If you've been trying to use affirmations to improve your life and create true wealth, success and absolute freedom but haven’t seen any “real” results… You’re in luck! I’ll teach you the Top 5 reasons why affirmations have failed 95% of people who use them and exactly what you need to do to guarantee success. And I’ll show you step-by-step how to implement daily affirmations the “Right” way to create the life you’ve always envisioned. Have you heard the amazing stories that are told and how the “secret” behind their success was their daily affirmations? Have you tried affirmations yourself and simply didn’t see any real results other than maybe feeling “good” for a little while after doing them? Have you gotten frustrated and felt like a fool for thinking that something so simple could actually change your life and simply figured that this whole “affirmation thing” was a total waste of your time?
My name is Scott Armstrong, and for most of my life, I have been fascinated and passionate about understanding the mind and more importantly how our thoughts truly affect the rest of our lives. Well, it’s not so much that you’ve wasted your time, but more importantly, how you were taught to use affirmations and the false realities created from “self help” guru’s teaching about affirmations. Essentially, they’re telling you that all you need to do is say a few positive affirmations to yourself when you feel down or when you want something and that doing this will “magically” deliver the results you desire.
Now don’t get me wrong, having an understanding about affirmations is a good start and a foundation, and, it’s not the “be-all-end all” solution.It’s just the beginning. Periodically using positive affirmations may help you “feel good” in the moment, long term it is only going to leave you disappointed and frustrated.
Now, on the other hand, if you’re really committed to becoming successful, creating unlimited joy and abundance, then you must continue reading this entire page so you can learn and understand exactly “how-to” and “how NOT to” use affirmations.
The first thing we need to look at is why affirmations haven’t worked for so many people so that you know what to avoid and then we’ll get into the positive side of affirmations. The conditional tense is the tense that says, “I would like to….” Or “I wish I could…”’ It has the idea in it that something may or may not happen. This is why saying “I hope I make more money this year,” or “I wish I could lose weight,” won’t work as affirmations.
Affirmations will only work when repeated and you put the consideration repeatedly out there.
The world’s greatest Affirmation experts from John Assaraf to Brian Tracy will tell you that you have to say them over and over and over again. The more you say an affirmation, it creates a belief and once that belief comes into play, things start to happen and manifest into your life. When you say your affirmations over and over again The Principal of Dominant Thought also comes into play. So if you are thinking about prosperity and abundance all the time that is what starts to show up in your life. With affirmations you are putting your mind to great use and programming it for success on a daily basis.
The majority of people have habitual patterns of negative thoughts and they don’t realize it because it has become a way of life.
You need to be consciously aware of your negative thoughts but you can’t pretend that they don’t exist.
One trick is to say “Cancel” when a negative thought comes up and replace it with a positive thought. In addition, a lot of people have tried affirmations in the past and they didn’t work because they weren’t doing them the right way. Now, simply doing the opposite of these 5 things may give you a little bit better results, there’s still more to discuss and more of a science to it. A study done at the National Science Foundation discovered that deep thinkers think around 50,000 thoughts a day. It studies subatomic particles, the smallest particles known to man, far smaller than atoms.
Albert Einstein, Niels Borh (Nobel Prize winner in 1922), and others discovered, basically, that everything in this universe is made up of energy.
This energy then vibrates at a frequency which joins together with energies of the same harmonious frequency to form what we “perceive” to be reality.
Affirmations tap into that subatomic frequency because it’s putting quantum energy into your thoughts. In short, affirmations are helping you tap into the most basic source of creative power in the Universe. From there it has the power of an atomic explosion (in the most positive way.) Good things explode into reality when all frequencies are vibrating on the same wavelength and through the same particles. On the other hand, if you wake up and say something great is going to happen today, it will.
With affirmations you can get clear on your thinking and what you attract into your reality. Saying your affirmations over and over again will give you the confidence you need to achieve any goal you desire. When you have confidence from your affirmations prosperity and abundance will start to manifest in your life.
Even if you don't feel like smiling when you start smiling you really do find something to smile about! At this point you should have a good understanding that affirmations work and are a powerful asset when it comes to advancing your life in any way you choose.
Whether you want to finally have peace in your life, create amazing relationships, activate optimal health or have imperial wealth… Only using the Best Affirmations will take you there. Let’s talk about where to go now and how to move forward to ensure you see the success you now know that you are entitled to. I would like to take it a step further and suggest that being a master is someone who never stops learning, who never stops experimenting, and who never feels that he knows everything and is done learning. How will you really know if you are getting the most out of the affirmations and how do you know that you will definitely have success and become a master?
As with anyone who has mastered the Best Affirmations for flawless success in their lives, they started with a system. Maybe you just won’t feel like doing it at the specified time and you procrastinate and say, “I’ll do it later”. Especially when I see someone who really is in need of change and when I know that if they just used and applied the Best Affirmations principles for one month, not only would it become a habit, but they would see results before the end of that month alone.
And if they continued with their mastery training beyond that month, they would be able to continue to create bigger and better results as time went on.
I’ve created a proven step-by-step system that I guarantee will change your life and allow you to create everything that you desire. It doesn’t matter what your current situation is or what struggles you’re experiencing right now.
Especially when I saw The Secret come out and become such a widely spread phenomenon, the only thing that I could think of, was how disappointed people would be after watching it and trying it on there own and getting little to no results. It compelled me to take my knowledge of the Best Affirmations and find a way to share it with the world. It became clear to me that my Best Affirmations Workbook would not only share detailed information about the most powerful affirmations, it would also give people proven exercises and a proven system that they could start using right away to create results in their life. Now that you know what you will get with the Best Affirmations Workbook, I want you to have 3 more valuable tools.
Each of these tools have a specific meaning and purpose for how they play perfectly into the Workbook… and they are my gift to you when you take the first step and order the Best Affirmations Workbook! Instant access to six different sets of Wealth Creating Affirmations (over 70 tested and proven affirmations) to put you in the wealth-building mindset. Because I am so committed to your success, when you purchase the Best Affirmations Workbook, I am offering you FREE admission into the Quick Start to Greatness Team Coaching Program!
This program, along with your Workbook will take you to the highest level of manifesting in record time. The Quick Start To Greatness Program gives you 30 days of access to a series of powerful half-hour calls where you’ll receive a ton of additional success-building tools.

The calls are in an open format so you can ask questions, share your wins and receive encouragement! Download the Best Affirmations Workbook right now, and put it to the test for 90 FULL DAYS. If you're not experiencing life-changing results by then, I don't want your money, and I'll give every penny back to you - with absolutely no questions asked AND You keep the bonuses! When Scott introduced me to the Best Affirmations Workbook, I was amazed at how quickly I was able to get back into a positive mode. I am recommending it to all my coaching clients, friends and family because of the significant difference it has made for me in overcoming a fear that has kept me "stuck" for over 20 years. The Workbook literally takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through a program that helps you master using affirmations to achieve your desires in life. As with all personal growth products I learn about, I'm always looking for proof before sharing my discovery with anyone.
I read through the entire Best Affirmations book on my vacation and I do love the way it has changed the way I think.
I am amazed at the amount of negative thoughts I was processing, and the work it takes to overcome them. As a life coach and wellness coach, I often work with clients who are resistant to affirmations. That's because authors Scott Armstrong and Patricia Ross do a great job of showing us how our negative thinking is getting in the way of our lives, explaining how affirmations work, and then creating a 30-day plan to help us put our affirmations into practice. While I originally read the book to see if it could help my coaching clients, the truth is The Best Affirmations Handbook has helped me, personally, beyond measure, and for that I am tremendously grateful. This is a very tough period in my work life, lost my job, am owed money for software that I created, my wife's car has just died, very stressful, yet despite all of these real hardships things are going my way. I just spoke with you about beginning my "author career" and you blessed me with your Best Affirmations Workbook.
This Workbook has the power and ability to end your suffering and turn your dreams into reality.
This way, it doesn’t matter if you’re a school teacher, a doctor, a janitor, a teenager, a single mom or dad, a pet groomer, a barber, a salesman, make $10,000 a year or $100,000 a year… it doesn’t matter one bit because I have made this affordable for anyone.
By the way, one of the reasons I can offer this to you today for only $27 is because this book is not in any of your local bookstores. The first reason is because I can notify you of any future enhancements to the Workbook immediately and you’ll have instant access to it for FREE!
The second reason is because I know that when you are looking for a real change in your life, you are looking to receive it right now – today. If you're not experiencing life-changing results by then, I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny back to you - with absolutely no questions asked AND You keep the bonuses!
I hope that you take advantage of this invaluable offer and start creating the life you've always desired. Thank you for your time today and hopefully our paths will cross in the future and you can share your stories of success with me. For those of you who have listened to Louise Hay’s 101 Power Thoughts, you’ll understand how powerful an affirmation can be.
As per the respect of others, I will do my best to leave out the topics of spirituality and religion.
While these three affirmations may only be the beginning, there are plenty more to come in the following weeks. Welcome to the page of Best Abundance Quotes, where we have the choicest and inspirational quotes about abundance, especially collected for the readers who love Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth and Money, wish to have more of it.
When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance. Lo, this is the man that made not God his strength; but trusted in the abundance of his riches, and strengthened himself in his wickedness. It’s more work to create poverty, disease and disharmony than it is to create health, harmony and abundance, because perfect health, harmony and abundance are the natural order of things.
It’s not enough to know or even write about abundance, you must be abundance, you must live abundance. Perceive and rejoice that life is abundant, that beauty & goodness are amply available, that your happiness is in your hands. Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger.- St.
Abundance is grasped by infusing our souls with the intoxicatingly liberating fact that life is a privilege, not a right. When you recognize the many types of abundance in your life, more abundance will flow to you through all levels of your life and amongst all of the people in your life. Three keys to more abundant living: caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others. May our effort, confidence and concern for others be the altar from which we pray for personal abundance.
The first step toward discarding a scarcity mentality involves giving thanks for everything that you have. The world is full of abundance and opportunity, but far too many people come to the fountain of life with a sieve instead of a tank car… a teaspoon instead of a steam shovel. The abundant life does not come to those who have had a lot of obstacles removed from their path by others. Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and intangible.
Whatever we are waiting for peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart. Choose to collaborate (abundance perspective) and watch your competitors (scarcity perspective) become your allies.
Jews highly value having an abundance of money for the sake of caring for their families and for helping the needy.
You can become instantly successful with a simple thought, but long-lasting and pronounced success comes to those who renew their commitment to a mindset of abundance every minute of every hour of every day. Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance.
Every time you have a desire come true, some part of you realizes it did not have to live in limitation. I pray daily, not for more riches, but for more wisdom with which to recognize, embrace and enjoy what I already possess. There are a few important do's and don'ts when it comes to writing affirmations for yourself, so take a moment to review these step by step instructions and you'll be writing positive affirmations that are supercharged in no time at all!
The simplest way to start writing affirmations is to write a series of a€?I ama€? statements that describe what you want to have or experience."I am happy""I am wealthy"Simple enough isn't it? Write your affirmations in the positiveWrite your affirmations in such a way that they focus on what you want, rather than what you are trying to avoid or eliminate from your life. Write your affirmations in the NOWWhen you write your affirmations, write them in the present tense. Be Yourself!Use words and phrases that are typical of your own way of thinking and speaking.
Write your affirmations with passion and feeling!Think about how good you will feel when you achieve your goals, and how good it feels to know that positive changes are taking place. Don't get caught up in the "How"If you are setting goals in your life, it's always a good idea to have an action plan.
Affirm your current successes as well!Your affirmations dona€™t all have to be about things that you want or that are currently absent from your life.
Enjoy yourself!Writing affirmtions for yourself can be an exciting and empowering experience. Three more tips on how to write affirmations that are supercharged!If you find that some of your affirmations are a bit difficult to believe, then consider adding a€?I choosea€? to them. This article is copyrighted, however you have permission to reprint this article on your website, in your e-zine or in your newsletter provided that that you include the following footer whenever you do so:Article by Dr.

The content of this website, including all music, all text, all downloads, all music samples and all other material are owned or controlled by Spire Audio or their content and technology providers.
Enjoy our free meditation downloads, receive informative meditation tips, and benefit from special offers on guided meditations and meditation music. Yet in the average person, only 10% of the mind is used, which results in 90% not being utilized.
There have been many studies done that showed people accomplishing great feats with the power of their mind. The bottom line is they work and you are taking conscious control of your thoughts and destiny. It is the most powerful force in the Universe and simply means that you attract what you think about - whether you want it or not.
So be careful what you think about because you are attracting things into your life with each thought. You have to have specific actions and exercises created with a plan so that you can ensure results. I have had many people in my speaking engagements tell me this exact thing happened to them!
But what's wonderful about The Best Affirmations Workbook is that it cuts through resistance skillfully and easily. One of the greatest strengths of the book, which is filled with an array of exercises, is that it addresses potential negativity head on, helping people over the hump when they begin believing that affirmations couldn't possibly work for them. I highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to move beyond their negative thinking, so they can transform their dreams into reality. By actually following the daily instructions, I changed my thinking to a much more positive frame and learned to immediately switch negative intake into a positive track. I recommend this workbook for anyone who wants to accomplish more and feel good while doing so. Reading through the first pages of the workbook, I realized I have finally found the answer to help me get past the doubting and the negative that has been holding me back.
If you're looking for real help on affirmations--if you really want to know how to do affirmations effectively--this book is for you!
This Workbook will be sent your email box immediately (along with your gifts!) so you won’t have to wait! This is my life's work and I am honored that you've taken this time with me today to learn about the Best Affirmations Workbook.
Within the respect of having such a busy life as a legal professional, one might ask how we can keep a steady mind. For those of you who can listen to this soothing music (more preferably at work), by all means play it – I think it will make a huge difference while reading the following transcriptions.
At any time I can shift my mentality to a positive one, which will carve the path for endless prosperity and abundance in my job or field.
Whether I’m starting off at the beginning of my career or I am nearing retirement, there will always be opportunities and advantages for myself and others in my industry.
I look forward to writing another ‘Affirmations for Legal Professionals’ next week – take care. The lack is in you, and if you will stop seeking lack and stop thinking lack… you will make marvelous demonstrations. Opening our eyes to affirm gratitude grows the garden of our inner abundance, just as standing close to a fire eventually warms our heart. When you begin to pay attention to it, it will lead you to this truth – Abundance is your birthright.
The following easy tips will help you to create affirmations that are extremely powerful and effective. For example, rather than writing a€?I am not addicted to cigarettesa€?, a better choice would be something like, a€?I am completely free from cigarettesa€?. However, you should not create affirmations that describe all the details about HOW you will achieve your goals.Be as specific as you like about what you want to manifest with your affirmations, but don't try to define how these things will show up. Enjoy the process and try not to get too caught up in the nitty gritty details of what you are writing.
For example, rather than writing a€?I am fit and healthya€?, you could write a€?I choose to eat well and to exercise todaya€?.Ita€™s a great idea to express gratitude in your affirmations. And eventually, it won’t even be a conscious thought anymore and life will continue as usual without any results. This professionally recorded version of the book is extremely valuable and will come in handy. I have long used the power of positive thought and other success principles I learned from football to get me back on my feet. I was even having some trouble sleeping, something that never happens, but by having this new way of using affirmations daily, I found myself quickly feeling more secure about my future.
I had stopped using affirmations and now that I am using them again, they are really helping.
As one of the top life and business coaches, affirmations are a huge part of my program for my clients, and I'm always looking for a good coaching tool.
When we have a grateful soul, we focus on the happiness and abundance present in our life, and this in turn attracts more abundance and joy towards us! All you need to do is put yourself in the frame of mind of already having what you want, and then let the universe figure out the most efficient and harmonious way to bring it to you. Think about the things you like about yourself and the things that you are already grateful for. If you find yourself second guessing your affirmations or scrutinizing minor details, ita€™s time to take a step back and relax. Listen to it while your exercising, running errands or just about anytime you have time to yourself.
One may take the time during their lunch break (which I do sometimes myself) to close their eyes and meditate on the goodness and positive aspects of a job. Because every time you use this affirmation, you are saying that you are still up to two months away from achieving your goal! When you describe your feelings about your affirmations, you connect with them more deeply. Include some of these in your affirmations as well.So often we forget to give ourselves credit for the things that we like about ourselves, so when writing affirmations, feel free to describe some of the things that you already appreciate about yourself and your life. When writing affirmations, some people like to constantly affirm just a few simple lines that are particularly significant to them.
The audio productions on this site are for personal use only and may not be redistributed or republished without written permission. Your affirmations will actually have more power if you experience them on both a thinking and a feeling level. By doing so you will reinforce your positive feelings about who you are today, and you will be more open to accepting affirmations that describe who you would like to become. Other people prefer to create a substantial list of affirmations that describe many of the changes they would like to see in their life. This feels quite different to an affirmation of a€?I am successful in everything I doa€?.Every now and then you may find yourself writing affirmations that feels like a bit of a stretch of the imagination. Primarily, the focus of this brand new segment is to tune into the wonderfulness of having such a successful career in the legal field or wherever you may be.
Music helps to engage your emotions, so that you are more able to tap into the feeling of what you wish to affirm.

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