It gives you and your loved ones access to amazing opportunities that just might be beyond traditional reach. Since you’re going to have to work hard anyway in this life…why NOT make a lot of money doing so? In order to be rich, how you think and feel about money is more important than how you earn money. Take a hard look at who you are taking money advice from: friends and family who struggle to make ends meet, or successful mentors who have proven they know how to make money, and lots of it…there is a BIG difference !!
When you want wealth, you need to start looking at the world differently than other people.
If you ask most people about how much money they’d like to make, they respond, “Well, I just want enough to be comfortable.” That means they want to make more money, but not take risks to do so. If you have trouble receiving gifts from others, you probably have trouble receiving money.

I know that where I am at right now in terms of financial success is a direct result of your own decisions and actions.
The media is having a field day with all the apparent loss and hardship in this country, while many savvy entrepreneurs are quietly using the current situation to their benefit. When I got everything organized and created a repayment plan, I demonstrated that I was taking responsibility. Here’s something that you won’t be hearing on the news: Some of the largest fortunes ever made were generated in times of economic recession.
In the past I would have been very uncomfortable receiving a gift like this from someone because I would have felt that I didn’t deserve it. If I allow myself to believe my circumstances are attributable to the actions of others and that I am powerless and have no control over my situation, I am also powerless to change my life now. Ironically, once you are used to discomfort, you’re more likely to end up with wealth that makes you very comfortable.

The good news is, that by accepting responsibility for my financial success I give myself complete permission and power to build the future that I have always wanted. I have been able to use the gift to help lots of other people and the giver knows how much she is appreciated by me because I am able to help other people through her generosity. Being able to help other people makes me feel good and it also allows my client to feel even better about our relationship.

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