In the pursuit of our goals, we are, more often than not, usually the ones standing in our own way. Proctor’s book is replete with insightful parables and informative tips that cover the full spectrum of the difficulties we encounter, from eschewing tried-and-tested strategies of success to identifying the limits of our own power. So in the thread about N700UW being the first legacy US aircraft to receive the new AA livery, it was mentioned somewhere that N105UW was the first US aircraft to be painted in the then-new white livery in 2005. 73G N793SA, aka "Spirit One", was the first WN plane in the Canyon Blue livery that is now the WN standard.
I think it was on the first day of the new brand release, I saw the CO 737-300 that was the first with the new image - CO ship #318.
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The biggest mistake made by most human beings: Listening to only half, understanding just a quarter and telling double.
There must have been one since all the advertisement material used to promote the new corporate ID and slogan that I saw back in 1991 were centered around an A300. I'm pretty sure that TF-FIP was the first aircraft sporting the new FI livery, delivered brand-new in January 2000.

First aircraft to be painted in the new Flugfelag Islands livery is TF-JMS (back then TF-FIS) which was painted in 1998. As a speaker, author, consultant, coach and mentor on all things entrepreneurial, Proctor has established himself as something of a legend in the self-help industry.
That got me wondering- what other aircraft have introduced new liveries for given airlines?
I'm primarily interested in first aircraft overall, though firsts for a given type in the fleet are welcome, as well. I even have somewhere a postcard of it published by CO where it is seen taxiing (probably IAH).
Ironically it's not in the NY basic colors anymore, wearing the special "Have Fun Domestic" color scheme. Now, with his forthcoming book The Art of Living, Proctor invites his readers to dismantle our self-imposed challenges to achieve our versions of an extraordinary life. I'm aware of N638DL being the first to wear the current DL livery in 2007, and photos here suggest that N190DN was the first one in the Ron Allen livery from 1997, but those are the only ones I'm directly aware of. Se convertira en tu brujula y te permitira mantenerte en el camino correcto hacia un futuro brillante.Con el exitoso programa Rompecabezas del Exito, aprenderas a reconocer y poner cada pieza que necesitas en su lugar, para crear una vida mucho mas exitosa!!“Te sucederan cosas extranas y maravillosas con una regularidad constante, cuando cambies tu vida y comiences a vivir en armonia con las leyes del universo.” Que lo detiene?

Por que lograr un exito tiene que ser desconcertante?El exito en realidad es como un rompecabezas, para poder poner el rompecabezas junto tienes que usar la imagen de la caja como guia, si no tienes esa imagen a seguir, es muy dificil armarlo.Determinar la ubicacion de cada pieza parece ser una lucha permanente. Sin embargo, el exito se basa en las leyes universales y por lo tanto, esta disponible para todos.La mayoria de las personas pasan la vida en piloto automatico.
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