All IntelliTrack products allow concurrent connections meaning, the application can be installed and run on unlimited workstations. With over 14,000 installations worldwide, IntelliTrack is the most recognized brand in the data collection industry. RF (WiFi) capability comes with every copy of full version DMS software for real time tracking. IntelliTrack Fixed Assets RFID software provides enhanced functionality, including an all at once scanning of entire rooms and improved data security.

Contact ROX to receive a link to download a full demonstration version of our software. An efficient and cost effective solution to track and manage fixed assets and to calculate depreciation. Manage and track the receipt of packages, mail or luggage through to the final destination incl. Use mobile computers to scan barcodes, collect information and track location, lots, expiration dates, automate inventory reconciliation incl.

Nemesis Asset Management LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The number of workstation licenses purchased limits how many users can be on the system at one time.

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