The Belmont Youth Band continues its mission to educate and motivate young people of Pensacola and Escambia County and to help develop their interests in music education and public performances. The band, its adult officers, and the parents all double as chaperones when they take trips. After working with countless leaders (and myself) I was driven to raise the consciousness of how fear holds us back from living bigger, bolder, more authentic lives. There were entries like “…check into a shelter,” “…earn less money,” “…forgive my daughter for her drug addiction,” “…finish my book,” “be the man she thinks I am.” People from all walks of life poured their hearts out onto the board. The Courage Wall was so powerful it ended up in the Washington Post, Forbes, ABC and even on the TODAY Show. We are in the process of creating Courage Walls for new communities, developing an online Courage Community and launching Courage Conversations events in the near future.
I’m very excited that leadership is getting a lot of attention, especially women’s leadership.
The other way in which Georgetown has affected my career is the incredible network of talented, passionate peers I’m honored to know. On one of the first days of our program, I remember an instructor talking about how an acorn has all of the potential of the mighty oak tree.
I think of that often, knowing that the gifts I received from Georgetown cannot stop with me. I want to help people of all ages and walks of life become more conscious of the fears that hold them back and I want to make courageous leadership and courageous living something people clamor to model. Hey there, my name is Rachel Hawk and I am the Recruitment Chair for the Phi Mu chapter here at Belmont University.
My name is Morgan Smith and I am Philanthropy Chair of Phi Mu Theta Chapter at Belmont University. My name is Taylor Ellison and I serve as Panhellenic Delegate for Phi Mu Theta chapter at Belmont University.
In the past two years the group has taken trips to Tunica, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee. Inspired by Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” community chalkboards, I decided to erect a “Courage Wall” in my neighborhood. Aljazeera broadcast the story of the wall around the world to 35 million and even Voice of America Russia did a spot. We are partnering with non-profits to bring more courage to their constituents and working with teachers to develop Courage Curriculum.
People can feel the passion I have for helping people live into their most courageously authentic selves.
I had been leading a successful branding firm and after a few months at Georgetown, I realized that I wanted to become a leadership coach. Our new company name is “Vessence,” which is all about helping individuals and organizations find their “essence” and give it “voice.” This “voice” is how the essence is brought to life through words and actions.
I’ve been able to assemble teams of top-notch coaches to conduct leadership development programs and I have a network of support when I need advice.
At the end of the program, I wrote my final essay noting that during the program, all of us students were acorns, then seedlings and at the end, mighty oaks. My name is Rachel Lee and I am a sophomore Music Business major from Springfield, Missouri.
I am a Junior Marketing Major with a Minor in Web Development and I grew up in Columbus, GA. Currently, I am a sophomore Music Business Major aspiring for a career in Artist Management.

I am a junior Music Business (legal emphasis) major, intending to fulfill my dream of becoming an Entertainment Lawyer.
Lamont commented that the trip was most outstanding because of the professional mu- sician performances and the opportunity for the student to share the same stage with them.
During our conversation, she said, “Nancy, it seems to me that the part you like most about your job is working with leaders to uncover who they really are and helping them become more of that person.
This 20’ x 8’ chalkboard reads, “I wish I had the courage to…” Each day, for a month, the board would fill up with over 100 declarations of courage. The global hunger for the courage conversation became very apparent, so I started to work on how I could make it an integral part of my business. I feel that my Georgetown experience has allowed me to take my work to a much deeper level, truly helping people live with more courageous authenticity. I feel so honored to be a peer to others who have been through Georgetown’s Leadership Coaching Certificate program.
Not only were we each tall and strong, but together, we made an interconnected grove of shelter and nourishment. I hope to go on to graduate school and eventually work on the business administration side of a children’s hospital. I was initiated into Phi Mu in the fall of 2014, and I have been in love with this organization since the day I pledged! I became a part of Phi Mu in the fall of 2014, and it has been one of the best parts of my college experience thus far. I am so excited to fulfill my position as Social Chair as I was Social Assistant last year. I was the Assistant Phi Director last year and I’m thrilled to serve Phi Mu in this position.
I joined Phi Mu in the fall of 2014, and it has been absolutely one of the best decisions I've made since coming to Belmont. There were, also, instruments from Africa that the young people were allowed to play following a performance by their guests. She works with Fortune 500 executives, SES leaders in the federal government, senior level officers in the U.S.
I think you would make a great coach.” She had researched coaching programs for me and told me that Georgetown was the best. What I’ve found is that when I do things because I feel enlivened by them, and called to do them, that’s when success truly comes. As I mature, I’m realizing that the natural gifts that come with being a woman are truly different than the gifts that come with being a man. It was now our responsibility to use the knowledge that we learned to help other acorns become strong, towering oak trees. Fear lives in each one of us; it’s the way that we interact with the fear that determines how boldly we live. I want to create a community of support and tools for people to step into their biggest, boldest, most courageous selves.
When I’m not attending Phi Mu events, I am involved in Belmont’s Swim Club, Nurse’s Christian Fellowship, Bruin Recruiters, TT leadership, and Ethos House Church. That being said, I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve as Vice President of Committees for 2016. I am a Junior Nursing Major from Cumming, Georgia and I plan to continue to become a Neonatal Nurse back home. You can find me shopping, going to movies, adventuring, or enjoying time with my family and friends.

With some great faculty and peer coaching, I was able to slow down, fully explore my passions and thoughtfully integrate my new skills with my existing experience. If you can find a creative way to share these insights on a bigger scale, your impact multiplies! I have a wonderful pham (shout out to the princesses), made amazing friendships, and have found a wonderful group of sisters. I joined Phi Mu in the fall of 2013, and I can honestly say that it has been one of the most rewarding decisions by providing me lifelong friendships, incredible opportunities, and giving me the support and confidence to pursue my goals in life.
I am honored to give back to this incredible sisterhood as the previous scholarship chair, and now as a member of the executive committee. This June the Belmont Youth Band will be traveling to Pensacola State College, competed in the vocal competition. She coaches and facilitates groups on how to fully express and live their brand to foster a cohesive, passionate and dynamic workforce.
It’s exciting to recognize this and engage with women leaders on how to live into their female greatness. Each of us has hopes and dreams of being more authentic, more impactful, more courageous than we are.
Being a Phi Mu has been the greatest thing that I have ever done and I am continually blessed by my sisters. I hold many event planning internships including planning at Wedding 101 and Warner Music Nashville. Apart from Phi Mu, I am the Secretary of Student Nurses Association and New Member Coordinator of Bruin Recruiters. Since becoming a member, I have been beyond blessed by the amazing women I get to call my sisters.
I believe that if we can continue the courage movement, individuals, and our world, will be more vibrant, fruitful and alive. Being able to serve as president is the greatest honor and I do not take this responsibility lightly.
I am honored to work alongside such incredible women on the Executive Committee and I can’t wait to see what the next year holds! I’m honored to serve my sisters for another year and excited to watch our chapter continue to grow in 2016! Outside of Phi Mu, I am also apart of Alpha Epsilon Delta, Student Government Association, Bruin Recruiters, and TT.
I am honored to be on the 2016 Executive Council and give back to an organization that has given me so much.
Aside from living and breathing Phi Mu, you can find me watching Gossip Girl and eating my body's weight in barbeque chips. I have made lifelong friends in this chapter and I can not thank this chapter and the brilliant women in it enough.
I am so excited to serve on exec again this year and cannot wait to see all that this exec accomplishes. Many studies have proven the benefits of early music training in that youths develop a strong businesses, or organizations interested in supporting The organization is a sense of responsibility and usually do better academically than those who have not participated in the arts.growth and development of our youth in the Belmont Youth Band, please contact Vivian Lamont at (850) 458-6744. Outside of Phi Mu, I serve as a Bruin Recruiter for Belmont and as an advocate for Alzheimer's Awareness as well as our philanthropy, Children's Miracle Network.

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