Birmingham Airport is to up its efforts to dissuade residents of the Midlands from trekking to Heathrow to begin their holidays by exhorting them to use Birmingham Airport instead.
The David and Goliath campaign is being spearheaded by Wolverhampton based agency Connect, which has devised the strap-line ‘Birmingham makes more sense than Heathrow’, to encourage passengers to think locally. Taking the form of a series of posters strategically positioned along the approach to London on the M25 and in the region’s main train stations the campaign will attempt to grab commuters attention with messages such as ‘Congestion Ahead', 'Going in the right direction?' and 'Take your business in a new direction'. Paul Kehoe, CEO of Birmingham Airport, explained, "It's been predicted that passenger numbers in Britain will increase by 125 million by 2030 and with Heathrow and Gatwick nearing capacity, it's clear that the South East will soon have a capacity problem unless something is done. We have vehicles traveling between London and Birmingham daily.Quite often we have an empty vehicle returning from either London or Birmingham. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. BIRMINGHAM Airport is proving more attractive to travellers than Heathrow a€“ according to Lufthansa which is announcing record passenger numbers from the region. The substantial increase for 2012 comes hard on the heels of 2011a€™s own record-breaking figures, up by 19 per cent to a total of 484,503. WORKERS at Birmingham Airport deprived of a wage rise for more than three years have been threatened with job cuts if they take industrial action, it has been claimed. Passengers had warned about safety on a a€?jinxeda€™ jet just days before it careered off the runway at Birmingham Airport.

Malaysia Airports has launched KLIA Aeropolis, an airport city development project that will form one of the strategic pillars in Malaysia Airports’ five-year business plan, Runway to Success 2020 (RtS2020). The KLIA Aeropolis, which will have Kuala Lumpur International Airport (pictured) at its core, will be a world-class airport city and a tourist destination in its own right, and its success will allow Malaysia Airports to transform from an infrastructure provider to a key economic enabler by contributing greatly to national GDP and job creation. The Malaysian government has set aside 38 square miles for the development of KLIA Aeropolis, with 13,000 acres designated for airport and aeronautical use. The development is expected to drive more business investments and tourist traffic to Malaysia. Click here for listings and information on leading suppliers covering all aspects of the passenger terminal industry. NEW DIGITAL EDITION: From the publishers of Passenger Terminal World, the only magazine dedicated to railway terminal and station design and technologies. London Heathrow CEO sends open letter to UK Prime MinisterLondon Heathrow Airport has released an open letter and video, presented by the airport's CEO John Holland-Kaye, setting forth a new plan to meet the environmental conditions set out by the Airports Commission should the UK government decide to proceed with its third-runway expansion plans. JCDecaux unveils VR videos of London HeathrowAdvertising firm JCDecaux has partnered with virtual reality (VR) specialists Visualise to create four 360A? immersive videos of Terminals 2 and 5 at London Heathrow Airport in the UK. The German airline, the second biggest carrier at the airport, says Birmingham is outperforming all its other UK bases for business growth. Christian Schindler, Lufthansaa€™s general manager for the UK and Ireland, paid a glowing tribute to Birmingham Airport a€“ and said he expected passenger numbers to rise further.

As a center for urban growth and development it will spur an increase in employment opportunities, thus stimulating the local economy.
Datuk Badlisham Ghazali, managing director of Malaysia Airports, said, “We are very clear in our KLIA Aeropolis development strategy. New figures from Lufthansa show a near 17 per cent surge in travellers from Birmingham Airport for the January to August period, with a total of 374,310 passengers. The clusters identified are synergistic to the larger airport system and will serve to benefit not only the airport operator but also the aviation supply chain as a whole. The passenger figures have continued to grow; people see Heathrow and realise it is better to travel from Birmingham if you take the total travel times into account. This is in line with the government’s agenda of becoming a high-income nation by 2020. The strongest growth we are seeing like for like is definitely Birmingham.a€? He praised expansion plans for Birmingham Airport.

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