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December 31, 2012 by Dave Iuppa Leave a Comment There are actually three questions here: why, where and how to become a certified life coach.
Becoming “certified” at anything implies that you have officially achieved a recognized standard. How to become a certified coach leads directly to the question of where are you becoming certified and just who is doing the certification. Let’s change our focus from “how to become a certified life coach” to “how to become a very effective life coach.” Just as a highly self-motivated student at a decent community college can get a good education, while a lazy student, who sleeps through classes at an Ivy League School cannot, a lot of what you take away from any program is a combination of what you bring to the table and how hard you apply yourself.
If you are a seasoned Life Coach or an aspiring coach, listen to Audio #1 to discover the difference between Purpose Development Coaching and Life Coaching. If you are a ministry leader and want to discover an advanced coaching skill to affect change in ministry, listen to Audio #2. If we could assign a value to how we enrich the world, it would be measured in the amount of Purpose Capital™ we add to our existence and performance. Traditional coaching has done a good job in planting seeds of purpose, but we must remember that a seed planted is only as good as a seed harvested.
In other words, the motivation for planting a seed is to harvest the potential of the seed and the same is true for the human soul. We must re-purpose our coaching strategies with systems and strategies to help individuals transform purpose into a resource for achievement. Traditional coaching mentions life’s purpose in light of helping clients achieve personal and professional goals.
If we truly desire to affect change for achievement, we must embrace the fact that the human soul requires a system to manage the energy of purpose.
Once the strategic alignment of Life’s Purpose is achieved, they will be equipped to feed their appetite for purpose, which is the missing component in the formula for personal and professional success. Effective coaching is being able to provide solutions for all three Purpose Capital™ Zones. You cannot afford to allow the people you know to remain in the Red Zone, and it’s unfair to plant seeds about purpose and never give individuals the insight to harvest the seed you planted.
The New Breed of Achievers™ live in the Green Zone where they are able to Fully Discharge their Purpose.

If you are thinking about investing in a coaching program, let me show you how to get the most out of your investment by becoming a Certified Purpose Development™ Coach. If you are already a coach and want to help your clients build more Purpose Capital™, let me show you how to move the needle of purpose to help them get more results in their quest for personal and professional achievement. The world is in a meaning crisis and my goal is to help inspire a new breed of coaches who can accurately speak to the purpose of a generation. A 235 page certification workbook that prepares you for Existence and Performance coaching. 23 audio CD’s to guide you through the certification process where I personally disclose the secrets from 15,000 plus hours of mastering purpose.
There are many coaching programs on the market that range from a few hundred dollars to five thousand dollars. Invest in your purpose today and position your practice to help others unlock the most powerful resource known to humanity!!! If you don’t have good answers to all three of these questions, you might be making some big mistakes. You have been acknowledged by an authoritative body for successfully completing a comprehensive course of study. Since coaching is an unregulated profession, anyone can offer certification for the completion of any coaching program. What I look for in any coaching training program is that it is science-based and includes large amounts of coaching and being coached, in a monitored setting. If we are sincere about affecting change in our society, we must move beyond purpose pep rallies and help individuals master the process of harvesting the energy of purpose.
Not only will we inspire a New Breed of Achievers™, we will reveal the path for a new breed of coaches to emerge. However, confining the human soul to goal-setting strategies and habits is a misrepresentation of human potential. This is an advanced coaching skill that requires more than goal-setting strategies and good listening skills. It allows clients to add more meaning to how they exist and perform to affect change and achieve their goals. If you desire to be a coach, already have a professional certification, Purpose Development™ Coaching is for you. The world is full of Yellow Zone participants who lack insight on how to harvest the seeds of purpose for achievement.
This is their ability to re-purpose their life for a higher use, in order to combine their noblest character with their most gifted abilities to impact the world.

History has proven that empires are built and legacies are made by people who understood how to move the needle of purpose.
Our coaches understand that the human soul is the seat of appetites and effective coaching requires systems and strategies to help individuals feed their appetite for purpose. It’s designed to help you master new models of understanding by using clozed passages to develop fluency for the Purpose Development Coaching process. Successful completion of our course includes one year enrollment in our continuing education program. And this gives assurance to prospective clients that you are skilled, competent and adhere to high standards of professional conduct. Look for programs that include certification by highly regarded professional organizations, like the International Coach Federation. Maybe you are a business or ministry leader who desire to provide the most effective coaching solution for your organization, Purpose Development™ Coaching will provide the best solutions to get the most out of people. Simply put, if you help people move the needle of purpose, your net worth will be multiplied as you help them achieve more out of life.
This process will allow them to emerge as a New Breed of Achievers who are skilled in harvesting the energy of purpose for achievement. Change beget change and becoming a Certified Purpose Development Coach is guaranteed to affect change within you as an individual. Follow the guidelines presented below, search the internet, study the material taught, insist on lots of actual coaching experience in addition to course material, and look for a clear track record of successful graduates and clients. Clearly, achieving a bona fide certification in any professional field is a desirable plus.
Alternatively, look for well established coaching programs from coaching schools that offer certifications and that are members of these professional organizations. This process requires advanced coaching skills to give them insight to the Four Sub-categories of purpose in order to substantiate their passion to find Life’s Purpose.
As a result, your personal transformation will position your practice to affect change within your clients by delivering a value that’s hard to duplicate with traditional coaching. Beyond this be prepared for your “certification” to be a questionable marketing tool rather than a professional designation. A A  A  A She is an Author and Motivational Speaker, Facilitating groups, Women's Retreats, Community Event Coordinator.

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