November 10, 2008 he fell ill to bacterial meningitis, had no brain activity and laid in coma at Virginia hospital for seven days.
Alexander’s remarkable encounter with the afterlife began during his near-death experience. The meningitis has taken his memory from any recollection of his earthly experiences of his family, words, language and life lived. During his passage into the new dimension, he felt that his experience was more real than (earthly) life and crisp in color.
As he laid there in the hospital bed, his son ran over to him after hearing the doctors give their concerns, he opened his fathers eyes and began to call out to him. The scientist is now committing his energies to investigating the true nature of consciousness and making the facet that we are more, much more, than our physical brains as clear as I can, both to my fellow scientists and to people at large. We all watch the news and see countless numbers of people going through challenges in life each day. We wish to celebrate stories of epic victories with the world - small or large; therefore, helping others to find strength and begin the process of overcoming.
Recently, Jim Carrey presented an inspirational speech to 2014 graduates from Maharishi University of Management. I found 57 names of people and places that are demonic or names of false gods and their derivatives, however I have chosen to narrow this down to three names that I thought was most relevant. A different witnessing tip for your Mormon friends and loved ones for every day of the year! The common thread which binds us all is that we are freewill intelligent personalities capable of knowing and being known by God, loving and being loved by Him.
Russell Sage Foundation offers awards, grants, and positions in our Visiting Scholars program for research that falls under our areas of interest.
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His thought of the power and awe of the all-loving, all-powerful (heavenly God) deity was beyond any words at all.  The divine creator of all (creation) was everywhere and through everything.
Eben couldn’t recall who the child was, but felt the power of the love brought him back. He said that he has found peace in spreading his message to others, in telling others that God is real and that prayer really does work. While many people in the world face hardship in their life at one point or another; we often don't hear of the challenges involved in overcoming. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Some planets have been inhabited for more than a billion years, and their family life and culture are highly advanced compared to ours.
During the week long coma, Alexander’s neocortex did not function and caused him to go through a life-changing visit to the afterlife. As a neurosurgeon, he did not believe in near death experiences and relied on scientific explanations for the out-of-body journeys that many of his patients had described.
After Alexander became the patient, his experience gave him a scientific reason to believe in consciousness after death. On that seventh day, as his family prepared for the worst, Alexander suddenly opened his eyes. While standing in the line of life - of those who have overcome or are overcoming, we realize that at the beginning of the line are people who have a voice strong enough to help the rest (of those standing in the line) find hope and strength. On these older worlds, life threatening dangers such as disease, war, and natural disasters no longer exist.
His experience forever changed Alexanders viewpoint on human consciousness and his discovery of the afterlife led him seeking to share his story to give others belief and hope. We want to give those at the front of every line (in any life challenge) a chance to celebrate personal VICTORY!

We want to give people a voice, give them a chance to be heard - to help all the others at the back of the line to make it to the front. We are one of many inhabited planets, part of a vast universe alive with various orders of intelligent and friendly beings. At this very moment, intelligent human life exists or is being planned on about seven trillion planets in the seven superuniverses. His brain was only responding minimally and left doctors with the belief that he would not recover. The perfect melody came toward him and as it came closer it expanded and it took over the views from the murkiness.
He has learned through his journey that awareness is one and boundaries of self are fiction. He credits his deep energetic vibrations of love toward his young son as the power that brought him back.
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