This blog post will share with you some of the key highlights of the meetup on how to maximize the value of your early adopters, as well as the pitfalls to watch out for.
Getting thought leaders from your target industry onboard can be a great way to fuel your growth, add credibility, and quickly expand, as though leaders satisfied with your solution can be a great source of promotion.
It’s great to attract new users, but attracting the right early adopters is they key to success.
The idea to take on a big user is certainly an attractive one. However, it can often come with a few often overlooked pitfalls, as big users often have big demands. This free guide shows you how to find prospects, handle sales objections, develop meeting plans and get new deals signed for your B2B company.
Marc DeAmorim: Marc serves as our Inside Sales Representative, researching prospective clients, contacting targeted accounts, setting up meetings, and closing sales. Fill your garden with nectar-rich flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds from summer into fall.By Stacy TornioWhether the calendar says summer or fall, these flowers such as Russian Sage, Bee Balm and Sunflowers, will attract butterflies and hummingbirds until the first frost – and sometimes beyond. To make it easier to choose the right plants, we put together this “Sweet 16” list of blooms to grow in your yard this time of year. Hummingbirds and butterflies nectaring on these flowers start the wildlife parade followed by seed-eating birds. Hummingbirds love the tubular blooms of this bright red flower, which grows up to 4 feet tall. Growing up to 6 feet tall (dwarf varieties are shorter), asters sport dozens of blooms on a single plant. Fall is the peak time for this backyard favorite, which grows up to 2 feet high and is a popular choice for attracting butterflies.
You can find this beauty in shades of pink, white, red and purple, growing as high as 6 feet tall.
Another surefire annual, this beauty is guaranteed to extend the season until the first frost.
Get your pinchers ready—deadheading these blooms will keep them going all the way until frost in beautiful shades of pink, red, pale yellow, violet-blue, white and various combinations.
As always, the meetup had a good turnout of Toronto-based entrepreneurs who had come to swap personal experiences and trade advice.
Attracting early adopters and being open to how early they interact with your offering will help guide your product or services development.

Early adopters may even offer ideas on what could be added, removed or changed to improve the value proposition.
Consider popular posters on industry related forums, bloggers, and prominent social media users when deciding whose influence you’d like to leverage. You can promote your offerings to specific, well-suited groups or forums, or offer a closed beta to help control who is allowed to be an early adopter. Temper the feedback of overzealous early adopters and, when possible, try to meet face to face in order to find the most meaningful feedback.
Whether their demands stem from specific requirements on your systems, time, production capacities, or whether they are based on special customization or development that they want to see, when considering going after big users make sure you have the resources in place to accommodate the size of their needs. Apply these tips to grow with confidence by getting the most out of your early adopters while avoiding overlooked obstacles and easy-to-make mistakes. It’s important to keep flowers blooming as long as possible to help butterflies and hummingbirds later in the season.
We chose them because they are some of the hardiest plants you can find – and they also happen to be gorgeous.
It has large medium-pink blooms and interesting foot-long, whorled leaves (see photo above).
Plant just one of these perennials in your garden, and you’ll see a difference in a single season. Whether you start with bare-root mums in spring or buy container-grown plants in late summer, these stunners are a great nectar source. Many think of it as predominantly a summer plant, but it also offers a great nectar source through early fall, too.
If you plant early in the season, they’ll have plenty of time to get established for winter.
The star-shaped blooms start out pale green and then become a rich burgundy color as the leaves change and finally turn a rust color after frost. Skippers, buckeyes, painted ladies and monarchs often stop by for the plant’s sweet nectar, especially in late summer when it’s growing strong while other blooms are wilting away.
Though in most regions gardeners have to dig up the tubers in late fall and replant in spring, the effort is well worth it. It lasts well into fall and is like a bright beacon to hummingbirds and butterflies passing through on their migrations.

While birds will pause to snack on its drying seed heads, butterflies and hummingbirds will stop for its nectar in fall. A favorite for hanging baskets, petunias attract hummingbirds in late summer and early fall.
They are a favorite among seed-eaters, but since they last into early autumn, they’re a great nectar source as well. Be sure to put this valuable information to use to refine your offering and bolster its chances of success. Doing so can help you ensure the opportunity to collect meaningful feedback from the right demographics. Watch for early adopters that can identify both the positive and the negative qualities of your product or service.
As your user base grows and you consider expanding your team, download our free white paper on Building a Startup Sales Team for guidance.
With thousands of monarchs and hummingbirds migrating south for the winter, these amazing fliers still need good nectar sources to fuel their journeys. As a bonus, the flowers smell like vanilla; it’s no wonder they’re great at attracting butterflies!
With its silvery foliage and bursts of small purple blooms, it’s a great accessory anywhere.
The end result is huge blooms (some as big as 10 inches) that are excellent for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. You can find bloom shapes in daisy- or dahlia-like configurations and in just about any color, and nearly all are excellent when attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. For added insight, consider validating your sales and marketing plan by meeting potential customers. While some hummers and monarchs start their flights south as early as late July, many of them are still passing through in late October or even early November. Gardeners are often surprised to find these are flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds as well as songbirds.

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