The students acquire basic and specific knowledge and skills in management, economics and law through the study of subject units like: Fundamentals of Management, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, International Business, Fundamentals of Organizational Development, Operations Management, Human Resources Management, Quality Management, Strategic Management, Sustainable Regional Development, Innovation and Investments Management, Project Management, etc. Admission requirements: High school diploma, giving access to universities in the country of origin. In our rapidly changing socio-economic environment there is a growing demand for trained personnel in the management of business and other managerial fields.
Management Theory & Practice, Marketing, Social Psychology in Organization, Microeconomics, Financial and Cost Accounting, Quantitative Techniques for Management, Legal Environment in Business, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Macro Economics, Money and Capital Markets, Computer and Information Systems in Business, Project Appraisal, Research Methodology, Organizational Behaviour, Managerial Economics, Financial Management & Managerial Accounting, Quantitative Techniques for Management II, Strategic Management, Operations Research, New Dimensions in Management, Research Project. Successful completion of the Diploma in Management conducted by the Department of Management Studies. Successful completion of the Certificate Programme in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (ESBM) conducted by the OUSL.
This Under Graduate programme is conducted by the Department of Management Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
Certificate-degree can have your Bachelor Economics and Management Studiesdelivered to his owner by University of Aberdeen ! The Bachelor of Commerce In Management Studies course provides comprehensive management training to students by way of interaction, projects, presentations, industrial visits, practical training, job orientation and placements.
The students are molded perfectly to fit in with the requirements of an ideal manager who knows how to make correct decisions, delegate work and most importantly, to coordinate with the entire organization. Bachelor of Commerce In Management Studies is a course designed especially for students aiming to become managers.

Hence, if you have the zest and the endurance to face challenges, the passion to succeed and win, and also to commit yourself to building a managerial personality with an international outlook, Bachelor of Commerce In Management Studies is a course specially designed for you and NM is the place to do Bachelor of Commerce In Management Studies. To create for the students of the University of Mumbai an additional avenue of self employment and also to benefit Industry by providing them with suitably trained persons in the field of Accounting & Finance.
To prepare students to exploit opportunities being newly created in the accounting & finance field. To provide adequate basic understanding about Accounting & Finance education to the students.
To give adequate exposure to the operational environment in the field of accounting & finance. The course shall consist of 38 modules of 100 marks each & 2 projects of 100 marks each. Total number of lectures per paper per semester shall be maximum 60 of 48 minutes duration each. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Of Maharashtra Board of Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent with mathematics as one of the subjects & secured at least 50% marks at first attempt. The Management Program prepares students in basic business functions as well as the process of management. The course aims at not only training students to become excellent managers but also leads to the all-round development of their personality.

They are expected to do the right things at the right time and to see to it that others do it right. The faculty at NM College has understood the course completely to build a perfect platform for students and works as a friend, philosopher and a guide.
The Open University of Sri Lanka, Note: OUSL was established in 1980, under the purview of the University Grants Commission (UGC) of the Ministry of Higher Education, to promote Open & Distance Learning in tertiary education.
Such are the people required in today’s globally competitive market and such are the people that NM College produces in abundance. NM College is regarded as one of the leading Bachelor of Commerce In Management Studies colleges.
However, due to a lack of adequate institutional arrangements and economic hardships, a large number of persons, particularly in the outlying districts continue to miss opportunities for gaining education in management, especially at the degree level. There is also the need to cater to those in employments and to those who wish to further their education in management studies. Upgrading knowledge and skills in management is likely to improve the efficiency of performance of businesses and other organizations thus contributing to higher national productivity.

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