Today only, save on used books and help us reach 15,000 books sold to double the donations. Communication is the essence of management and constant flow of information is a must for any business to excel. Keeping this line of thought in our mind, Work Better moulds the participanta€™s communication skills to adapt to the constantly changing business communication environment. Many hospitals, however, have recognised these problems and have devised simple ideas to address them. These are just some of Kissing it Better’s collection of tips to improve communication between nurses and patients. Simply by getting a chair or crouching down by a chair, you can increase a patient's confidence.
It may not be always be appropriate to make this connection but, in most cases, that connection can reassure a person who might feel they are in a very alien environment. It may not always be appropriate, but if the opportunity arises, try to say something positive about the person and their situation. During my recent stay in hospital, I saw the sister once in 10 days , and even then she didn't address me or the other patients. In today’s times, it is extremely important to be skilled in the art of efficient communication. Our introduction to communication theory classes are going to shed light on the main basics which you need to learn.

Those who want to perfect the art of spoken and written English can benefit immensely with our video lectures. More often than not, the loss of productivity is attributed to the fact that the employees and the management cana€™t express the views and thoughts to each other clearly and effectively.
But now with advent of technology, we have cell phones, video conferencing, emails, and satellite communication to support business communication, so the process of business communication has become more complex and the need for good communicators has increased manifold. Our step by step approach, helps the participants understand the concept and apply it in real life situations smoothly to achieve desired outcome . You can find many more on the Kissing it Better website.Get on the same levelPatients who are wearing nighties or pyjamas often feel at a disadvantage when spoken to by a member of staff in uniform. For example, when sorting their belongings on admission, try to comment positively if you need to help them unpack. We were expected to introduce ourselves to the patients at the start of a shift and inform them when we were going off duty. With our video lectures, you will be able to hone your English speaking skills and improve the way you speak. Once you have grabbed these main points, you can then move over to video lectures that deal with the fundamentals of public speaking and even communication skills as well.
We have video tutorials for crisis communication which will come in handy when you are looking to deal with troublesome situations. So if we want a way to increase productivity and decrease stress, learning to communicate effectively can be the first step towards smoother workflows, faster turnaround times, and fatter bottom lines.

This becomes much more intimidating if that member of staff is standing by the end of the bed or by their chair looking down on them. Most people who spend large parts of their lives in wheelchairs prefer people to sit down when talking to them.
In our communication tutorials, we have covered various diverse aspects that will help you become a great speaker. Regardless of which field you work in, you will need the best communication skills to excel in your career. Our video lectures shall also cover meeting management issues and thereby help you deal effectively with all the crux situations which you may face. If you are not sure of your English speaking skills, you can make use of our video tutorials. Attention to these details at this time of heightened anxiety is key to building a strong relationship with both the patient and the relative.

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