Whittington’s 30-year career spans radio and print reporting, freelance writing, and media relations work with local and federal government agencies and public relations firms. His first Parker Glynn thriller, “Second Strike” (2010), was followed by a sequel, “Doppelganged.” His third book in the series, “Free Surface Effect,” is due out this year.
But marketing books takes more than hope, and today it usually means exploring the ever-changing and often puzzling world of social media.
He served as a ghostwriter on two national best-selling books, and his articles have been published in Texas Business, Texas Monthly, Jacksonville Magazine, the Florida Times-Union and Water’s Edge.

An Atlanta native and a proud Texan, Whittington and his family reside in Jacksonville Beach.
But sometimes, humans are able to achieve nearly comparable heights of hilarity in accidental moments of glory. Get the latest news, tips, and can't-resist stories delivered straight to your newsfeed, in real time.
First, she retracted some "unintended shade" after she risked enraging the Kardashian family.

And who better to rise to the occasion than the very folks who get photographed and filmed for a living?Now, it's no surprise that Tina Fey would work a photobomb like nobody's business, but we have to admit we were impressed with the likes of Kate Middleton and Taylor Lautner.
But still — between the aforementioned sea creature and Jennifer Lawrence, you have some stiff competition!

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