Behind all the glitz and the glamour, there are umpteenth hours of hard work and dedication.
Football is the most loved American Sport, even leaving behind baseball in the second spot. The first thing that you need to do is to get your college education, preferably in physical education and if possible, also take other subjects related with sports. You may not be getting the best coaching job right away and you will need to earn through the ranks. Coaching football can be a very worthwhile and satisfying experience, and it provides a whole new vantage point on the game. Recognize the commitment it takes: Much like being a player, coaching football requires a significant investment of time, dedication, and effort.
There are literally thousands of football openings out there, from pee wee to professional teams.
Low pressure: Players are still learning the game, which means you can focus on helping them master the basic skills.
Just about every football coach has struggled at some point in the career, and instant success is highly uncommon. A detailed guide on how to become a qualified Football Coach, focusing on the FA Level 1 Coaching Course. A level 1 Coach will usually work alongside a Level 2 or UEFA B qualified coach as their assistant.
When you sign up to the course you receive a number of resources that you can use for guidance and support throughout the duration of the course. Candidates get to keep these resources once they have completed the course and they can be used to help you develop and as learning resources.
Candidates also have to fill in a section about how Mini Soccer will make the game more enjoyable for players. This task provides candidates with a good platform to understand the FA’s future vision for the game. The second written part of the tasks requires candidates to work in groups and list the key elements that need to be considered when a club or group of individuals plan a football festival or tournament.
Task five is titled ‘Plan and Deliver a Football Coaching Activity Session.’ As you can see from the title, this task is a practical assessment. First is plan the session, this includes age range of the players, ability level, medical information, equipment needed and the warm up and cool down activities.
They then must plan the session, including diagrams, written descriptions, coaching points, and the timings of each part of the activity. The final part of the tasks, the candidates must receive feedback from the tutor and fill in a variety of questions evaluating the session and looking at ways to improve it next time they deliver the session.
The FA Level 1 Certificate in coaching football gives candidates a good platform to get onto the coaching ladder, although the sessions provided are basic, they can still be used for all ages groups as long as it is appropriate. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, my next one will take a look at the FA level 2 certificate in coaching football and what is involved in the course including both practical and written tasks. If you have completed the level one certificate, or are thinking about starting the course we would love to hear your thoughts.
Michael is a 24 year old football coach who is working towards his UEFA B Licence and currently has his FA level 2 coaching award.
I have been coaching for over a year without the qualification so i can i can only improve on what I have all ready achieved. Great informative article, equally as interesting as I undertake this course with the Durham FA next January. For many youth coaches who have been away from the game since their high school or college playing days but get back into it years later as a coach when their children start to play, the game you remember from 10 to 20 years ago is much different. Coaches at the high school and college levels spend countless hours during the offseason honing their craft. As youth coaches, we also can better ourselves by preparing to give the young athletes we are working with the best experience that they can get in youth football. We all have our favourite games and favourite teams that we root for every time there is a game going on. There are many other people behind the scenes that play a massive role in the making of these star players and behind the success of the players.
If possible, be a player of your college football team as it would later reflect well on the professional resume, particularly as a coach. Make sure that you are able to relocate if you have to, even for a high school coaching job.
Unfortunately, the day will eventually come when it’s finally time to hang up the cleats for good.
Behaving like you’re still just “one of the guys” makes it difficult to meet both of these obligations.

When you find a team with an open coaching position, do some research about what it takes to become certified within their organization. Starting out with a youth team is the easiest way to get involved, because of the vast amount of open coaching positions.
The Lancashire County FA website states ‘This course provides an introduction to the organisation and delivery of safe and enjoyable coaching sessions for players. The final part of the task involves candidates looking at the difference in player characteristics as they go up through the age groups, as well as looking at symptoms of overuse injuries. Once again candidates are required to read through a chapter in one of the booklets provided.
This is a relatively new thing introduced by the FA, which I personally think is a great idea. Candidates are required to plan, deliver and evaluate a coaching session, which is assigned to them from the ‘Introduction to coaching booklet’ by the Course tutors. These sessions all have an underlying theme based around the key basic techniques footballers will need. Level one sessions can be used for older players as part of warm ups or as parts within a whole part whole session. Once you have attended courses like Practice Play by Premier Skills Academy or Coerver then you will see what I mean. The best thing to do would be to contact Michael directly on there, we are sure he would love to help. Would you mind dropping me an email so I can talk to you in more depth about your coaching experience? Anyone planning to be a youth football coach must use the offseason to prepare to keep up with the ever-changing times. They go to clinics and visit other schools to observe, asking questions and seeing what they can bring back to make their programs better. The world is full of resources at our fingertips that have never been so readily available – the key is finding trustiest sources.
But that should not stop us from taking pride in what we do and to give ourselves the opportunity to be great at it. The first and most important step is to make sure you and the league you are coaching in part of USA Football’s Heads Up Football. The players have a charisma and many envy in their professional skills and their lavish living standards.
Coaches are always in demand to guide the young and upcoming players and a career in football coaching is both fun and well paying.
Read books on perspective from known coaches and follow historically successful and unsuccessful teams and understand that what were the reasons behind their success and failures. Also if you get a chance like an apprenticeship with a coach or a football team, do not miss the opportunity.
The start is the toughest part and as you gain experience, you will have greener pastures available. Although you’re no longer contributing as a player, you can still stay involved in the game. Between planning and running practices, handling bureaucratic responsibilities, and managing the day-to-day affairs of the team, being a football coach can take up a large chunk of your time. If you’re unsure about coaching, there’s no reason to short-change either the players or yourself. Recall what it was like when you were a player: You probably didn’t talk to you coach the same way you talked to your teammates. If players don’t take you seriously as a coach, then you will have a very difficult time managing them, let alone teaching them how to play the game. They aren’t worried about their stats, and they don’t beat themselves up over a blown assignment.
When you’re starting your coaching career, high-intensity environments can be overwhelming.
This offers a great opportunity to begin your coaching career by focusing on what you learned during your time as a player.
It takes time to develop and improve your coaching abilities, so stay patient and learn from your mistakes. It could be that a child has started to play the game and their team needs a new coach.  It could be that you wish to further expand your knowledge of the game. The course will introduce practical drills to develop players’ technical skills such as shooting, turning with the ball and heading.
Furthermore you must have an FA Child Protection qualification & FA first aid qualification.
The first task is called: ‘Young Player Development’ The tasks requires the candidates to read a couple of chapters from one of the booklets given on the course.

It allows best practice to be shared, candidates the opportunity to see ‘coaching master classes’ from FA employees, as well as the opportunity to win tickets to see England play at Wembley. They can complete the FA Equality and Diversity module online or if they don’t have access to complete the online module, they can read section five in the resource book and answer a set of multiple choice questions based around a variety of topics and issues within football include: Equity and Diversity, Disability football and Inclusion.
All the sessions encourage players having fun, lots of touches of the ball and are in well structured environment. I would strongly advise a newly qualified level one coach to seek a more qualified coach to work with and use them as a mentor and to get feedback on any sessions they deliver.
You are now eligible to enrol for the FA Youth Modules One (Developing the Environment) and two (Developing the player). We are making lasting impressions on today’s youth and want to pass on our passion for football.
This will give you instant credibility and show that you are providing your players and parents with the most comprehensive training offered to youth sports in the country. There is a vast library of age-appropriate drills that will help you coach and develop your players.
Prepare yourself, use all that USA Football and your high schools coaches have to offer, and share your passion with your players.
He is also a Youth coach and Director of Youth Development in the Kasson-Mantorville Youth Football Association. Just don’t look in the local area, also look in other regions if they are looking for a fresh coaching face, which will increase your chances of landing one quicker.
Making the transition from player to coach is a great way to participate at a competitive level.
Kids play to have fun, and helping make football fun is an all-around rewarding experience. That’s why it’s usually better to start with a younger team, and then work your way up to more advanced levels of the game. After all, you’ve spent several years working on improving your abilities at one or two specific positions. Whatever your reasons for looking to get onto the coaching ladder, like all professions, football has a variety of paths you can take. It is ideally suited to those working with groups of young players.’ In a nutshell, the course is a basic introduction to coaching football.
If you don’t, do not be put off as these two 3 hour workshops are part of the course, so you will gain these qualification throughout the duration of your course. Once reading the chapters, the next part of the task asks the candidates to discuss and describe the benefits of Mini Soccer to young players. The club also runs annual continuous professional development courses so coaches can build upon their knowledge year on year. The sessions look at techniques such as heading, dribbling, passing and shooting, as well as encourage players to get their heads up and communicate with other players. The final option is to take the next step on the ladder and enrol onto your level 2 certificate in coaching football. Be your local expert in ways to recognize concussions, heat and hydration, sudden cardiac arrest and equipment fitting. You likely have in-depth knowledge about what it takes to succeed in those positions, which makes coaching much easier. For more information about coaching, or to talk with other coaches, be sure to check out iSport's Football Forum. Whatever path you choose, it will start with the FA Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football. The course has 32 contact hours with FA tutors, as well as a set number of written tasks that need to be completed away from the course, some of these are completed within the 32 hours contact. For those that do not know, Mini Soccer is part of the new FA Youth Development that is being phased in at Grassroots Football. For our youth league, we send out the plan along with videos of the drills so all the coaches are on the same page.
Starting out as a position coach is a great way to start your coaching career: You can focus on teaching players what you know, while not having to take on too much responsibility. To pass the course, candidates must complete all the tasks within their log book and deliver a 20 minute practical coaching sessions which is assessed by the FA tutors.
This page will give you as a youth coach tools that a lot of high school coaches did not have access to in the past.
Coaches love talking football and will appreciate the passion you are sharing with his future players.

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