An inspiring and eye-opening exploration of the phenomenon of miracles from the New York Times #1 bestselling author of Bonhoeffer. An inspiring and eye-opening exploration of the phenomenon of miracles from the  New York Times #1 bestselling author of  Bonhoeffer.
Metaxas then goes on to examine the famous miracles in the Bible and look at them, again, critically and with historical evidence. The second part of the book contains accounts of miracles experienced by people Metaxas knows personally.
This may well be a great way to sum up this book as a whole: Metaxas has given us the testimony of the nature of the universe, scripture, and then personal accounts from his contemporaries—and it is up to the reader to decide if the case has been made for the miraculous.
Miracles is a book for believers and non-believers—anyone who thinks it is important to grapple with the big questions.
The Crowning Miracles Author: Eric Lewis 237 pages 8 x 10 inches Hardbound with dust jacket. He is also, as those who have heard him speak know, terrifically funny, hip, and able to reach across religious divides with his great appeal.

Part one is an exploration of what miracles are, a critical examination, as in “can a rational person believe in miracles?” It goes on to examine the relationship between miracles and science. He discounts, with historical and scriptural evidence, and with logic, such “nice story” re-writes by “biblical scholars” as the miracle of the loaves and fishes not being really that kind of miracle; it was a miracle because everyone decided to share the food they brought.
As he explains, this adds a level of “trustworthiness” to their accounts, and also “underscores how tremendously prevalent such stories are.” There are stories of religious conversions, including Eric’s own, healings—one particularly moving story about a woman’s experience with healing from an abortion—and angel sightings. What makes a miracle is that “God performed it specifically to make himself known, to communicate with human beings. Some seeing the bright yellow cover of this book might think it is sort of a light, “feel-good” book about miracles. There is fascinating evidence here about the things we accept from science, as being in the “natural” order of things; at closer look, the natural order of things is itself … miraculous.
And what do we do with experiences that we cannot explain? In  Miracles, Eric Metaxas offers compelling -- sometimes electrifying -- evidence that there’s something real to be reckoned with, whatever one has thought of the topic before. Miracles is also a timely, thoughtful, and civil answer to the books of the "New Atheists" -- Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris -- who have passionately asserted not just the impossibility of miracles and the supernatural, but the outright harmfulness of belief in them.
Like the “Big Bang”: scientists point to the Big Bang as the creation of the universe out of nothing, yet have no explanation for how this  explosion, as Metaxas writes, the “primal ka-boom,” was “so extremely and precisely controlled that we cannot really fathom it.

While Miracles is a wonderfully engaging read, and sometimes fun, it is also challenging, disturbing, and fundamental: One cannot get much deeper than its subject matter, which really is the nature of God, the universe, and the faith claims of Christianity. Lewis’s 1947 book on the subject, Miracles is a powerfully winsome challenge that miracles are not only possible but are far more widespread than most of us ever might have imagined.
The descriptions are surrounded by dozens of anecdotes concerning the magicians he met and knew during his 50 years in England such as Robert Harbin, Will Goldston, Goodliffe, Maurice Fogel, Dante and so many more. Eric's original effects range from children's magic, mentalism and close-up to the largest stage magic and illusions. The Crowning Miracles is the final volume in Eric's trilogy, the first two volumes (A Choice of Miracles and A Continuation of Miracles) are out of print.

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