HAAQ Academy is a premier institution in teaching Communicative English Language, Effective Communication Skills, Personality Development, Fast Handwriting, Child Development and Non Destructive Testing techniques.
We assure you the highest quality of learning through our 20 years of teaching and training experience and a most successful methodology of EASE-TO-GRASPa€¦patented curriculum.
The institute has well equipped air-conditioned spacious classrooms with computer, projector, camera and speakers.Teaching aids include recording systems, televisions, VCDs and video camera. For intensive high quality learning of every individual we limit our learning groups to ONLY 10 and in some cases we extend ONE-TO-ONE COACHING too.

Making Child-hood LEADERS with Effective use of English a€“ communicative skills, Powerful Presenting abilities. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere not only soothes the learning mood but also promotes easy learning.
A large number of students from countries such as Iran, Iraq, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, South Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, Oman, UAE, Afghanistan and Maldives have successfully completed English language Diploma courses in Basics, Intermediate and advanced level.
The modules and courses have been carefully prepared by experts catering to the requirements of studentsa€™ level of English language.

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