Dynamic stretches are those done with motion where we move muscles without holding the position for too long. Meanwhile static stretching, the more old school method of sitting and holding through a stretch for 10-20 seconds each major muscle group after a workout. After exercise focusing on static stretching of larger muscles like the hamstrings, chest, quads, back and shoulders is probably a good idea to flush the muscles and help them recover. Best Ways to go From CNA to RNHaley SchaefferIf you are currently in need of a job or you already are a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), you may want to look in to the CNA to RN programs. If you are just getting out of high school, or are looking for a career change, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) can be a wise move for you. Just in case you are wondering, the practical part of the test consists on you acting like a real CNA at the work place. The beauty of today’s technology is that it is easy to go back to college from the comfort of your home. With the CNA to RN ladder program, should take you 1 to 1.5 years to complete the associate degree in nursing. Complete your accredited CNA courses and take the test to become a certified nursing assistant.
Keep going with your education while working as a CNA, and take a few more classes to complete at least the associate degree in nursing. Find the answers to commonly-asked questions about the Certified Nursing Assistant profession in this comprehensive look at becoming a CNA.

Helping our bodies flush away lactic acid, reduce blood levels of adrenaline, lets resting heart rate return and reduces the amount of muscle soreness the following day. As we age our muscles and joints become less and less elastic therefore injuries are more likely to occur even if you are fairly fit.
With dynamic stretching and mobility being essential before and static stretching for 10-20 seconds on larger muscle groups after.
The best part is that most of these programs allow you to study to become a Registered Nurse (RN) online or while still continuing to work.
This is especially true if you have an interest in a long career in the healthcare profession. You will need to pretend that you are caring for a patient, hence following any procedures like in a real work place. Online classes that allow you to budget your time as well as being able to still continue bringing home a paycheck. Dynamic stretching increases range of movement, blood and oxygen flow to soft tissues prior to exertion. Take for example playing sports I find a quick ankle, knee, wrist and shoulder warmup invaluable for injury prevention when playing tennis or soccer. The CNA to RN ladder is a great way to use any experience you may have as a Certified Nursing Assistant to climb up the nursing hierarchy while still working a full-time job. After completing your associate, then you should plan to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN).

Not only that, but you find a number of current Registered Nurses will go out of the way to help you. The truth is something we will probably never really know but it makes sense to separate dynamic stretching to before a workout and save static stretching for after. Increasingly coaches and sports trainers are aware of the role in dynamic stretching in improving performance and reducing the risk of injury. Therefore, when searching on getting your training to become a CNA, make sure that include both, a theory, and a practical part. You can always keep going for your bachelor, master, and doctorate degree. Completing a higher degree will allow you to work more at a manager level in the nursing field. A CNA to RN ladder program will help you to improve your skills, education and salary while creating a new niche for you in the field of healthcare.
This at least makes it worth stretching and mobilising the key muscles groups you are using for your chosen activity before you start. However, we recommend that while working as a nursing assistant, go back to college to become a RN.

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