How can you not love our gorgeous Heather and her stunning bridal portraits among the colourful leaves in her family’s backyard? Even Kate and Mike’s wedding photos gleamed with the natural elegance that this season brings. The ways in which our couples are celebrating are becoming more intimate, more personal, and more creative than ever. We recently had the pleasure of meeting Debby at the Niagara Food + Wine Expo, promptly fell in love with her desserts and delightful disposition, and now MUST introduce her to the universe! She’s the founder and driving force behind Hotti Biscotti, a gourmet dessert shop in Hamilton, Ontario. Their desserts make amazing, tasty favours that can be colour-coordinated to match your wedding’s theme.
Located in Westdale Village, the cozy, 200 sq ft shop pumps out hundreds of desserts for distribution throughout Hamiton. You said, “Yes!” with a big eager smile, and now your hand is decorated with the most beautiful and sentimental piece of jewelry you have ever worn.
You gather together your mother, sisters, friends, and cousins and make a mad dash to any bridal store that will allow you to walk in without an appointment. Actually, if this is your plan, I highly recommend that you take a moment to read this and reconsider how you plan to begin the journey of finding the right dress for YOU.
Having worked in a bridal salon for years, I’ve seen many successful and unsuccessful attempts made by brides to find their dream dress.
So before you begin to shop for a dress, determine who will be paying for it and how much is agreed upon to spend.
I recommend having a lower budget with an extra amount you would be willing to spend if it is the right dress for you. Be firm and make sure your bridal consultant and any others helping you pick out a dress are all aware of your budget before you start rocking pricey frocks int he fitting room.
Nothing is more heart-wrenching than seeing a bride fall in love with a dress and then having to watch her walk away from it because, in the end, she isn’t able to buy it. One of the most exciting and important moments of planning a wedding is going gown shopping, and no moment between saying, “Yes!” and “I Do!” is more magical than when a bride finds her dress! Your Maid of Honor, a woman you’ve decided is closest to you of all your friends, is another great companion for dress shopping. This way you are still completely in control of picking your dream gown but you can include all those who matter to you in the special moment(s). And whether or not you decide you want to go with a full-blown ball gown or a knee-length, white, summer dress, you must still look the part of a bride. You may need help in the change room and don’t want to be caught wearing your lucky field hockey socks that you haven’t washed from your first winning game! If you are planning on wearing a fitted gown, be sure to wear appropriate under garments required to achieve a flawless, seamless look. Don’t forget to touch up your make-up and consider waterproof mascara just in case you have one of those sentimental Hollywood moments that you may or may not have been expecting.
The dresses you try on while you’re wedding gown shopping are most likely the single most expensive articles of clothing you will ever wear.
If you are anything like me, you have been dreaming of what your wedding dress will look like since you were a little girl.
I definitely recommend bringing those pictures in with you when you go wedding dress shopping.
Oftentimes,  a bride knows that she likes a dress but it takes a bit more time for most to realize what it is, specifically, that they like about it. Be open minded and be willing to try what they suggest, even if it is not a style you were considering before.

Shopping for your wedding gown is supposed to be one of the most exciting adventures you will embark on while being engaged. Bring some snacks with you to munch on in between store visits to help keep your energy high. Each dress you try on brings you closer to “The One” so do your best not to stress about the ones that don’t give you goosebumps.
They say that finding the perfect dress is like finding the perfect man; when you think you have, stop looking! This morning we took a walk down WG-memory lane to share a handful of the wedding ceremony flowers we’ve seen in the past few years. Last week we had the opportunity to witness best friends Jenn and Ned exchange marriage vows at the brink of the majestic Niagara Falls, Ontario. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a more loving couple, for more beautiful weather, or a more perfect day. All of us at WG absolutely love, love, love Amanda Lachapelle and her photographic artists! Amanda’s latest magic was seen on the May long weekend when she captured the rustic elegance of the beautiful Jennifer and Sean at their DIY barn wedding. What is needed for this casting:A We will need the birth name and date of birth of person we are casting the spell upon. What is a remote casting?A This is a term we use to relate to a spell casting upon one who is not present for the spell casting in body, but in energy. Mother and I were taught by Grandma Elva that there are always going to be skeptics who doubt us and the work we do.
A winning $1-million lottery ticket  remains unclaimed  with barely a week left to cash it. To retrieve your password, enter your email address below and your password will be sent to you. A weekly report of strategies and tips for winning the lottery, plus an analysis of what numbers are overdue and best combinations you should pick.
Description: The Win A Million Lottery is your best chance to win $1 MILLION CASH for as low as $20. This mother-son duo has hit a home run with Hotti Biscotti and we’re so happy to share their loveliness with all of you! You try on as many dresses as you possibly can and take as many selfies as possible to help document the fun time had for looking back on years from now.
I have seen what should be a happy and exciting moment turn into an event more stressful than required. You’ve designated her a role that requires her help, and you already trust that she will always have your best interest in mind. It can be tricky to picture yourself with a tiara and veil in a pretty dress when you have a messy ponytail that’s greasy and falling out of your ratty hair elastic.
Just be careful not to go overboard with the glam and avoid caking on foundation that will most likely get all over those beautiful white dresses you’re styling! Perhaps you have even stashed a few pictures of your favourites in a secret gallery on your smartphone or Pinterest. A good bridal stylist will ask you questions about your wedding so that she can have a better idea of what kind of dress would be best suited to the overall style of your event. A dress they suggest may have some element to it that you didn’t realize would look really, really flattering on you!
Stay positive and enjoy the time spent together creating memories with those you love most.
Whether you’re looking to create over-the-top opulence, or simply understated blooms-on-a-budget, use these photos to get inspired.

Our bride and groom took centre stage inside romantic Rambler’s Rest for their wedding ceremony and it was nothing but blue skies and sunshine for this special WG couple. Jenn and Ned – wishing you nothing but blue skies and sunshine along your journey through life. From vintage bottles collected for the centerpieces, to DIY vine balls strung from from the barn ceiling, old cupboards and shelves displaying family photos, and a vintage clawfoot tub filled with ice for drinks, this wedding was nothing short of picture perfect!
Kat and Wendy were blessed with a psychic power that allows them to see information regarding the spells focus.A A They take this information like missing pieces to a puzzle and channel it into the casting. We will share any information we receive, however there is no guarantee on what we will obtain during any given casting. She told us the best way to get around this doubt is to always do our best work and to make sure the client is happy with this work. By continuing, you consent to the use of cookies on your device, unless you have disabled them from your browser. He not only brings a fresh, contemporary energy to the brand, but continues to motivate and encourage Debby in her life-long dream of running a bakery. Your “MOH” is the perfect candidate to share your wedding dress adventures with!
However, my advice would be to take as few people as possible while you search for your main dress contenders. Consider the weather, think about the terrain you’ll be trudging, and be genuine and authentic to your own personal style. An intimate ceremony shared with only a handful of their closest loved ones was followed by a private photo session with Jennifer Hortin of mINK Creative Photographic, who managed to capture the elegance, beauty, and love that swirled about all day long.
Once you’ve narrowed down your selections to the final few, then book another appointment and come back with the rest of your entourage to help make the final decision.
From their First Look over the fountains of the Fallsview Casino, to their loving embraces in the gardens of the Niagara Parks, Jenn and Ned were so obviously in love with one another that it was impossible not to be enraptured in the magic the two of them felt as they finally became husband and wife. We will work with you by using our psychic energy visions to help detect any blockage or solve the problem at hand. Or if you’ve already made the choice yourself, bring in the gang to show off your final selection (but make it clear that you will not be trying on any other dresses). Lift the dress up when you walk out of the fitting room so that the delicate late trim doesn’t get caught on the door hinges or your stiletto heels. This knowledge along with our power is used during our castings to channel positive energy toward you to help you achieve your goals. We ask that if you are not getting any movement within the first month from estimated manifestation date (this is not always the casting date), you can email and we will take a look to see if there is anything blocking the magick & if we find our magick is the reason behind the blockage, Mother and I will recast for you at no additional charge.
Spell Bound MagickA® is not responsible for what does or does not happen from purchasing this item. We have found in the past that anytime we cannot get the end result it is from the spell requester not giving us ALL the details. Items are not a substitute for professional, legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advice or care. All written text, Item names Descriptions; photos of Spell Bound MagickA® possessions, Grandma Elvaa€™s life story & storyline are copyrighted material.

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