To open the window of experience, promote sharing and discussion on current worldwide effectiveness in developing and implementing Asset Integrity Management System considering Best Practices and competencies as practices by pacesetters such as ExxonMobil, Shell, PETRONAS etc.
This training will outline a comprehensive and integrated set of proven Best Practices that are intended if fully implemented to achieve sustainable reliability, availability and cost goals consistent with long-term profitability without compromising safety. The training focuses on the effective management of all operability, reliability and maintenance performance requirements. Best Practices proven in application at pacesetter sites involve consolidated know-how in design, engineering, construction, operation, reliability, maintenance and integrity of facilities, systems and equipment. The course is ideal for persons with assigned responsibilities improvements in the operation, reliability and maintainability area, as well as managers who want to increase awareness of the payoffs of improvements managements.
Engineers who need to know the operation, maintenance and reliability management as they apply to developing improvement programs. Continuous training and upgrading of your employees is key to the success of your organization. File your receipt (which we will email you), record of attendance (which we will provide you at the event) and the completed PIC form with your accounts department which they will submit to IRAS to process the claim. Take advantage of the PIC scheme to upgrade your skills, gain the latest information in your field of work, and get access to the knowledge that can help drive your organizations’ performance and productivity.
Unifi also includes the ability to rate and submit standardized content requests while sharing content without replication issues, such as sharing speed degradation. Company administrators who use Global eTraining can now easily distribute and track progress of Unifi learners through the Admin Panel.

Unifi is just one of many BIM courses GeT plans to release throughout the year, as the company continues to grow its course database.
Global eTraining is an award-winning provider of comprehensive, integrated online learning solutions with over 25 years of experience in developing and delivering exceptional computer-based learning. INVIEWlabs is a Las Vegas-based technology development company that specializes in content creation of building information modeling (BIM), custom management applications for 2D and 3D design software, software programming, and technology consulting services.
INVIEWlabs has authored multiple software programs, including the company’s flagship product, UNIFI—a one-of-a-kind digital asset management program created with building designers and BIM Managers in mind. A common objective of Asset Management is to minimise the whole life cost of the asset, although other factors such as risk and delivering service also have to be considered. Benchmark, transfer and application of Best Practices should be carried out in smart, and well thought your process in line with human resource competence expectations. Your attendance at any Equip Global conference or training course is eligible for PIC credits, either as a 60% cash refund or 400% tax deduction. What’s more, boost your tax savings and claim 60% of your registration fee by attending an Equip Global conference or training course today.
If you do not have an accounts department or need help with the PIC claim, our staff will be very happy to assist. Unifi is a cloud-based DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution tailored specifically around BIM content workflows. GeT training will also soon be accessible directly through Unifi’s support panel for seamless training integration inside the software.

Already a leader in Autodesk training, Global eTraining is actively expanding its BIM and Professional Libraries, using its patented course-building platform, The Generator. We are a strategic training partner to some of the world’s largest and most diverse multinational design, construction and software organizations, government bodies and educational institutions, and the global leader in developing and designing training for the 21st Century.
With the ability to natively integrate within Autodesk® Revit, the program is designed to simplify a building planner’s daily workflow. We will provide you with full supporting documentation after the event and assist you in getting the claim completed. Developed by INVIEWlabs, Unifi allows for effortless management and search of BIM workflow content. Global eTraining offers custom courses, as well as course-building solutions across industries. Our products have won the prestigious 2014 Brandon Hall Excellence Award, 2014 CSTD WOW Award and the 2014 CODiE award. Following a collaboration effort between GeT and INVIEWlabs, this course is now available for free through Global eTraining’s Online Portal.

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