I coined the phrase spontaneous stupidity after I was reminded by my children that by being spontaneous we can miraculously transform chaos into calm.
Sitting on the carpet in the lounge room, surrounded by pillows to prop up and support my tiny babies, I began the complicated process of feeding my twin boys, at the same time. While I called out for him to come to me, my nine-year old daughter ran down the stairs hysterically crying that her new ballet dress had ripped on the edge of the wardrobe. If this wasn’t bad enough, my six-year old daughter, curious about all the clanging and banging in the kitchen, stood in the line of fire and got a saucepan to the shin.. Both girls were now crying and my terror of a toddler, now determined to escape, had managed to get a stool and was opening the front door to make a run for it. I unplugged the babies and lay them flailing on a rug on the floor and ran to grab my toddler and double lock the front door.
The urban dictionary defines Love as The most spectacular, indescribable, deep euphoric feeling for someone. But none of these definitions encompass the depth and breadth of Love because they all seriously have limited Love by referring to it as a feeling or an emotion, and it is neither.
When we are children we develop attachment firstly to our parents or care takers, and in time this attachment, when nurtured in a healthy manner, leads us towards experiencing ourselves in loving relationship with our own self and with others.
Some of us who are not nurtured in a healthy manner have elements of narcissism, grandiosity, self-righteousness and superiority which blind us to seeing clearly, and as a result, limit our potential and slow down the evolutionary process. Compassionate love is love where self-criticism and self-abuse no longer exist and where we begin to see the beauty of others and appreciate their differences as well as their similarities.
But before I say more about Love let’s look at the term of Everyday Miracles because in actually fact the term itself is a paradox, an oxymoron, a contradiction. So what is the difference between a Miracle and an Everyday Miracle?  I think the answer to that question is simply interpretation and interpretation comes from a person’s individual attitude.
One of the greatest lessons that this courageous man learned during this process was that he had the ability to choose joy, even in the midst of pain. This, says Tim Hansel, is in contrast to happiness which, you will note, comes from the same root as the word happening. Hansel encourages us, alternatively, to remember that we are privileged to be able to choose joy.
Some of the privileges of being human include the ability to feel gratitude, to give and receive forgiveness, and to live in wonder. When you go within and visualise your heart centre, maybe as a ball of light, maybe as a vessel you can fill with light you are bringing your awareness to the heart of who you are. Giving yourself a breath helps us to slow down, pay attention and connect to the Spirit within.
Gratitude connects us to our hearts and turns even the most ordinary and mundane experience into a sacred moment. Eighteen years ago, Sandy lost his three teenage daughters and their friend when they were shot dead in their Sydney home.
Wonder clears our lenses and allows us to see and hear and touch and taste for the first time, over and over again.  Innocence gives birth to wonder. From the Course of Miracles it is written, ‘Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. When you are attempting to manifest something it’s not the time to be faint-hearted, or to vaguely hope something will happen. In a world where turmoil and disaster appear daily in the news, we would be forgiven for thinking our beautiful world has reached a point of no return. Ordinary people are reaching out and connecting to each other in numbers never before seen. Miraculous moments rarely arrive in a fanfare of trumpets or with a spectacular triple arched rainbow announcing their arrival. What struck me was the way the ants stopped to greet each other walking in the opposite direction. In the 1950s, a psychologist named Harry Harlow conducted a very dramatic (and likely unethical by today’s standards) experiment with baby rhesus monkeys. When I touch my very old mother, especially at the side of her eyes she melts into the sensation of being loved. Can you imagine, going about our day acknowledging everyone we passed by looking straight at them, reaching out, touching finger tips and exchanging loving energy?
The practice of forgiveness has been shown to reduce anger, hurt depression and stress and leads to greater feelings of hope, peace, compassion and self confidence. Click below to buy The Little Book of Everyday Miracles and include your name for a personal inscription.
A large glass sliding door led from the lounge room to a windswept balcony on the fourth floor of a modern sandstone building.
The sunset had recklessly splashed pink and orange all over the horizon and the colour was dripping down over the buildings.
I asked the eight women who were sitting in Brenda’s living room what brought them to a conversation about miracles and was told, it was their scepticism.
In a gruff and slightly irritated voice one woman said she had a strong reaction to the word miracle.
Women like myself work hard to break to cycle of fear and humiliation by reaching out to other women on the other side.
Gilad Shalit was captured by Gaza militants in a cross-border raid in 2006, was at the time still being held by Hamas, the rulers of Gaza, for four years.
I had left my bag in the boot of the car and had jammed my car key into my jeans pocket so I didn’t have anything to actually give away. I stood up and began to walk.  I passed a child holding her mother’s hand, carrying a tiny bucket and spade in her other hand. An old man, wearing a pair of shorts walked towards me and I raised the corners of my mouth, ever so slightly. They looked at me and told me that he had been the best man at their wedding two years earlier.
We cannot instantly change the situation of these millions of people but we do have the power to count our blessings and pay them forward in many ways. The effect of this most unusual, random, congratulatory comment was that Martin, and probably many other passengers, felt ‘randomly good’ for the rest of the day.
With the coming of the holiday season, we are thrown back into our own memories of holidays spent with relatives as we grew up. May you have enjoyed the past, or healed from it, and if not, may you spend your time making positive memories for others. Following are two stories, one is an apology directly from Heaven and the other is gifting joy around the world. Two summers ago, he attended a Marine Postal Workers Reunion and met Chief Warrant Officer 3 D.
Curtis promised to send Chief Warrant Officer 4 Don McCarty, some excellent beef Jerky, made here in Cottage Grove, by Gates Family Tradition Meat Co. For the last year, Curtis faithfully sent Gates Jerky to the postal workers in Iraq, because he knows first hand what it feels like to be serving over seas. While there, he decided to ride the bus to Camp Pendleton, and had the joy of meeting the Marines to whom he had gifted the Jerky while they were in Iraq.
When he was introduced to Lt.Cpl Harper, she jumped up and almost shook Curtis's hand off in gratitude.
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Don McCarty, now the Postal Officer at Camp Pendleton, wants everyone to know, "In my seven months in Iraq, I received a couple of boxes from my wife and a few friends.
When a box arrived from Curtis, four or five Marines would bring it to me, often with an open knife in hand, because they knew what was in it. I was amazed to receive such a treat the 1st time, but to get it each month from someone that didn't know us, was truly amazing.
Curtis wants us to remember the military personnel overseas, this year, especially during the Holiday season.

You can call a local recruiting office, your National Guard Armory and find the names of military personnel overseas who would love a batch of your homemade cookies, or a reminder of home. The Postal workers in Iraq recently honored Curtis, by sending him the American flag, that flew over their post office in Iraq.
Curtis has no idea that I contacted the his grandson and the folks stationed in Camp Pendleton to add to this story.
The Cottage Grove Sentinel is going to print the story and that will be the first time Curtis reads their words! But, as I looked down at the feather, I looked up at the ceiling, because I knew it had to have materialized from somewhere. My son refused any attempts to mend differences and I have not had the joy of seeing or hugging his three sons. I weep for the child my son was, and mourn the choices he made as an adult, that brought him to his sad set of circumstances and ultimately, his death at such a young age. I wish the circumstances could have been different, but everything happens as it is meant to, and for a reason.
This feather is going into a beautiful frame, as soon as the snow melts and I can get to a store. This holiday season, may other families reach out and mend their emotional wounds before it is too late. Eleven years ago, Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" began sending good news stories to friends and family on line.
A cup of my favorite tea, a snugly blanket and Expect Miracles creates a mystical hour or two just for me.
Expect Miracles and Christmas Filled with Miracles teach you to recognize the miracles happening in your life.
She taps that reservoir again to create this magical, mystical gift for the holiday season. Christmas Filled With Miracles is a wonderful gift I turn to, read and uplift my spirit, especially on chaotic days. I opened Christmas Filled With Miracles thinking that I would read only a few stories and suddenly I had finished the complete book. Imagine - when you are reading Christmas Filled With Miracles you're actually reading about God and the Angels intervening in ordinary peoples' lives.
What some may think are coincidences happening in our life are really wonderful gifts of miracles. I encourage you to share my stories with your friend's, but when copying please keep my contact information attached so new readers can find their way here. All was going well until I heard a loud crashing noise and saw my twenty-two month old son pulling everything out of the kitchen cupboards, throwing pots and pans to the floor. Shrieks of screaming at decibels that threatened to crack all the windows shot through our apartment. And here I was, with both breasts firmly locked in two tiny mouths… and the phone started to ring! As I turned off the stove, I instinctively grabbed a box of corn flakes and walked back into the lounge room where all five of my children were hysterically crying. With each handful the level of noise diminished and my children’s wails turned to whimpers, their eyes wide in shock. Is there a point where the energy of Love carries us into a realm of unimaginable wonder, a place where we become both the creator and the recipient of Life’s miraculous moments? How can something that is so life changing and unique and magical and full of the essence of the divine be every day, and yet according to Albert Einstein how can it not? But not life in general because when we speak too broadly we run the risk of becoming too vague and losing the context but rather I see the miraculous in the moment of life: the unexpected messages we receive, the coincidences, , the synchronicities, moments of serendipity and happenchance.
What is a miracle to one person may not be a miracle to another.  The way we see life, the way we perceive and observe and the meanings we attribute to events in our life determine whether we see events as miraculous or not. People like Tim Hansel, who lived in chronic pain, and others in a thousand different difficult life situations struggle with feeling happy. He had just completed 6 months of chemo therapy and was feeling so peaceful, so grateful to be alive on this beautiful day. When we connect to the wisdom of the heart we are more able to change our perception and see the miracles that happen around us everyday. One way I find that works well for me, no matter what the situation is to stop and take a deep breath. Few people would ever get their life back together again after such an event, but Sandy went much further than that and found a way to forgive. The joy of taking a deep breath cannot be taken for granted, especially when you have seen someone take their last. However, if after all that, you begin to feel doubtful that it might not happen, uncertain that all this is for real, or concerned that you may have overstepped possibility, guess what?
In fact, there is a silent revolution turning a tidal wave of chaos into an ocean of miracles. Those who work towards freedom and liberation of all humanity are quietly transforming the world. Although my sister and I often hug our 94 year old father he very wisely also has a massage every two weeks. Know exactly how you feel about what happened and be able to articulate what about the situation is not OK.
Forgiveness does not necessarily mean reconciliation with the person that hurt you, or condoning of their action. At the moment you feel upset practice a simple stress management technique to soothe your body’s flight or fight response. Give up expecting things from other people, or your life, that they do not choose to give you. Put your energy into looking for another way to get your positive goals met than through the experience that has hurt you. We meet, Jews and Muslims, Israelis and Arabs to find ways to build a new ground of peace that our leaders on both sides seem unable to do. Hamas  demanded the release of more than a thousand  Palestinian soldiers held in Israel in exchange for the Israel Defence Forces soldier’s freedom. I could go into all the external reasons I gave myself at the time for this depression, feeling overwhelmed with family responsibility, feeling un -appreciated,  addicted to negative thoughts etc. He had looked away and then suddenly seeing my pathetic attempt to acknowledge him, he turned his head towards me, bared his crooked, slightly yellow teeth and smiled back at me. Their friend had passed away that morning and they were so grateful they had arrived in time to see him before he died.
He was travelling to work by train as he normally did, and out of the blue, he heard the train guard make an announcement over the loudspeaker.
How many people stepped off that train and were inspired to pay back one random act of kindness with another? Darling, who gave Curtis, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Don McCarty's name who was stationed in Iraq. Mike Leonhardy is in the first Calvary Division serving in Iraq and he also receives his share of Jerky.
I told him how much I had loved him, even when I didn't much like some of the things he had done. Learn how to fill your New Year with Miracles - read both of them today; share them with your friends tomorrow. I have always admired the court jester.  It was in Europe where jesters had some of their greatest influence. Deciding to be organized, I put a chicken in the oven, a pot of potatoes on the stove and began to feed the twins. Life, regardless of our circumstances, is enriched a thousand times over when we stop and pay attention to what is happening right now.

And because Like attracts like we then call more positive, and magical moments into our life. On the other hand the most profound and life changing miracle will lose its brilliance, and fade unless it is accompanied by gratitude. The gratitude that fills your heart when your child succeeds in getting a dream job, or your grandchild says I love you cannot be underestimated.
It may not come in exactly the same package you expected but our Guides are there to help us when we ask.
You will be putting an equal amount of negative energy into what you have already created and the likely hood of you manifesting what you want diminishes with every negative thought.
Everyday miracles are moments of grace that soften our world and touch the sweet innocence of the child within us all. As I watched I saw them do this over and over again they seemed to be saying, ‘Good morning, G’day, How are you? None of the ants appeared to be living in any other ant’s pocket, or demanding more from their fellow ants than they could give. When was the last time someone placed their hands on your shoulders and gently massaged away a little tension? The wire mother monkeys each had a bottle pushed through the wire so that the baby monkeys could feed. They remind all of us who live in the western world to keep active, to work with a communal focus, to share unstintingly, to carry a little more than you believe you can, and to stop, meet, greet and most importantly touch each other every day. In addition his work has been successfully applied and researched in corporate, medical, legal and religious settings. Recognize that your primary distress is coming from the hurt feelings, thoughts and physical upset you are suffering now, not what offended you or hurt you two minutes – or ten years – ago.
Recognize the “unenforceable rules” you have for your health or how you or other people must behave. Instead of focusing on your wounded feelings, and thereby giving the person who caused you pain power over you, learn to look for the love, beauty and kindness around you. She tersely replied that she would let me know at the end of the evening whether it was a pleasure to meet me. I shared a few miracles to start the ball rolling but was told these stories  have no real meaning for them. In 2001 we heard about a woman called Lia Nirgad and we joined her organisation called Machson Watch. The guard certainly didn’t need to do that and he probably will never know what the impact of his announcement. When his father left our family, my son left too, and I have not had any contact with either of them in 25 years. Often called a fool, joker, clown or even less honorable names, the jester’s position was actually one of entertainment and political advice.
Eventually in a soft whispery voice, I told the children to get a plastic bowl each from the kitchen, and whoever could pick up the most corn flakes would win a wonderful prize. Here, the call to be of service to humanity, to the animal kingdom, to science, art or medicine is heard. The peace we experience when we befriend an old enemy is possibly the greatest miracle imaginable. Through stories of serendipity, synchronicity, coincidence and chance this beautiful book touches and irrevocably opens our hearts and releases wave after wave of gratitude and joy. Community is a natural way for humans to live and yet we have drifted away from this to embrace separation, competition, and that harsh aspect of capitalism, every man for himself. They each had a direction, a purpose, a job to do but were never too busy to stop greet, touch, and move on. How will our children reach out and touch each other, a petal, a flower, a puppy, a tree, if we don’t touch them? At the time, scientists thought that babies bonded with their mothers solely because mothers were a source of food.
He currently serves as a Senior Consultant in Health Promotion at Stanford University and is a Professor at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.
Remind yourself that you can hope for health, love, peace and prosperity and work hard to get them.
Brenda, a relatively new friend had generously invited a small group of her friends to her home in the hills of Jerusalem. I felt like a fraud.  Smiling and feeling dreadful but I smiled at every one who passed by. The rest of the afternoon was spent gathering cornflakes, winning Freddo frogs and receiving surreptitious glances from the children to make sure I was not about to surprise them with another bizarre outburst. One day, on the way back to camp after climbing on the Palisade Glacier with friends, his foot slipped and he fell a long distance down into a crevasse, landing directly on his back on the ice. Forgiveness is only for yourself.  What the does perpetrator with your forgiveness is up to them. The willingness to let go of complaining, let go of being a victim, let go of our addictions to drama, brings into our lives a world of everyday miracles. If on some level you have even an inkling of doubt that you deserve this, or you have a little left over anger towards yourself for something you did to someone or you are just a tiny bit unsure whether you really want this, your Guides will pick up on that energy and honour you by waiting until you have dealt with these issues first.
The more we experience gratefulness the more open we are to receiving miracles in our lives. Communal living guides us towards true cooperation and ideally a healthy appreciation of diversity and difference. None of the ants seems the least concerned about the appropriateness or inappropriateness of touching. It was a surprise when all of the monkeys spent as little time near the bare wire monkey as possible and all their time clinging to the terry cloth covered mother monkey. They were both smiling and I felt the love for their friend and each other far outweighed any grief they may have been feeling. Living on a steep hill meant taking the babies and our very active toddler for a walk required superhuman strength. Love through the Soul enables us to move beyond earthly limitations and we begin to reach outwards and connect to the powerful energies beyond the Chaos of our Planet.
The damage was tremendous and although he lived,  he continued to experience severe pain for the rest of his life.
Knowing this and bringing it to mind heightens my sense of thankfulness for every minute of the day. So here I am chatting about this idea and imagining how wonderful it would be to be part of such a community when I am distracted by a long line of ants scurrying along the crack between the wall and the pavement. When we live in a world where teachers are not allowed to touch their students kindly on the shoulder, or lift a child up who has fallen down, God help us. Harlow revolutionized child care at the time, concluding that babies needed more than something to eat, they also need soft familiar touch.
Even though they see us as elderly aunts who are driving them nuts, we bring to the checkpoints an effect of sanity, something extra-army, and that stops the knee-jerk reactions for a moment. Driving to the shops often meant leaving the babies outside the shop as the double stroller did not fit in an average door way and taking a stroll through a department store was impossible for the same reason. In time this leads us to a recognition that each living being is an individualised spark of Divine Essence and we know that this is our true identity.

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