Business coaches originally were hired mainly to fix problem behavior that might otherwise derail the careers of top executives. Satisfied clients credit their coaches with helping them define and achieve any number of goals, from launching a new business to delegating more effectively to achieving a saner work-life balance.
Some say coaching hasn’t yet matured into a bona fide profession, because it lacks attributes of an established field, including a significant barrier to entry, a common body of knowledge, a standard course of study and government oversight.
While a doctor who violates the ethical standards of the medical profession risks losing his license, a coach who oversteps his bounds risks no such government sanctions.
Referrals from friends or colleagues can be a good way to find a reputable coach, experts say. Education for coaches ranges from rigorous, Ivy-league instruction to webinar-based online classes to no instruction at all for those not inclined to pursue it. Many of the major coaching associations, including the ICF, accredit coach-training programs that meet its standards, including covering certain core subjects such as ethics that might not be covered by a less rigorous training program focused more on, say, marketing. Under ICF guidelines, the level of training varies by designation — the top credential of Master Certified Coach, for example, requires 200 hours of coach-specific training, 2,500 hours of client coaching experience and 10 hours of work with a qualified mentor coach, among other criteria.
The coaching associations provide certification to individuals who have trained at the same programs the associations have accredited; while it does provide a level of oversight, this system lends itself to potential conflicts of interest, Maltbia says.
The ICF has adopted “appropriate controls” to ensure that decisions regarding program accreditation are independent and administratively separate from those regarding the credentialing of individuals, says Magdalena Mook, CEO and executive director. Alison Emerick, 43, owner and president of Ease Living, an online seller of products that promote dignity in aging, says she isn’t troubled by her coach’s lack of formal credentials.
Yet this type of drift can be dangerous when the client has undiagnosed or untreated mental health issues, experts say.
In its code of ethics for members, the ICF requires “the strictest levels of confidentiality” with client information, including establishing a clear agreement before releasing information to a third party “unless required by law.” Consumers whose coaches promise confidentiality should ask, 'Under what conditions might that be relaxed?' Maltbia advises. Promises of confidentiality become even more muddled in business coaching, when the company and not the client is often paying for the service. A new, educational website and podcast series on retirement planning grew out of his sessions with the coach.
A big difference between coaching and therapy, coaches say, is that coaching assumes the client is mentally healthy and has the internal resources he needs to move forward. Coaches who sense that a client needs a mental health professional have an ethical obligation to decline their business and refer them to someone better trained to help, says Mook of the ICF.
With its low barrier to entry, coaching also offers an attractive fresh start for those with professional flameouts in their past. Jayson Blair, the former New York Times journalist who resigned in 2003 after getting caught plagiarizing and making up details in stories — a scandal that caused the resignation of the Times’ top editor at the time — now has his own life-coaching firm in Centreville, Va. Blair also fields the occasional inquiry from professionals who have observed ethical lapses around them or have begun to “cut corners” themselves.
In fact, coaches say they’re better than friends at holding clients accountable to their goals.
And yet, a good friend will take her face out of her smartphone and pay attention when her pal wants to talk, says Arlie Hochschild, professor emerita of sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, and author of The Outsourced Self: What Happens When We Pay Others to Live Our Lives for Us.
The notion that close friends can’t help one another evaluate and progress toward their goals “really disses” the institution of friendship, Hochschild says: “The whole idea of a friend is they’re abiding. Instead of billing hourly, many coaches will charge a set fee for an engagement with a fixed number of sessions.
Here’s the rub: Although most of the coaches surveyed by Harvard said they establish a time frame before starting an engagement, all but eight said the focus of their assignment shifts over time from the original intent. While there’s nothing inherently wrong about hiring a coach for an additional engagement, experts say it could signal dependence on the client’s part. While it’s not unheard of for coaches to break up with uncooperative clients, it’s more common for them to screen prospective clients — many offer a brief, complimentary coaching session — and decline the business of those whose needs don’t fit their skills, experts say. For her part, Silvershein takes clients to task if they don’t do their homework or don’t seem to be progressing. Yet this can be a squishy exercise, as leadership and other qualities that coaching aims to develop can’t be quantified in a profit-and-loss statement. Indeed, executive and personal coaching should accomplish much more than clients simply feeling better about their situation, Kauffman says. I work collaboratively with clients in order to accomplish identified measurable goals and objectives in a non-judgmental atmosphere of trust.
My interaction with Coach Arthur was very lasting since she is very easy to talk to, friendly and eager to genuinely help others in need of professional and personal guidelines. While working with Coach Arthur as my coach I have been thoroughly impressed with her ability to bring attention to what is most important. Skeptical would have to be the word and the feeling I had when I reached out to Coach Arthur with questions and concerns on a new direction in my life.
I’m in so much gratitude for what Coach Arthur brought forth in me at a time when I really needed the extra support. I found that writing and saying what I really wanted made my mind make a huge 90 degree turn and I actually started feeling better.
From one day to the next I actually started to feel better and was able to dress nicely, put on makeup and go out to church and to enjoy a nice dinner with my husband and my son. The agreements you are about to read were taken from the book: “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Your24hCoach is the leading international coaching network and life coaching directory of professionally accredited coaches. September 10, 2011 by Guest Blogger Leave a Comment When people get stuck and confused about the direction they’re going in their lives, how in the world does becoming a life coach make it possible to make any difference in their desperate quest? There are a lot of coaches training programs that are mass producing “coaches”, each offering their own version of a prestigious life coaching certification.
Do you ever feel like you are becoming a life coach who is getting stuck, or that a problem comes up that seems too big to handle? Ultimately, adversity effect all of us, and starting and growing a coaching business is no exception. The minor changes in your daily routine will make a major difference in your life and career.

You may already have experience in social work, counseling, and traditional therapy and be transforming into coaching.
By Brittany Dixon 7 Comments This may seem like a strange topic given that it has been 4 years since I’ve actively taken on health coaching clients. I always wants to be upfront that my personal experience may be a little outdated, but I am happy to share all the details on my path and job of owning my own health coaching company. Though my degree is in journalism and a minor in psychology, I was only a few credits short of a minor in nutrition as well. Today, the focus of the typical business coaching engagement has shifted to developing the potential of promising executives. But those professions require a license to practice: Coaches, on the other hand, can set up shop on the strength of charisma alone — and some do just that, aided by self-promotion on social media sites. Coaches who are members of the ICF have had professional training and have pledged to uphold a code of ethics whose provisions include referring clients to another professional if their needs fall outside the coach’s expertise.
The federation also requires accredited programs to spend at least 125 hours in real-time interactions between faculty and students. What’s more, individuals can earn a certification from the federation without becoming a member, Mook says.
She met the woman at a local networking group for mothers and isn’t sure where she worked before becoming a coach for mom entrepreneurs.
Gordon-Jones had one business-coaching client who opened up to her about the difficult relationship she had with some of her family members.
If a client comes in complaining of a particular problem, such as an inability to interact well with co-workers, “you would hope someone has some ability to screen whether this relates to mental health issues or functional issues,” says Lynn Bufka, assistant executive director for practice research and policy at the American Psychological Association.
The employer footing the bill could ask the coach for more information than the employee-client would like revealed.
At $7,000, the engagement was pricey, but Whitney says it was a productive use of his time and money. Psychotherapy, on the other hand, will screen patients for diagnosable problems, work to understand the scope of those problems, and explore the range of interventions to help the person effect change, Bufka says. When Kim Kirmmse Toth started training coaches a decade ago, the vast majority of her students were former social workers and psychologists.
After he left journalism, Blair was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and part of his practice involves helping people with mental illnesses master life skills. It’s rare that a prospective client will be turned off by his prior professional lapse and mental health diagnosis, Blair says.
Toth has a lot of experience in website design and says it would be a waste of her knowledge if she didn’t give a few pointers to her small business clients. Friends with their own jobs and families can’t always set aside the time — often, an hour a week plus prep time — that a coach can devote to the cause. A good friend will also acknowledge her biases but not let them get in the way of her support.
Often, a client “recontracts” with a coach, signing another contract to work on a different issue than the original one. Indeed, the Harvard report found that less than one-fourth of coaches provide any kind of quantitative data on the business outcomes of the coaching engagement. Clients should set their own goals and make concrete progress toward meeting them during the course of the engagement.
During this experience one of my objectives is to assist my clients in navigating their Human Experience! I integrate my background as a school administrator for 16 years, a teacher for 9 nine years, my experience as a mother for along with effective coaching techniques to offer a highly-personalized program tailored to my clients. Then a Life Coach steps in, helps you make a few changes, then you realize that the so called "problem", that has been hunting you for years, is inside of you, IS YOU ! She really listened, gave me excellent ideas, and offered me her sage wisdom to take with me into my accomplishments.
Ruiz states that there are Four Agreements that parents should follow when it comes to becoming a better parent. I must say that raising teens is an adventure that is manageable if you arm yourself with the proper tools. It is no secret that parenting is by far one of the most difficult jobs a parent will encounter. However, with that being said, we are more prepared than our parents ever were to raise children with a healthy self-esteem and self-worth.To achieve this objective there are certain strategies that must be put into place in our daily parenting journey. Depending on where we find ourselves in our lives when asking those questions, these questions can be overwhelming, even intimidating. Sooey 2 Comments Becoming a life coach and shopping for life coach classes is a lot like shopping for a diet.
If it’s a cell phone, use it to make your appointments and you can coach just about anywhere.
Sooey 2 Comments Why is environment so important in a coach training and becoming a life coach? To ensure that you stay in action, one of the most important qualities you must develop is persistence. From how you get out of bed, how you shower, how you dress, how you walk, sit, and talk, how you respond to the world, how you act in front of others, and how you think; you're living out your habits. However, I still average two or three emails a week from people asking questions about becoming a health coach, largely as a result of coming across this post.
The term “life coach” arose to distinguish this type of endeavor from athletic coaching, yet it’s used less frequently these days than “personal” and “executive” coaching.
Personal coaching, meanwhile, has evolved as a popular method of self-improvement in the Internet age.
Personal rapport matters too, so experts suggest clients interview a few prospective coaches before selecting one. Yet Emerick says that background isn’t as important as the progress the two have made, including improving Emerick’s social media strategy. While coaching is generally split into personal and executive, it’s hard to keep the two apart.

While the two didn’t focus their sessions on that problem, once the engagement was over the woman said the best thing about coaching was that it helped her rekindle her relationship with her estranged mother. If it’s the former, the client might not be able to reach his goals without addressing the underlying issue, and a mental health assessment isn’t going to happen in a typical coaching relationship. Trust is important in a coaching relationship, and coaches often promise their clients confidentiality. Roger Whitney, 47, a certified financial planner in Fort Worth, Texas, found himself in a professional midlife crisis last year. She also instructs beginners that it’s important to keep their personal and business spending separate, and will refer clients to accountants or bookkeepers for more assistance. The language used by many personal coaches to advertise their services borrows the language of friendship with phrases such as, “You don’t have to be alone” or “I’ve got your back.” And yet, a professional coach will be quick to say she’s not the client’s BFF. Her price of $2,597 includes 12 hourly sessions, plus weekly email correspondence and her preparation time before each session. Mental health professionals also face clients who become dependent on them, and like coaches must rely on their sense of ethics to manage such a relationship. As a Life Coach I empower, I support and I guide parents, teenagers and ALL my clients to transform the issues that stand in the way of them achieving their objectives and goals.My objective as Life Coach is to enable my clients to find the Power within them to live a BETTER life by supporting, and motivating them to identify goals and develop an action plan to accomplish long lasting Self-Improvement. I also continue to enjoy her correspondence as well as her web site inspirational and meaningful stories which most often relate to our personal lives. I want to take this opportunity to thank my Life Coach, Coach Arthur for guiding me, for being so patient, for telling me the "reality" in a way that I could see it, for not getting frustrated when I kept making the same mistake day after day, until the light came to me, and her words made me see! Think about these Four Parenting Agreements in your everyday life and you will be well on your way to parenting success! That’s why only professional coaches with the highest levels of training and expertise are selected to work with us. According to recent studies 50% of your success will be determined by your environment and 40% by your mindset or attitude.
If so, may we suggest that you take off your “psychological hat” and place it well into the background while coaching. I went into advertising, working at an agency in Atlanta, then moved to sales for a Charlotte sports radio station. The former focuses on personal goals ranging from crafting the perfect retirement to enhancing creativity or spirituality, while the latter focuses on developing business qualities such as leadership.
A coach may say he’s been “certified” through an education program, but the meaning of that term “is as varied as the organizations that provide it,” says Terrence E.
Just 3 percent of 140 coaches surveyed by Harvard Business Review for a 2009 report, “What Can Coaches Do For You?,” said they were hired to address personal issues, yet 76 percent said they had worked with executives on personal concerns such as work-life balance. Since some of the behaviors that were holding the woman back at work were also affecting her personal life, addressing the former had a positive effect on the latter. The problem is, coaches can’t take this promise all the way to court, because the coach-client relationship isn’t protected under the law like the lawyer-client or doctor-patient relationship. Even if they did, many clients would prefer to be coached by someone with life experience, Mook says. And Blair didn’t go straight from the scandal to setting up his own shop — he spent three years coaching at a mental health practice and studied coaching beforehand. When she was looking to improve her company’s website, Emerick of Ease Living says her friends would be likely to say, “It looks great!” and not give constructive criticism. Coaches who work with executives charge an average of $350 an hour, while those who work with personal clients charge an average of $120 an hour, according to the ICF.
For the latter, staff turnover, fundraising dollars and the time spent executing a project can all be measured and improved through coaching. I am still in the process of reaching my goal but I actually see a light at the end of the tunnel and my shopping habit has decreased quite a bit. I sat still for a moment and when I begin working the process I immediately felt some relief about my new direction in my life. I sat still for a moment and when I begin working the process I immediately felt some relief about my new direction in my life. So it seems obvious that when looking for a coach training program, you would want to be around positive people and an environment is supportive to your goals.
I knew this wasn’t a good fit for me, and kept feeling pulled towards health and nutrition. Maltbia, faculty director of the Columbia Coaching Certification Program, housed at Teachers College, Columbia University. A consultant would say, “Here are the five things you need to do to develop team engagement,” says Carol Kauffman, assistant professor at Harvard University, founder of the Institute of Coaching and co-author of the 2009 Harvard report on coaching. And top executive coaches can earn upward of $3,500 an hour, according to the Harvard Business Review report.
Companies that used to employ convoluted math in an attempt to calculate the return on their coaching investment are now gauging their “return on expectations,” says Mook of the ICF. I snapped out of my funk, with Coach Arthur's help, and I feel more hopeful, positive and happy.
Each week, Coach Arthur helped me to set small attainable goals that ultimately led to my success. I expect to be debt free in about a year and I have to thank Coach Arthur for leading me to realize my goal.
During the remaining time with Coach Arthur I noticed plans that I had been holding on to for quite some time became tangible goals that I was completing or either I had placed them in my path to complete. That means that no matter how much progress a client makes, the coach has an incentive to keep the relationship going.
I learned that when I trust GOD, I use positive thoughts and I think about what I want, wonderful things actually happen.

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