Would you rather search for your next potential business partner or have them seek you out? Would you rather stand in a grocery store line and bug the person standing next to you, or sit at your desk at home and have your inbox full of people interested in learning more about your Network Marketing business? Attraction marketing is not a new concept, but was only used by those corporations that had the capital to implement this marketing strategy through commercials and newspapers ads. In a nut shell, the attraction marketing concept teaches you how to be the a€?hunteda€? instead of the a€?huntera€?. Attraction Marketing is a very simple concept but unfortunately 99% of Network Marketers dona€™t use this technique. I personally dona€™t want to spend my life chasing people around trying to get them to join my business.
You first must be willing to invest in your marketing knowledge so you can be valuable to others. If you want to open your email on a daily basis and see; a€?you have new recruita€?, or a€?congratulations John Doe just joined your businessa€?, or a€?you have a new leada€?, then you must have a solid knowledge of the attraction marketing concept and how you can use these strategies to build your business. You want the Financial Freedom you were promised when you first joined your primary business.
You want top-earner status, global recognition, and to be speaking on stage at your company events. I'm talking about the ability to strike at will and print money whenever you want with whatever affiliate program, business opportunity, or MLM company you wish to promote. Because I've been in this industry since 1999, and quite possibly just like you I struggled immensely in the beginning.
Shopping malls, cold calls, home meetings, stalking people at bookstores and gas stations, annoying my friends and family, you name it and I probably did it with VERY little to show for it.
It got so bad in fact that I started not getting invites to family BBQ's because they were tired of me pitching, begging, and shoving my business down their throats every chance I got!
Here's the curriculum that we are going to go through in addition to special bonus lessons and modules along with 15 recorded Q&A sessions to make sure you stay on track. Let me help you wrap your head around this concept and prove that you ALREADY know all you need to know about this kind of marketing to create an incredible business that flourishes and profits 24x7 even in your sleep.
Discover my personal, proven, persuasive headlines and e-mail copy that will make your prospects BEG to buy from you faster than a kid begging for an ice cream on a hot summer day. Take all you have learned, let it LOOSE on the social media platforms, and watch your business go WILD. All the previous 7 weeks lead up to my "Advanced Promo Techniques," which allow you to take all of your marketing efforts and multiply your production X 10! In this invaluable 90 minute workshop you will learn The 8 Components of a Compelling Narrative so you can CRAFT YOUR STORY in a way that Makes You Irresistible To Your Prospects. Discover the 4 types of income you MUST have in your business in order to build a rock-solid foundation to build on.
Most people are working with only one or 2 types of income, which makes their business volatile and vulnerable to collapse. Without fully understanding and embracing what this workshop covers in depth, you are essentially building the foundation of your business on a deck of cards that may topple with any given gust of wind.
This IS one of the most critical (and profitable) skill-sets you could ever master because when you understand how to persuade people with your words, you can make sales with e-mails, videos, blog posts, articles, ANYTHING 24x7 even while you sleep. You will learn about the concepts of polarization, size and number, story telling, and SO MUCH MORE in this 90 minute workshop. This is EVERYTHING I know about embracing 'ATTRACTION MARKETING' to build a multiple 6-Figure Business online in an easy-to-follow format. My promise to you: simply consume and IMPLEMENT 1 recorded module per week for the next 8 weeks, and I PROMISE I'll give you your life back. That's just 8 solid weeks of all-out FOCUS for the rest of your life to radically transform your business, and you can count on me to be there every step of the way. It simply comes down to how badly do you want it, AND your ability to make ONE simple decision. I know you possess the passion, courage, and vision to achieve that ultimate dream lifestyle, and finally give your family the life they deserve.
Finally turn a profit with your business, and live the life you were promised when you said YES to this industry.
Some of our customers are also affiliates and earn commissions by referring other people to our products and services.
Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. If that sounds a bit harsh it's because helping YOU achieve success is important to me. If any of this sounds familiar, it should because it's the same crap that was drilled into my head when I first joined the home business industry many years ago.
Are you totally confused about what REALLY works to build your networking or direct sales business online, and don't know who to believe anymore? Are you still using old-school 'hunting' techniques like cold-calling leads, and continually getting rejected?
Still buying overpriced leads with little or no results to show for all your money and hard work? The information you're about to learn will show you why most people fail miserably and once and for all, give you more insight and understanding about the industry than 99% of the people who have ever signed a distributor application. I'm truly blessed to be living a life of freedom and I enjoy doing purposeful work that helps others achieve the success they desire. Funny thing is, starting out, I had big enough dreams that working through my huge fear of calling complete strangers about a business opportunity was enough to keep me in the game long enough to actually get pretty good at it after a while. Practically overnight, prospects started knocking on MY door first, wanting to do business with me because they already knew, liked and trusted me before we spoke on the phone. After numerous requests, I decided to spill the beans and distill everything I've learned over the last 10+ years (that works) and put it in writing.
I was very surprised and extremely pleased that I had prospects calling and emailing me, and what was really nice, was that they already knew who I was and wanted to do business with me specifically. Once I started to use what I'd learned, a LOT of people wanted to know how I got so many leads, and so many new people joining my businesses. Let me say right now, if you've found something that works for you, by all means, continue to use it. This Step-by-Step guide will help you maximize your growth AND your profits in your online business.
How I made $29,867 in net referral commissions within 72 hours and over $375,000 in commissions in 100 days… from just one income stream. Why you must first GIVE before you can expect to receive, in order to have long-term success in your business. Why the long-term solution taught in my Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ is something that probably less than 1% of all other online entrepreneurs truly understand, let alone implement in their business. Why (and how) you must leave out anything that takes attention away from your main purpose, which is to capture your lead's information. Why I save certain types of 'junk' emails that really tug on my emotions, and why you should too! A list of 17 words to avoid using in your advertising that turn people off, and a list of 32 words "Power Words" you can use that create sales! How to automate the majority of your business so that you have more free time to enjoy life, instead of being bogged down with mundane business tasks. How to send a marketing message that will be read by virtually 100% of those who receive it. A little-used method to continually increase your profits and build multiple streams of income with your existing customers. The real reason why people usually say no to an opportunity, and the best way to deal with it before it comes up.
Why loyal customers are your most valuable asset, and how to make sure you keep as many of them as possible so they buy from you over and over again.
How to set things up so that you'll never have to worry about any company you affiliate yourself with going out of business.

Why becoming a successful attraction marketer is the cheapest insurance policy that you can ever own.
I thought of putting together the absolutely best and and risk-free deal to make sure you definitely have the chance of seeing that what I teach works. Get Instant Access To My Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ Which Will Provide You With Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Brand Yourself So You Can Attract Endless Lines Of New Prospects And Distributors To You, Even If You're Just A Beginner! This special report will open your eyes to what motivates your prospects and how to appeal to all types of personalities you encounter. I've used many different resources over the years and have now compiled some of the best resources for you to help you grow your business. You'll get Full Lifetime Access to updates and news at no extra cost in my password protected members area for a ridiculously low one-time investment! We all know that successfully marketing any product or service over time depends on staying current with new techniques and new tools proven to work.
Just ONE of these new insights and updates CAN BE worth many times the cost of my Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ ebook, and you'll receive these FREE for LIFE!
This course is for sharp entrepreneurs and serious beginners who value their time and money.
Learning attraction marketing completely changed my business and in this quick video I share how to use it to make money and build your MLM. Attraction marketing is the process of attracting customers, leads and prospects to you by leading with value.
By now you can probably see that there are ways to use attraction marketing in ANY type of business. If you lead with value, the people will come… the more value you provide to the marketplace, the bigger your bank account by default.
Solid content Ray, attraction marketing just makes sense.Focus on people first and providing value and the money will follow. Good article – so much nicer to attract people to us in the network marketing industry.
Sales is a profession that needs getting a person to love what you sell and then agreeing to buy it at your cost. Conventional selling strategies have a tendency to become confused about one extremely simple but important fact, folk like to purchase. However, there’s nothing certain to put a possible purchaser of a purchase quicker than an aggressive cold calling salesman.
With attraction marketing the concept is to take the need to buy which already exists, and meet that need by giving the customer what they want. Attraction marketing believes the salesman is the best advertisement for the product being sold. No matter how much we rely on the Internet or the number of ads that barrage folks, there is one straightforward truth.People purchase things from people meaning that you want to live your product. Naturally you have got to use techniques to encourage your prospects to purchase the item too.
A network marketer uses systems for attraction marketing to increase the network of marketers. Attraction marketing is extremely easy to execute, some will need to change their techniques while to others it comes naturally. This is the Law of Attraction in its simplest form; You Can Have, Be or DO Anything You want…If You think it persistently…! I attended a Meetup lead by Nick Fon a Coach & proponent of the Law of Attraction last night in Liverpool. In the same way as a home business owner, if you aren’t making a penny…it could be because you are not THINKING wealthy, prosperity, abundance; therefore believe it or not You are attracting lack and delay and very little or no income…Its time to realign your thoughts to Your Purpose. Like Attracts like…don’t spend all day thinking how you aren’t getting anyone to take a look at your business presentation…or no one is buying your products and expect to actually attract the buyers or get someone to even take a look at your video…! At this point I realised if I didn’t stop thinking negative thoughts My life was in a downward spiral.
Your thoughts create the frequency, they attract like things on that frequency, and then they are broadcast back to you as your life pictures. If you think negative, quickly pull back and flip that thought into a positive…Practice this often.
Whatever you want to manifest in your life it’s time to think and loudly affirm it daily…Morning and before you go to sleep. A huge Thank You to Gill Fell & the Fellsters who re-awakened our Love for the Law of Attraction. Creators of The Secret Affiliate Roadmap – “Helping you Build a Lucrative Home Business From Ground Up”.
Good to hear from you and we are well glad you find our post on Business success using the Law of attraction extraordinary and Magnificent. Its great to hear from you and such an honour for you to have found our Blog and taken look.
You Know what, Just reading your comment has given me a great feeling of camaraderie and well being. Thank You Liz, We truly believe we attract what we ask for whether consciously or unconsciously. Now with the power of the internet anyone can use this technique to attract their niche market of customers. I would like people to come to me and seek me out; ready and willing to sign on the dotted line. Now more then ever, people are turning to the internet in search of gainful opportunities and ways they can improve their financial futures.
People work with someone they know, trust, and who can provide them solutions to their problems. I was broke, burnt-out, and tired after 2 years of begging my friends and family to join my business. These recorded modules were designed to be consumed 1 module per week so that you MASTER the material. I'll prove it to you!), and then uncover how to apply your story to ALL of your social media profiles and blogs across the internet.
I will unveil my social media scientific formula that works 24x7 to gain more fans, more exposure, more reps, and more cash 24x7! YAH, these advanced "Attraction Marketing" secrets are why I have a loyal legion of followers that buy whenever I tell them to!
When you get this right you will NEVER be broke, and financial abundance will flood your bank account faster than an avalanche crashing down Mt Everest.
Mastering the art of persuasive copywriting is how you make a solid living long-term online, period. We will be showing you exactly how to leverage attraction marketing starting immediately so that you can build your business just like the pros from day 1. I don't know if you're going to follow through 100% with your word and actually do the homework assignments I give you. I'll show you how to become the hunted instead of the hunter and attract ready-to-buy prospects coming to you on a silver platter. I've also taught art part-time in local colleges and got into network marketing in 1998 to supplement my sporadic art business income.
I learned that you still can't trade hours for dollars and at the same time, get ahead.
We enjoy an incredible sense of security, peace of mind and time-freedom because of our online business. I'll spare you all the boring details, but needless to say, as a shy, introverted guy, I absolutely hated cold-calling and viewed it as a necessary evil. Within the first 30 days of working with it, I was able to turn a pure profit of $45,000 and that was after losing $5,000 a month for several months, it's just incredible. Others told me they had similar experiences with trying to generate quality leads and prospects for their online businesses.
Have you ever wondered WHY, with so many methods of success being marketed, the fact remains that 97% of the people who start their own network marketing or direct sales business FAIL?

This information is 100% Generic and was designed to specifically and dramatically enhance what you're currently doing. Learn how to generate your own real-time leads for less than $1.00 each and how to have them pay YOU for your advertising costs. You'll learn how to properly set up a business portfolio to create multiple streams of income. Please follow the instructions provided for immediate access to the Members-Only pages to download your Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ and the accompanying bonuses. This is a really powerful concept for network marketers to learn as historically MLM’ers are seen as pushy, non-trained sales people. Watch the video for the details on how to make money and how my wife and I have used MLSP (My Lead System Pro) to build MLM and learn the powerful art of attraction marketing! An attraction marketing system has the power to turn the arena of traditional marketing fully around. This is done with less assertive strategies than before, you show your prospect the way in which the product will benefit them and how it has improved your life.
With a proven system like the Empower Network you can be on the path to success fast and there’s more about the Empower Network in the links below. We have taken so long to talk about this so crucial factor in life, business, social success we have to remedy that Today…so networking communication will come next time!
Trust me even if they do take a look they won’t be interested…it’s the law.Tracy Friend says exactly the same in her article read it Here.
Let me tell you a story, some 8 yrs ago I was in such a dark place in my career & life. If you want to change anything in your life, change the channel and change the frequency by changing your thoughts. Before you step out of your home, say I am loved by everyone and I am Happy…smile and step out. And a huge shout out to Nick Fon for confirming my reawakening in “The Secret”…I have dusted my old copy and am re-reading it. CLICK HERE if You Want to Specifically Learn how you Become part of Our Elite Travel Club, full of Proponents of The LOA!
Deeply Chopra has similar ideas and the sooner this becomes accepted business practice, the better for all. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Learning the attraction marketing technique will help position yourself in the online marketing industry so you can attract these business seekers, provide them valuable content and ultimately sign them up into your primary business. If youa€™re serious about building your business with attraction marketing, you need to take a look at the number one online attraction marketing system.
I highly recommend you opt-into the FREE 10 day attraction marketing formula boot camp that will go into even more detail about attraction marketing. They are failing to teach you the secrets of the top earners, and because of this youa€™re staying broke. Warning: be careful because this week's training will create a loyal fan base that will love and follow you forever. The only question is, Do you have the courage to step through it, or are you waiting until next year to finally see results in your business?
You can revisit the information as many times as you like, and it will be added to your digital training library forever. Buy 'AMI,' apply what you learn over the next 30 days, and if you don't see results in 30 days we will give you your money back! By week 8 you will have shaved months if not years off your learning curve, saved thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend, and well on your way to becoming the industry's next success story.
However, IF you stick with me and do the work over the next 8 weeks, I can guarantee that your business will look drastically different than the one you have right nowâ?¦ and 6 months from today IF you stay the course, you could be at the top of your primary company receiving all the recognition (and money) that you have been dreaming about!
That equation works against you, so I decided to educate myself and find out how to leverage my time and money using the internet, and in turn, found network marketing. I don't harass my family and friends (or anyone I come within 3 feet of), and thankfully, I no longer have to make any dreaded or awkward prospecting calls to tire kickers anymore. Branding yourself is absolutely the best way to go and Brad's done an outstanding job of pointing the way of how to do that effectively.
You get discouraged, but you can't accept having to live with that darn j-o-b for the rest of your life. However, you can decide today to start using attraction marketing and turn your business around.
If they want to work with you, they will reach out to you, but most network marketers want more training on prospecting, closing, blogging, traffic and getting leads.
With the Empower Network you become the hunted and not the hunter so you can build your thriving business quickly and easily. Remember the Law of attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe, its like the law of gravity…you cannot argue with it! The Universe always delivers what we ask for via the law of attraction…our thoughts not our actions or deservability deliver our results…You Better Believe it! How about elevating that feeling 1000 times, How about keeping that feeling on top of your ind most days if you can. I literally woke up thinking negative things and went to bed in a state of anger or imagined hurt…Before I knew it I was always angry, and attracted all kinds of anger & criticism from those around me; customers, clients, tenants, which escalated!
Thoughts that build you, thoughts of abundance, thoughts of beautiful great things happening to you, thoughts that will deliver great, big, results that build you up too! Reminding myself of all the good thats come into my life because of the great big mind shift since those yrs ago when I was literally thinking myself into an early grave and all kinds of nasties into my family’s lives!
I have always felt that there was something like this out there, but I didn’t really understand why or how it works. Wonderful times, I as well have a renewed focus after listening to the Think & Grow Rich audio book last night! This system will take you by the hand and show you step by step on how to set up the system, and get you marketing using the skill of your choice. The pain, struggles, and the frustration you have endured while building your business ends, right here, right now. The way you can use attraction marketing specifically in network marketing is by leading with what other network marketers want which is TRAINING.
YOU can very easily teach them that and in the below video, I share how to do that and how to make money with this approach. If youa€™re struggling to build your business, tired of rejection, bugging your friends and family, then you must watch this! You must Change Your Mindset and truly understand that the Law of Attraction is attracting to You what You Think! We’re even more focused than before and know without a shadow of a doubt that our Targets for our family, team, business and Life WILL come to manifest this year for sure! You call the law of attraction into action through your thoughts… So “Be careful what you think & wish for…For it could more than likely Manifest!
I seemed to attract all the weirdos…Somehow I started to think about flat tires and got 5 flat tires in 2mths! The universe will correspond to the nature of that inner feeling and manifest, because that’s the way you feel”. The Law of Attraction is an incredibly powerful system that can be harnessed to help you align with business success or in fact anything you want in life. That spooked me out and somehow I started thinking accidents…well you know what happened…yup I was in a bad road accident…! You should leverage the Law of Attraction to help you attract new clients, reps, increase sales, attract investors or to assist you in picking a new opp or have new business ideas – while the Law of Attraction is automatic, it can be used in every thing in your life consciously or unconsciously!
Feel, Feeling, Felt… This is the key to Tapping into the Law of attraction, your feelings are the Radar that tells you your thoughts and how you can expand on those feelings or STOP and change direction Fast!

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