Change leadership expert and author, Brett Clay, says the closing of Borders Books demonstrates the fate of companies that adapt to change, rather than lead change.
The winners in today's market are highly agile companies that are making change happen--they're change leaders.
Brett Clay, author of ‘Selling Change, 101+ Secrets for Growing Sales by Leading Change’, named the best business book of 2010 by Independent Publisher Book Awards says the closing of Borders Books not only marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new era, but it also demonstrates the fate of companies that follow the approach of change management, rather than change leadership. Borders’ management faced formidable constraints, such as store leases, that inhibited its ability to shift with the market. The idea of adapting to a change in the environment and then utilizing ‘change management’ processes to execute the adaptation is no longer effective. The winners in today’s market are the highly agile companies that are making change happen.
Clay is the author of “Selling Change,” named the best business book of 2010 and best sales book of 2011, and he is the CEO of Change Leadership Group, LLC, a firm that helps clients improve their sales, marketing, and leadership capabilities. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. It was translated into 7 languages, downloaded 400,000 times & viewed as a keynote 1,100,000 times.
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Company executives should be asking themselves, ‘What are we doing to be the leader, rather than the loser in our market?’” says Clay. Many people are still operating in the mindset that “change” is some mysterious environmental phenomenon that must be adapted to, much like adapting to the weather by putting on a raincoat. Perhaps someday I shall make a shrine to someone I barely know and eagerly present it to them. It can vary from changing your name to declaring war on a country to breaking someone out of prison.

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