Life Coaching Online uses technology to bridge the gap of distance and time to work with a life coach. At Positive Changes Coaching, we use several important strategies in a few different formats to create the most effective online life coaching space for you. Assessments, Quizzes, and Inventories can be easily administered through our online life coaching process using the Positive Changes LifeCoachingOnline journal.
Register now for this FREE series of interviews and conversations with lesbians who are transforming our gay girl world. For many of us where we are in our life makes it hard to even think about adding anything to the schedule, even if it supposed to help the overwhelm.
As mentioned above, these assessments are carefully selected to help you become more aware of your real "who" so you can better access all your inner resources.
Since life coaching online is mostly asynchronous, you build the coaching relationship in your time and your space.At Positive Changes Coaching, we have gone beyond the typical (and very effective) telephone coaching. But the the culture of the internet is changing and might better be called "Relationship Technology," especially in the arena of life coaching.While it is true that information is useful and necessary for positive change to happen in life, sutainable change requires more. At Positive Changes Coach, I use a unique online journaling tool that allows you to journal in a space you can control. In fact, the knowledge you gain from them will help you strengthen your inner resources so you can make better use of your outer resources!

Your coach works with you through the free online journaling system, instant messaging, and Skype video conferencing to coach whether you are receiving indiviual or group coaching.
Most good coaches and their clients will say that the teachings are important, and the powerful questions and listening is effective, but the real magic of coaching happens in-between coaching calls.
It can be completely private, shared with your coach, with a group of your choosing, or with an entire community of journalers.In fact, I offer a free online journal for you to use whether you become my client of not!
Positive Changes Coaching offers quite a few empirically validated and reliable assessments, almost always at no charge whether you are a client or not. You are welcome to try it out; it is a completely free online journal and for the first 10 weeks I offer complementary coaching prompts to guide your journaling experience.
It give you the chance to dig deeply into who you really are and make concious choices about how you want to be you. It gives your coach the opportunity to stay connected with you while you experience your "aHa moments."The amazing relationship technology of today has created the reality of nearly "on-demand" coaching!Integrating Positive Psychology Coaching. Or for a small fee you may receive additional coaching prompts in a variety of life coaching areas.Face-to-face Skype coaching. Positive Psychology is new field that focuses the science of psychology on what is working in the lives we lead. As an online life coach, I offer regular 50-minute, face-to-face coaching through Skype (thanks again to relationship technology!) These calls are similar to the one-on-one sessions most coaches offer on the telephone only we have a visual connect.Telephonic one-on-one is how most life coaches provide services.

Life coaching online allows us to use the understandings and the tools of positive psychology to focus what you can do to improve and make the best of your inner Who rather than strive to change outer circumstances.Through the relationship technology of online life coaching, clients readily and inexpensively experience life changing assessments and surveys followed by valuable coaching questions to help them reflect and really integrate what they learn about themselves.
Some of these assessments and surveys include Martin Seligman's Values In Action Survey of Character Strengths and Dr.
In fact research has shown that telephone coaching is equally effective as face-to-face coaching in some ways, and more effective in others.
Biswas-Diner's Positive Diagnosis systemLife coaching online can cost less for greater results.
Group Coaching through Positive Changes Coach happens in a combination of online journaling and tele-conference formats. Not everyone needs a lot of one-on-one time with their life coach, and the reality is that not everyone feels as though they can afford to hire a coach. And because it is collaborative, it is an effective and fun way to make huge leaps toward the life you want to live. In fact, through Positive Changes Coaching, you can experience free online life coaching in a special 10-week, coaching program with journal writing prompts to lead you in self-coaching.

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