Dumbbell flys - Lower dumbbells to sides until chest muscles are stretched with elbows fixed in slightly bent position. Decline press - Bring padded levers together by pushing pads foward and downward in hugging motion.
Dumbbell decline fly - Lower dumbbells to sides until chest muscles are stretched with elbows fixed.
Pullover -  Keeping elbows slightly bent throughout movement, lower dumbbell over and beyond head until upper arms are in-line withg torso. One should do each superset 3 times and take 2 minutes rest  One should do this workout twice a week with a proper rest of at least 2  days in between. The beginners don't know that the squeezing chest exercises (like dumbbell flys) are even more important than the pushing chest exercises when it comes to mass and strength gains. Pectoral muscles perform more actions at more angles and conjunction with more upper-body muscles than most of the people have ever consider .
If you want to build awesome pecs you need to do the very best chest exercises that you can find.
You can do chest presses in a variety of ways, on a straight workout bench, on an incline bench to work the upper chest, or on a slightly declined bench to work the lower.

If you're using round dumbbells, you need to put quite a bit of effort into stabilizing yourself during your movement. Pushups - The Ultimate Chest Workout Many professional athletes choose to work out there chests primarily by doing pushups.
Kettlebell Exercises - a Beginners Guide Kettlebell exercises have the potential to turn your training routine on its head. Beginners Total Body Workout A total body workout is an excellent way to get in shape and maintain your health. Lower Ab Workout - How to Blast the Lower Abs Finding the best lower ab workout is not always an easy thing to do.
Isolation exercise is performed to target only the chest muscles, which is followed  by a second killer chest exercise. To get maximize result for ones chest development, one need to do both pushing exercises and squeezing exercises , If one neglect either he limits his potential for mass and strength. Sometimes a person is the star at bench exercise but on other exercises he is more like bench player . Naturally, in any normal gym you will find many workout machines for chest exercises that you can use as much as you like but what if you just have some dummbells and still want to get those pecs pumping?

Chest presses - You can do the chest press with a barbell but I actually prefer using dumbbells because you don't need anyone to spot you while using dumbbells. You can add to the intensity of the workout by lying on a stability ball while doing the chest press so you also work those stabilizing muscles.
Single handed chest presses - If you really want to pack on the weight, you can do the chest press with one hand.
And, if you don't have a bench or a ball lying around, you can also lie on the floor, although this will limit your movement a bit. You can do these on a bench in a variety of angles or on a stabilty or bosu ball for added intensity.
With your free hand, you do want to hold on to something for support, like a door jamb, or the leg of a sturdy table. The various angles target the different areas of the pectoral muscles for a more diverse and complete workout.

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