Cellulite, That awful, dimpled fat that accumulates on many women’s butt, thighs and lower abs. While strength training and resistance-based cardio can help with cellulite reduction, Yoga is actually one of the most effective exercises out there. For cellulite deposits on the lower abdomen, a simple Upward Dog and Downward Dog pose sequence can really take care of the issue. But even the odd top wasn't enough to steer attention away from the former Miss Wales winner's legs.After Thomas emerged from a shop carrying a framed picture, her less than perfect thighs were clear for all to see as she packed up the boot of her car and quickly made her way to the drivers seat. The star must have been suffering from the holiday blues as she did a spot of shopping, after spending all of last week partying in the U.S. Anyone would think that the star's recent presenting role with ITV's This Morning and calendar shoots in Spain would leave her looking refreshed and relaxed, but according to medical professionals, a high stress lifestyle can be associated with the evolution of cellulite.Perhaps Thomas should give up the pole dancing as daily exercise and get her running shoes on quick smart! The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Cellulite is caused by the softening of the muscles in those areas that allows the fat to herniate and appear as blobby “cottage cheese.” One of the ways to help reduce the appearance of cellulite is to tone the problem areas and increase muscle tone. The combination of stretching and strengthening helps to both firm and smooth cellulite in problem areas, eliminating this unsightly fat.

For cellulite reduction, focus on Yoga poses that target your problem areas, and practice them daily for best results.
Place your hands directly under shoulders, and tuck your toes in as if about to do a push-up. Slowly push the hips upwards to the sky and back, fully rocking into the heels with the back of the legs straight. With arms down by your sides, slowly lift your hips up the ceiling, squeezing your buttocks until you have a flat incline from your knees down to your shoulders. Turn to face one leg, and turn those toes to point directly in front of you, squaring your hips as you do so. Allow the back foot to stay at a 90 degree angle to the front, and slowly lift the arms to a T position, parallel to the floor. On the final exhale, slowly move the hips forward and down until the shoulders and directly over the wrists and allow the hips to dip just above the mat, arching the lower back. For another great cellulite reducer on your backside, get on all fours to prepare for Sunbird. Repeat this sequence three to five times, making sure to squeeze the abs in and lift the hips each time you move to Downward Dog.

Slowly lift one leg from the floor, directly behind the body to form a flat, parallel line with the ground, keeping the toe turned down to the floor.
This sequence really tones and lifts the lower abdominal area, getting rid of that cellulite for good. Starting with feet together and good, tall posture, raise the arms outward from the body until they connect overhead.
This one-legged move will not only reduce the appearance of cellulite, it will round and firm the muscle, giving you a bikini butt in on time. Then slowly reverse the movement while bending forward from the hips, keeping the legs straight.

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