As we mentioned in a recent post, our members have been asking what the best engineering consulting firms to work for are, so this post covering some of the best civil engineering firms to work for is the first in a series. Civil engineers are the professionals tasked with interpreting blueprints and turning these designs into actual structures like houses, buildings, roadways, and bridges. Based on conversations with our members throughout the industry, we would like to highlight the following firms as some of best civil engineering firms to work for.
One of the biggest engineering and design and construction firms in the United States is URS Corporation. This company’s acronym, which stands for Architecture, Engineering, Consulting, Operations, and Maintenance, pretty much explains its interests and functions. Fourth on the list of best civil engineering firms to work for is Jacobs Engineering Group. The only public engineering, design and construction, and project management firm on this list is the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
For those of you civil engineers looking to work for a large company, those listed in this post are some of the best out there. I hope this post is helpful to our civil engineering readers, and we look forward to continuing to help our readers and our ECC members to create extraordinary engineering careers. This series of articles will analyze different industries focusing on civil engineering firms, structural engineering companies, mechanical engineering companies, electrical engineering companies, and chemical engineering companies.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider downloading our free 3-part video series that provides tons of engineering career skills including how to use LinkedIn, how to communicate and how to develop your leadership abilities. I am an M.Tech Structural Engineer from Karnataka,India interested to learn advances and to be placed in a good position anywhere.
Mgusi – please review all of our articles on the blog and I hope they will be helpful for you!
Hi this is Swapnil from India (Madhya Pradesh) and i am a civil engineering professional having more than 8 year experience in different streams of civil engineering now i am looking to work with anyone of the biggest company in the world can you help me for challenging career opportunity.
I am lalit from haryana, fresher civil engineer and facing problem in getting my first job. And I thought I deserved a career advancement, a good raise in salary, and another project! You will be "ahead of the game!" (With all your experience plus everything you already know, it just doesn't make sense to get stuck in a dead-end job. We should mention that our analysis of the best civil engineering firms to work for focused mostly on the larger firms, for two reasons.
Civil engineers are also required to be knowledgeable in all the aspects of construction so as to be able to come up with viable troubleshooting steps should technical or design issues arise at any point in the construction project. If you have comments or questions, we encourage you to leave them at the bottom of this post. Operating in the US as well as in Europe, the Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Americas, URS Corporation offers full engineering and design and construction services to private enterprises as well as government agencies around the world. Consistently voted as one of the best design, engineering, and architectural firms by pertinent professional and trade organizations, AECOM Technology Corporation dabbles in transportation, water, energy, and environmental projects. With multiple offices in different countries, Jacobs Engineering Group extends its expertise to government, commercial, and industrial clients who demand only top-notch engineering, architecture, and construction projects.
Operating in various locations around the world, this government organization delivers top-notch projects ranging from creation of roadways and bridges to construction of dams and canals and waterways to developing and designing clean energy and environmental facilities. Between their salary and benefit packages and the opportunities that they provide to work on large-scale award-winning projects, you can see and do amazing things at these companies. PANALIGAN FOR PASSING THE CIVIL ENGINEERING BOARD EXAM ON NOVEMBER 2013 IN THE PHILIPPINES….GOD BLESS TO ALL! The company is a leading global infrastructure advisor specializing in the planning and design of facilities that shape our coastlines, harbors and rivers as well as an innovator in the transportation complexities associated with the movement of freight. Firstly, information on these companies and their compensation packages is more readily available, and secondly, many of our members requested information on the larger international firms. Because of these crucial responsibilities, civil engineers are practically a fixture on construction sites, as it is their job to ensure compliance with the blueprints.
Considered one of the biggest US firms, the company makes bridges, airports, marine and port facilities, oil and petroleum facilities, and mass transit rails. And much like the two aforementioned companies, AECOM Technology Corporation operates globally as well, extending its expertise to private and public organizations in different countries. In the United States, Jacobs Engineering Group is consistently granted federal contracts, and so the company has no deficit when it comes to projects. A job with the US Army Corps of Engineers is one of the most stable out there, as benefits and remuneration packages are certainly attractive.
Working for a larger company can be dramatically different from working for a smaller company, which we have written about in the past.

We do want to make it clear, though, that are probably a lot of great small civil engineering firms out there; we just focused on the larger firms based on specific requests and available information. Recognized for having dynamic workplace practices and for being among the best international employers, the company then ushers in not only professional prestige for its employees but also the chance to collaborate with some of the best designers and innovators out there.
Recognized as one of America’s trustworthy companies, it is then no wonder that Jacobs Engineering Group is an employer highly sought after by professionals like civil engineers who want to grow and excel in their respective lines of work. This is the reason many fresh-out-of-school and long-established professionals alike aspire to join this government organization. We will attempt to write another post later in the year focusing on the smaller best civil engineering firms to work for, but again this post was geared towards answering questions from our members. We did not take applications for these rankings; they are simply based off our discussions with civil engineers and information we found on these companies. Aside from providing the usual requirements for building construction, the company has experience in mammoth projects like building waterways and dams and commissioning facilities for storage and disposal of hazardous materials.
Aside from the professional prestige and the chance to work with premier designers and innovators, working for the US Army Corps of Engineers also provides the opportunity for professional enrichment through travels to various parts of the world. URS Corporation offers some of the most attractive remuneration packages and the opportunity to widen one’s skill as well as grow in one’s profession.
Given its handsome compensation packages and equitable employee benefits, it comes as no surprise that HDR, Inc. As it is one of the most-sought-after employers out there, a placement with the firm offers the guarantee not just to expand one’s skills but to grow professionally as well.
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