention to drawing and composition playing a large role. This is an opportunity to break new ground and share with others the joy and passion of watercolor at its best.
David's painting career expands many years of studying the art of watercolor painting and he has been involved in teaching his great love of this medium to painters both in Australia and overseas since the late sixties. His numerous achievements include numerous Major Awards in watercolour, including the Herald Sun Best Of Show Gold Medal Award at The Camberwell Rotary Exhibition 2002 and a silver medal in 1976. He has been one of the Judging Panel For the Shenzen Internatinal Biennial 2013 Exhibition and also the 2010 Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition.

David's work is regularly exhibited in Australia, in several States, and in England and the Channel Islands and Stockholm. There have been many varying influences on his painting journey and he aspires to the impressionists Monet, Turner, and the expressive John Singer Seargeant, also to include Winslow Homer, Brabazon Brabazon and Whistler to name a few. The book, Solving The Mystery of Watercolor, features David Taylor's work and was written by Ron Ranson. Kim’s class concentrates on painting quickly and accurately, a skill which can be useful in many situations. If you wish to take the medium of watercolor further and enjoy a journey of new discoveries, then this class is for you! His early career began in etching and a 6 year apprenticeship at the North Melbourne printing school of graphic arts to colour etching assisted in his future career as an artist painter. In each exhibition he expresses his love of working freely on location and his love of spontaneity, shape, light and colour.

A faculty member at the Rocky Mountain School of Art, he teaches workshops throughout the Mountain States and finds inspiration traveling worldwide.
The daily demonstrations, critiques, and review of your work will be directed at achieving a spontaneous yet controlled result; the key to capturing the moment.
Subject matter will range from nature scenes, country scenes, cityscapes, the tropics, and nature’s moods.
About his direct, quick-sketch approach, he says, “Immediacy is important not only because it is often the nature of people, but for me, it is the most instinctive way to paint.

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