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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Pro Training Bag features a top opening ready access to the main compartment and a locker room end pouch for storing items like soap, deodorant, towels, and razors. BlackHawk Products Group™, headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, with manufacturing, tooling and design facilities worldwide, was founded in 1993 by President and CEO Mike Noell.
In an internet world of wal-mart style "mall web sites" it has always been the focus of Midwest Police Gear LLC to create a unique shopping experience that is tailored to this industry only. We have a huge selection of tactical gear products and a "real time" stock availability system. Copter4 flew over the wreckage in a heavily wooded area five miles west of Perry Park near Devil’s Head.
Firefighters in Elizabeth and Elbert County initially responded to a downed helicopter on Wednesday afternoon but then discovered the incident happened in Douglas County. The firefighters were responding to the crash in the Elbert Fire District but then pulled back after learning it was not in their jurisdiction. Pilot error during thick fog is what investigators said caused the UH-60M Black Hawk to crash on March 10.
Blackhawk now joins Alaska-based Aero Twin and Texas Turbines in offering an STCed turbine retrofit for the Caravan. Aero Twin was the first to receive STC approval for the TPE331 and offers it rated at 850 shp for the Caravan and 950 shp for the Grand Caravan. Jason Kepler, Aero Twin’s chief engineer, said his company’s engine installation, canted to the left and down, virtually eliminates P-factor on takeoff rolls.

Texas Turbines received its STC for its “Supervan 900” conversion in 2008 and has sold approximately 20 to date, said company president Bobby Bishop.
Blackhawk spent $3 million and 35,000 man-hours developing the P&W conversion which costs $605,000, assuming engine core trade-in. Blackhawk initially has 20 orders for the conversion, with heavy interest coming from the skydiving market. All of the conversion providers noted that the retrofit could be done only to legacy aircraft as Garmin has yet to provide engine parameter data on its G1000 avionics system in newer Caravans. Back Row:  Isaac Ritchie, Benjamin Petersen, Joseph Longeville, Eric Goodhart, Dominique Hoskins, Austin Fullington. Front row (from left to right): Nicholas Elliott, Johnathan Galvin, Sewa Mensah, Damien Foster, Kevin Petersen.
As the world leader in supplying tactical equipment to the military and law enforcement, and now hunting-specific gear to outdoor enthusiasts, BlackHawk continues to introduce new best-in-class products through intensive internal R&D initiatives and selective acquisitions. The images are public record and come from various law enforcement and detention center websites. The $720,000 conversion includes the engine, new propeller, a battery tender and a new standby vacuum pump.
It includes a new composite cowling, twin Frakes exhaust stacks, new oil cooler, new engine gauges, a new 100-inch Hartzell four-blade propeller and enrollment in the Camp Systems maintenance tracking system. Allmon said the conversion in the 208B will allow skydive operators to carry an additional three to four jumpers per hop and fly an extra one or two jump runs per hour. They also all said that they expect demand for their conversions to increase substantially once the 208B Grand Caravan is certified for float operations.
Back row:Michael Johnson (instructor) Patrick Ricke, Mark Helderman (instructor), Ryan Achenbaugh.

It states that once Griffin and Strother's chopper went over the water, they failed to switch from visual flight procedures to instrument flight procedures, which cause the pilots to become disoriented.The report also contains an audio transcript as well as a map of the chopper's flight pattern. Those who are pictured are innocent until proven guilty.More >>These are images of people who have been arrested in the Midlands. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices.
Both the Honeywell installations and the Blackhawk retrofits include the capability for flight–into-known-icing approval.
The new oil cooler is 40 percent larger than the one it replaces, particularly useful in hot climates where stock Caravans idling with their prop in feather can easily exceed maximum oil temperatures, particularly in the Middle East. The audio recording lasts about 12 minutes.About 10 minutes in, they cross over the water and note how dark it is.
The company is ramping up to do three conversions per month and estimates installation time at two weeks. Bishop said conversion customers run the gamut from high-net-worth individuals to commercial operators to sky diving schools, the latter representing approximately 50 percent of his business to date. The $570,000 conversion cost is based on the exchange of a stock run-out PT6A-114A and includes an engine core credit of approximately $100,000.
And it wasn't alone.More >>A passenger looked down at her leg on a flight from Mexico to Montreal, and saw a tarantula crawling up her leg. Washington High School senior who was shot and killed in Downtown Memphis will accept her diploma on graduation day.

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