This is the talk I gave in the Kirtland Temple on October 16, 2015 as part of the LGBTQIA Human Rights Devotional. Michael and I participated in an LGBTQIA Interfaith Human Rights Devotional in the Kirtland Temple on October 16. One of the most important of the Dead Sea Scrolls is a document inscribed on a copper plate that had been rolled up and hidden away.  But this is just one of many examples of ancient texts that, like the Book of Mormon, had been written on sheets of metal. Since the 1930s, nearly a hundred ancient and medieval documents written on metal plates or leaves have been found in various parts of the world.

Free ScripturesThe Mormon Church distributes free copies of the King James Version of the Bible and the Book of Mormon.
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Andrew in Jerusalem and discovered two small rolled-up strips of silver with a Hebrew inscription from the Bible (Numbers 6:24-26).

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