Believe in yourself more – always think positively and feed yourself with positive inner dialogue. Assertive behavior can earn you a lot of respect in both your professional and personal life.
Follow these simple assertiveness training tips and you will start seeing your assertiveness levels soar.
A clear understanding will help you keep your emotions in positive control while establishing what you think is right. We help you value the power of “no”, and manage assertion in a positive and productive way. Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye, and tell yourself how wonderful you are!
You can only change what you do; and that a change in your behavior will afford others the opportunity to behave differently towards you. Instead, turn every situation into a positive learning opportunity for future behavior change. Make sure it matches your words: people tend to believe what they see rather than what they hear. This will ensure you stay in control of you and the situation, and afford others the opportunity to do so as well.
Concentrate on the situation rather than your own feelings, and recognize that the other person is most probably angry about the situation – not with you.

Lose the words that signal “I’m a pushover” such as “I’m terribly sorry”, or “I’m afraid”, or “Could you possibly…?” or “Can I just …?”. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser.
It is also important to understand how much right one has over another person, in order to assert with total fairness.
Being assertive doesn’t happen overnight, but the more practice you get, the more skilled you become. Substitute big “I” statements followed by factual descriptions instead of judgments or exaggerations. And if it helps, remember that you are not refusing them personally, you are refusing their request. And while you may not always get what you want, you will always know you gave it your best. We have training centres in Guildford and London or can come to your site delivery the training if that would be more convenient. We are focused on ensuring that when you return to work there has been a clear, noticeable improvement on your communication skills. That means that we not only explain the key skills of clear and assertive communication in this training course but also move quickly to get people practising these skills. Learning to communicate assertively and clearly is a practical skill and as a result this course is unashamedly hands-on.

It covers the key concepts and skills that delegates will need to be comfortable with but then gets people practising those skills.
We use a variety of role plays and other scenarios to ensure that our delegates all practice these skills.Also people often approach business interactions, especially more difficult ones, with a clear idea in their mind of what they will say and how they will communicate it. They then find that during the conversation they lose their confidence or find it difficult to get their point clearly heard and understand. We then work through ways that these issues can be addressed and also look at strategies that may be useful when working with difficult people.Being able to communicate clearly and assertively is a key career skill. All employees, whether manager or team member, need to ensure that their needs and issues are clearly communicated to other people. All of the course, good course learnt alot Illig 5 out of 5 The practicle parts were useful to relate to the trainers points – they were also great fun and interesting. I most enjoyed talking about difficult situations and applying them to theory – understanding these can be tackled. Quantum Beauty Company 5 out of 5 Excellent teacher and able to challenge and question Illig 5 out of 5 The open honest feedback forms and the ability to share specific problems.

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