The two-time Giller Prize winner answers questions about travel and exile, unfashionable subjects, and the moral responsibility to tell the truth. The pleasure of travel (or exile) comes to me from the sense of freedom and the excitement of discovery and renewal.
Not homesickness as wishing to go back to the past—except through the imagination, and then one visits it wiser and older (and more comfortable). Your work has been viewed as being about the immigrant experience, and about Africa, and racial identity, and politics, and certainly, too, love and regret. I think first and foremost there is simply the need to write, and to write well, to tell stories. Not directly or consciously, though I’m sure one might find observations or metaphors that are informed by a deeper awareness of science.

For some reason I found myself committed to contributing a volume to Penguin’s Eminent Canadians Series. Of course I am literally an immigrant, but one’s sensibility, inspiration, and memories do not immigrate, they keep evolving, of course. I often go back to Tanzania or Kenya, but I know they have changed and so have I, but they are still, in a sense, home. I’m wondering whether you feel that a novelist has a moral responsibility, and if so, what is it? I’ve recently described myself and (many) people like me as belonging in several places (Africa, India, Canada) and therefore nowhere precisely. This sounds trite and overworked, but I take it seriously and consciously—because even in writing there are the pressures of fashions, politics, the market, and so on.

I wanted to understand the man behind the grumpy exterior; and I wanted to know how he dealt with his Jewishness.
He has also written two short-story collections, a travel memoir about India, and a biography of Mordecai Richler.
Although our backgrounds are vastly different, there are significant similarities in our lives—close family, close religious community, devotion to a single city, writing as a minority. He struggled with his Orthodox Jewishness just as I struggled with my religious upbringing.

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