Let’s give a Big Payback round of applause for Carlos Gamez, today’s $10,000 winner! Candace works in the District as a waitress and bartender and only plays the lottery when she’s feeling lucky.
Patricia Washington is a face that we have seen, not once, not twice but for the third time as a big winner, in the last 60 days! The DC Lottery celebrates our winners – the people who have purchased winning tickets, big prizes and bigger prizes, all throughout the district. Read about our winners here: the games they played, how much they won and where they played.
Friends and family of Ja’Mar Goodall of Washington, DC know that he is a loyal DC Lottery player and he entered the Big Payback. Let’s give a warm DC Lottery round of applause to Lise Glascoe, $10,000 winner for the week 4, Big Payback drawing!
As the Powerball fever spreads across the nation and lottery hopefuls snatch up what they hope will be winning tickets, some of the dozens of members of the uber-elite club of massive lotto winners are sharing advice on how to use the money in lasting and fulfilling ways.
A total of 95 extremely lucky individuals, who with the help of a giant rotating tub of ping pong balls, have beaten incredible odds and hit the jackpot for $100 million or more.
With $500 million, the lucky winner could even knock on the door of Oprah Winfrey's $85 million California home, tell her you want to buy five of them, and still have $75 million to spare.

But the luckiest people of all are those who years later haven't managed to go broke -- people like Jim and Carolyn McCullar, who bought a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket in January of 2011 worth $190 million. Cynthia Stafford, who won $112 million in the California lottery back in 2007, hasn't either. Stafford used her massive pay day to pay it forward, big time a€“ sage advice that for Wednesday night's winner will likely be priceless.
It's more likely youa€™ll get struck by lightning than win the Powerball, but if you do win, there is an even better chance that you'll go broke. Please click the a€?Reporta€? button below if the video on this page is not working properly. Touching: Australian Radio Station Surprises Grieving Mother With An Incredible Gift After The Tragic Loss Of Her Son! Yikes: Glee Star And Big Sean's Ex-Girlfriend Naya Rivera Says She Showers Once Every 3 Days! Best Dad Ever: Man Works As A Janitor For 15 Years To Send All 5 Of His Kids To College For Free! The 35-year old construction worker from Northwest, DC says he normally stops by his favorite store after work and buys a couple of games.
Carlos, who is a self-proclaimed lottery wiz, has every DC Lottery winning number dating back more than 5 years!

He and his coworkers would collectively play the DC Jackpot game for fun and occasionally win. He and his coworker faithfully listened for their names to be announced throughout the promotion. Aivars, a retired manufacturer worker, lives with his wife and children in the DC after traveling the country for 15 years with his job. Reggie, won hasn’t seen a big win since the 90s, was not quite a believer when he learned the winning news.
The next inductee will get a half billion dollar payout -- the net worth of Will Smith, who is worth $200 million, Britney Spears, also worth a cool $200 million, And $100 million gal Jennifer Aniston -- combined.
They've set up trust funds for their four kids and 23 grandchildren, and have been very generous with donations. I'm involved with a number of organizations, and it just warms my heart to be able to do these things," she said.
Winning the lottery doesn't guarantee smooth sailing for the rest of your life, in many cases it's quite the opposite, nearly 70% of lottery winners end up broke within seven years.

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