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I'm looking for a good solution for a cloud-based project management software for startups. I really like 37 Signals "Basecamp", but cannot justify the monthly fee at this moment with all the open-source alternatives. Teambox is open source, does exactly what you need (project management, time tracking, document uploads) and it looks much better than Collabtive.
I currently use Redmine a bit; it's not quite as simple a basecamp but it does help for tracking more complex information.

Yes."Creating projects is currently open to US and UK creators over the age of 18 (see full details). I have a business idea connected to electronics and software, particularly RFID technology.
You can upload any type of documents and you get live chat and online collaboration on documents.
Their beta 4 looks even sleeker, faster, and with better UX, comparable to Wrike, but it's not open sourced yet. It doesn't have a document editor, but every other feature you are looking for is included.

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