This is another Golf Gem in Charleston and another of my top 3 picks for your serious golfer, but can be enjoyed by all skill levels from the proper teeing areas.
Since my last review, I have had the opportunity to play Legend Oaks a few more times and after reading my 1st review, felt compelled to add to it. Charleston National is a good challenge for your average to above average player, not that a more highly skilled player would not enjoy it.
As I mentioned in my Cassique review, these two courses are perhaps the best I have ever played in my 20 years of golfing and outside of The Ocean Course, across the street, these 2 go unmatched.
The grass is cut so well, every ball on the fairways looks to be sitting upon a pool table, you can see the entire ball.
There are so many great things to say about this place, it is hard to choose a starting point. The 1st hole is the 1 Hcp hole with trouble everywhere and the gold tee box was where I made my decision to play a few from the Blue. Not a lot of players on the course at any given time, the holes are not long, trouble is rather obvious from the teeing area. The backside of The River stating with 16, a spectacular par 5 to another beauty the par 3 17th, hitting a small quick green, with the intercoastal water way as the back drop.I will be adding to this review shortly. Set amidst South Carolina Lowcountry breezes from the Intracoastal Waterway of the Stono River and centuries-old live oaks, Stono Ferry is a refuge and a true mecca for the golf lover. I always loved the 27 hole concept, as you have a different 28 each time you play and at Westcott, the level of difficulty increases with each 9.

If your off the fairway, in some cases you have a 2nd shot, but with the wonderful layout (Scott W. A fair amount of my flushed shots resulted in nightmare-ish up and downs, try not to fly the ball to the back of any of these greens, middle short is much safer. The greens have been a bit shoddy in my experience, so if your are the type of player that makes his dough on the greens, I wouldn't bet heavy. The Links features several historic landmarks, including a bunker on the 12th hole dating back to the Revolutionary War and tee box on the 14th hole set on a peninsula which was the original ferry landing for the surrounding plantation. FY: The MUNI just installed some great high tower lighting, so no mare shining the headlights on the range for a late night of practice. The back nine is a bit more difficult and tests not only your golfing skill but even more so, will test your ability to make good choices in your club selections, tee to wedge. In my experience (I have played here 10+ TIMES) 30 of the times, the greens where not in the best of condition. The Nationwide tour still hosts an event here and truthfully, if there were the room for bleachers, concessions and transportation. The fact that the course play short by distance, it is by no means a course to be taken lightly. Speaking of which, you can chose not to play, practice all day at the range, putting green, chipping area, have breakfast, lunch, MUNI brews and be under $20.00 for the day! I have played most all Myrtle Beach-most all Charleston and this track is right up there with the best of them.~check out my golf lists and follow my reviews if you enjoy me critiques.

With a few weeks work to narrow the fairways and toughen up the greens, I believe the PGA could host an event here, it is that good.The course was designed by Rees Jones and opened in 2006.
The importance on placing your tee shot in a location to attack the greens, unimpeded is critical to scoring well. The driving range is a bit of a drive to get to and the putting green is not near the 1st tee, so be aware of that if you want to have a warm up session.
I say this because the greens are very undulating and well protected, so hitting hybrid off the tee and having 17 into the green is a much better choice than trying to push the issue and hit driver. Everyone that works there is just so friendly and great at their jobs, if you read my reviews or follow my reviews (Please follow me;-0) you know I have little tolerance for crappy customer service. The water all up the left on #3 is a perfect example of how a seemingly playable, scoring hole can bit back hard, as I pulled a double bogie and had to drop a 20 footer for that. I put up 54 holes 2 years ago in a single day, sun up to sun down.The food is GREAT, for what I would liken to diner food, great and so reasonable prices, best burger in town, quality franks and sandwiches, did I mention MUNI brew? You will see the UPS guy there having lunch and those guys know the spots to eat.I can keep going on and on and I just might, with the tournaments, other events, Jenkins Links for a inexpensive HCP.

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