September 22, 2011 by Dana Bosley 2 Comments The main motivation for a life coach is to help people. When considering what you will charge for your coaching services, you need to consider not only the actual coaching consultation time, but also the time preparing for the session, as well as the follow-up time, not to mention the time you spent getting the client. It is advised not to put the price of your coaching on your website and that it is better to negotiate the price when talking to the new client. This is ironic because one of the things many coaches battle with is the limiting belief that you are worth it. SPECIAL BONUS — If you would like step-by-step blueprints for generating a massive income from high paying coaching clients, I invite you to claim your FREE ACCESS to the “Life Coach Salary Secrets” video toolkit.
I thought for a brief period during my masters work in Training and Performance improvement that Life Coaching would be lots of fun, but then I realized that online, coaches are a dime a dozen, and breaking into this field is not nearly as easy as one might think. The ICF Professional Certified Coach credential (PCC) is the second level of IFC certification. If you want learn more about how to become a certified life coach, I recommend going to the ICF website to get more specific information. Like all Coaching Rapid Launch websites, it comes with everything you need to build your coaching business! Fowler International has quietly introduced a new training style for their Certified Professional Coach course. Just you, working one-on-one with a trained, experienced coach, sharing their wisdom and making sure that you are learning the concepts. I’ve spoken to several people that have gone through the training like this and they are thrilled! For businesses, panic may have set in…How come we aren’t reaching as many of our followers?
Read the article to fully understand what is happening at Facebook with Newsfeeds, and how this might impact YOUR business. 2) Your clients will be more invested, and see coaching as more valuable, if they are making an investment. 4) Most coaches will want no more than 20 full time (weekly or semi-weekly) clients, in order to have time for professional development.
If you want help setting your rate, contact me for a complimentary Rate Power coaching session!

Coaching Rapid Launch is creating great websites for coaches, with everything a coach needs to promote their business online, at an amazing price. With Rapid Launch Sites, get your coaching website up and running faster than you ever dreamed possible. If you are trying to run a coaching business without a website that you can change, add to, connected to social media and build your network, you are doing things the hard way!
Get the Certified Professional Coach course, both online and sent to you on DVD, with printed materials and a beautiful briefcase. It’s one thing to take a training course, it’s another thing to have something physical to take away with you!
However, we do have to consider our survival, so as much as I dislike talking about money, a certified life coach salary is an important topic to consider and one that a lot of coaches struggle with. I personally value my time and what I have to offer too much, and so I don’t necessarily like doing one-on-one sessions, therefore I charge extra for that. Here’s where being certified will come in handy, and if you have the credentials and the temperament to be a corporation coach you may have found a gold mind as corporations can afford to pay more. An excellent way to augment your certified life coach salary is to have multiple streams of income in the form of books, e-books, workshops, seminars, speaking engagements, or any other ingenious idea you come up with. The market is quite small, at least the PAYING market, and gaining a reputation is no easy matter. Sooey 1 Comment Figuring out how to become a certified life coach takes quite a bit of research.
You will need to successfully complete an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), or complete 60 documented hours of coach-specific training. To become a certified life coach at this level you will need to successfully complete 200 hours of coach-specific training, with and coach a minimum of 2500 hours (2250 of which are paid), with at least of 35 clients. In general, the ICF wants to enhance the credibility of the coaching profession by providing standards. Although it is often used in white, you can control the color and make it any background you wish.
Its stock valuation gives it an almost unlimited potential to improve its product through engineering. Hiring life coaches is a growing trend for corporations as they are finding the benefits of outside coaches.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the most widely recognized credentialing program. To become ICF certified at this level you will also need 10 hours of mentoring, a minimum of 100 hours of documented coaching (with a minimum of 75 hours of paid coaching).
You will also need to have completed a minimum of 750 hours of coaching, with a minimum of 675 hours of paid coaching, with at least 25 clients. And, unlike Google, which also has vast engineering resources, Facebook possesses a product that has become habitual to its users. If you need help in getting over this limiting belief, the sooner you get help the better, because you’re killing yourself and your business by not charging what you are worth. There are some other agencies as well, but if you want to become a certified life coach, the ICF seems to offer the most prestige. You will also need 2 reference letters, and pass the ACTP exam or the ICF’s oral exam demonstrate competency. Again, you will also need 2 reference letters and be able to pass either the ACTP’s exam or the ICF’s exam.
So if you want to become a certified life coach, make sure the coaching programs you take prepare you for finding lots of paying coaching clients.
The crucial decision that created this opportunity for Facebook was the filtering of user’s Newsfeeds. If you want to know how to become a certified life coach with the ICF, there are 3 levels of certification to choose from.
You can get ICF certification by going through the coaches training program that best suits your needs, which may or may not be an Accredited Coach Training Program. A A  A  A She is an Author and Motivational Speaker, Facilitating groups, Women's Retreats, Community Event Coordinator.

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