Digital Globalization - Internet trends, entrepreneurship, outsourcing, culture, global changes, inspiring people and much more. This year, as a hit-the-New-year-running gift to myself and you, I have decide to explore this further. Goals, if used correctly, can help your motivation, self-improvement, and overrall happiness, in my opinion. On Thursday night last week in Stockholm I took part in a panel discussion about the concept of Flow; Finding flow, happiness and productivity at work. So, bare with me, if the post becomes a bit inwards, though I think there are valuable notions below for many. On the train from Malaga to Alora train station, where I would be picked up by Susan (the owner of Centro Cuestre La Luz). I got the old familiar feelings in my stomach of “I do not want to do this”, “This is a stupid idea”, “Why am I doing this? If you are honest, hard working and answer the questions that your customers are asking, you will be succesfull in the end.
It was Marcus’s recent performance on stage at the TEDx Rock Creek Park event, in Washington DC., that inspired me to do this blog post.
Sometimes in life you are exposed for a single idea for a short moment, and it changes your whole mood and way of thinking. In this blogpost I will try to share both my own experiences on outsourcing, but also draw upon the hundreds of people I’ve met, who are also believers in outsourcing. My preoccupied idea about the city was that it had to be at the ”Silicon Docks” that I were to find the cool and buzy startup scene, but I was wrong. Having spent three days in Zurich, Switzerland, last week I have since my home coming been trying to figure out what was the characteristics of these special people, the Swiss.
As soon as you set foot on the ground in the airport in Zurich you are confronted with some of the prides of Switzerland; Watches, Chocolate, and Banking.

About the AuthorSteffen Hedebrandt is passionate about the Digital Globalization revolution. Many industries as basic as automobiles, music recording, aviation, petrochemicals, health care and management consulting did not exist about a hundred years back.
Mutual funds, cell phones, gas-fired electricity plants, biotechnology, discount retails, express package delivery etc. Creating new industries is a good alternative to fighting bloody competitive battles in the existing industrues.
I sincerely hope that this post and the advises in it, will give you a great start to 2014. They are dangereous if you have the expectation that your life will become better when you get there. Situations where people are absolutely absord in what they do, nothing else matters and are utilizing all their skills to solve the task at hand.
But there are bits and pieces of it that I, for my own sake, would like to highlight and learn from. I did something that temporarily made me think, that I did not want to do it, but had a great time when I got on with it. Whether on purpose or not, Marcus has found some truth about business, especially marketing and life in general. Though, he was actually introduced to me a while ago by another inspiring guy, Michael Aagaard, who you definitely also should check out. It is a very nicely looking coworking space that accomodates around 80 people on a daily basis. I bet you can find cultural analysis’s much more comprehensive and scientifically correct, but here is my take on what you should know if you want to deal with Swiss people and market your company there.

At least the first 2 out the 3 (where the latter can be discussed) can be said to be industries coming out of a long handcraft tradition.
It represents both the state of mind and state of work that I would like to be involved in.
The country is caught in two-way challenge of both high unemployment (17%) and a skill shortage of especially tech-people.
The Digital Hub and the Old buildings of Guinness are were the cool new startup can be found in Dublin. Specializing in handcraft means a life dedicated to strive for perfection, through repeating the same process over and over again identifying and trying to do micro improvements along the way. Work with something that you are genuinly interested in and at the same time challenged by. On top of that, there is an online system in place that enables people to check in at the local Seats2meet location, while highlighting their skills and letting the others know what kind of skills their looking to interact with. No wonder, that it was with great expectations that I boarded a plane last week, en-route to Dublin. They force you to think about the bigger picture and they can help you become your best self.

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