In 1956 Morocco, which had been a French colony for many years, finally achieved its independence. Ben Barka's family was also poor, but he was exceptionally bright, so he managed to secure a spot in a colonial school usually reserved for the tiny, French educated, Moroccan bourgeoisie. Ben Barka was a Monarchist as well as a Nationalist, so he worked for the Sultan's government, but he become increasingly dissatisfied with the new regime.
In 1965, while the conference was being planned, riots demanding reform broke out in Casablanca. Every year, his friends and supporters gather at the very spot of his disappearance to remember him. This film well represents Ben Barka’s life, as well as the political situation in Morocco in the last several decades. YUMPS (Young Upwardly Mobile Professors) is a program that provides small grants (usually $400-$500) to untenured tenure-track faculty on the Downtown Campus for expenses such as attending a professional conference, hiring a research assistant, buying books or software. To make a YUMP grant request, e-mail the Center for Faculty Development with (1) the details of the activities you will be undertaking, (2) an approximate budget, and (3) a short rationale indicating the importance of the grant in advancing you toward tenure.

The Office of Research Services (ORS) on the Denver Campus has limited discretionary funding that will be used to encourage and support creative activities on the downtown campus.
Students will experience an education in industrial hygiene taught by faculty members in an ABET-accredited Master of Science program. The program curriculum encourages students to take courses in related disciplines to ensure that industrial hygiene professionals will have a broad knowledge base in occupational safety and health fields such as toxicology, occupational health psychology, ergonomics, and safety. Plan B -- Minimum of 40-50 credits of coursework, professional paper, and an internship or the internship can be substituted for one year of professional experience in occupational or environmental health-related areas. Auraria campus students and professors can now search the Library's collection to pinpoint thousands of online videos on specific topics, created by well-known documentarians and educational video distributors. Approval of this grant requires confirmation of matching funds from the applicant's college or department. ORS is committed to awarding funds in a way that will lead to increased faculty productivity and an enhanced reputation for CU Denver.  See information below. As one of the leading industrial hygiene programs in the country, the IH program at Colorado State University offers opportunities for students to gain useful work experience through class projects at local businesses.

Professors frequently request films from this distributor, Films for the Humanities and Sciences. The collection is updated with current events every weekday from such programs as NBC Nightly News, The TODAY show, Meet the Press, andprogramming from MSNBC, CNBC, and Telemundo.
This conflict continued after the death of Mohammed V in 1961, and the succession of his son, Hassan II. In these years Ben Barka was increasingly influenced by revolutionary philosophies and policies from around the world, and worked to promote these in Algeria, China, Vietnam and Yugoslavia. This was a meeting in which the three countries would attempt to combine forces to support liberation struggles around the world.

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