Currently, I am fulfilling a graduate assistantship as the Social Media Coordinator with UNC Charlotte’s Executive Education office.
I am currently serving as President of the Graduate Business Association at UNC Charlotte, a student-run organization comprised of current graduate business student and alumni.
The best part of my academic experience has been the opportunity to craft my interpersonal skills, especially through networking with my peers and other Charlotte business professionals. In a nutshell, Belk College of Business has various programs that will ultimately create value for you, regardless of the stage you’ve reached in your career. I decided to pursue a MBA because I knew I wanted to transition into a more creative, client-facing role. From my first interaction, I have greatly appreciated the level of attentiveness to my needs as a once prospective student, which has not wavered since starting this fall.

Prior to my new role, I worked as a civil engineer with the NC Department of Transportation in Raleigh, NC. The remarkable thing about this college: it contains a melting pot of students, faculty, and staff, which affords you a graduate experience like no other. Thus, I realized the necessity of gaining educational training to heighten my business acumen and complement my engineering background in order to make a successful transition into marketing.
Career development, individual coaching from professors, alumni advice, and networking opportunities have made my choice to study at UNC Charlotte Belk College of Business a worthwhile decision.
In my spare time, I keep busy with digital media projects, particularly videography, social media marketing, and arranging musical compositions for local band ensembles.
If you’re not prepared to be challenged, to embark upon a journey that will take you out of your comfort zone, then do not consider the Belk College of Business.

If you’re looking to reward yourself with an experience that will distinguish and ultimately increase your contribution to the business community, welcome to the UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business.
Kohut will present a step-by-step guide to successful negotiation and help you master the skills needed to become an effective negotiator.

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