Changing the Face of ChristianityWe help you and fellow Christians to authentically love God and othersWe help you and fellow Christians authentically love God and others. And so, we mustn’t approach reading the Bible as some one-time task to check off a to-do list. I have read the bible from front to back I can’t even begin to tell you how many times. Alternative 2 Year Bible Reading Plan - put together by our sister congregation (SLE), this is a great plan to read through the entire Bible in two years.

To mature in our Christian faith, reading the Bible needs to become a daily spiritual discipline.
Contact us in about 2 months and let us know how far you’ve gotten through that Bible that previously was so hard to make time for. Go slow and steady, instead of trying to consume the whole thing in a flurry of reading activity. We hear God through His word and how He interacts with us on a daily basics through the Holy Spirit.

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