Perhaps you were one of the geniuses who devoured Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows within two weeks of its publication.
The best advice I have ever read on reading comes from John Stott’s book and echoes that of Mr. Oh, and of course, remember to pray for illumination before reading, that the Lord will write His words on your heart. Bible reading can easily be shuffled to the end of our schedule if we do not devise a consistent plan to accomplish it daily.

Receiving this daily reminder listing the chapters I need to read each day has been very helpful. I, along with you, can find many excuses to delay this important part of my Christian walk.
Even a pastor’s wife can become so overwhelmed with a “to do” list that reading the Bible can become easily overlooked.
You always have one or more books going, and you have to set boundaries so blogs don’t take over your life.

Tolkien or who would choose a locally anaesthetized lobotomy over any sort of reading assignment. Non-readers show courageous faith when they commit to regular patterns of Bible reading at predictable intervals, and I laud their desire to draw closer to the Lord.

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