Intensive Study in ASL Program  Intensive Study in American Sign Language ProgramThe Division of Adult and Continuing Education’s Intensive Study in American Sign Language (ISASL) Program is a 6-course series focusing on communication with Deaf individuals. We are the students of George Brown College, committed to supporting each other in the struggle for student rights, the pursuit of quality education and the provision of services in a safe, accessible and equitable environment. The Community Action Center of the Student Association of George Brown College is offering ASL 101 classes with only a one time registration fee of $5. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. These courses are designed for those who wish to make rapid progress in developing ASL skills and expand their multicultural sign vocabulary but do not wish to earn academic credit. We pay the electric bill each month so we can operate the equipment.These and the many other costs all add up.

Curriculum, you will develop vocabulary, conversational competence and grammatical knowledge through a total immersion approach that includes classroom conversation, visual language lab activities and online exercises.
You will be expected to expand your interaction with the local Deaf community to enhance your linguistic skills and cultural knowledge. Classes are offered days, evenings and weekends through the Program for Deaf Adults or in conjunction with the Education and Language Acquisition Department.
High school or GED diploma required.If you have already started your sign language education, you are required to be pre-screened for appropriate level placement. Come to the free introductory  session  and  learn  how  to  become  a  fluent communicator or how to make a career from your skills as a signer.
Topics include spatial organization, semantic awareness, complex use of ASL grammar and syntax, use of classifiers, advanced and complex Deaf cultural information.

You will focus on the development of ASL parameters, including hand shapes, orientation, location, movement and non-manual signals. You will focus on the further development of ASL parameters, including hand shapes, orientation, location, movement and non-manual signs.

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