With the rise of Snapchat stories, Instagram videos, and celebrity home tours, a peek inside the private lives of our favorite stars is often just a click away. I suppose you could get some broccoli and arrange it in a triangle shape, but this seems just a bit tastier. Keep them from rolling around and breaking in a big box by putting your smaller ornaments in an egg carton. If these are the lumps of coal you get for being bad, everyone will want to be on the naughty list.
Cut some pita bread into triangles, spread on some guac, add red bell pepper for garland and a pretzel stick trunk.
Finally get some use out of those 13 empty toilet paper rolls waiting on the back of your toilet!
Sure, you run the risk of not having the best trees to choose from, but Linus taught us that any tree can be great with a little love. When packing up your lights, wrap them around a hanger to prevent tangling, and make things easier on yourself next year.
We can't imagine living without quick fixes to remove stains or cheap hacks to save on gas. And as captivating as a glimpse inside the daily routines of certain VIPs can be, lately it’s their interiors that make us the most envious. This is a guide for how to eat every single thing you want without feeling like you will explode.

So sometimes things seemed a little rigged, a little edgy and a bit naive but I was OK with it because now I know of 1000′s of life tricks and hacks that most people have no clue about. In 140 characters or less, Bradford schools you on how to remove wine stains, treat minor injuries, and even unclog a toilet. Recently I sat down and thought about some of my favorite life hacks I have learned about as a child and I decided to share them with you. These tried-and-true nuggets are now compiled into Life Hacks — practically a household bible. Click on for our favorite excerpts from the book, and pick up a copy for your granny — she'll want to have it around the house.
They were penny pincher’s though and would travel in coach and they hated sitting with someone else so they started to purchase the window and aisle seat. Although it seemed he was one of the best in town you would have been surprised on how he hacked things together but still came out amazing. I quickly learned that all he would do is grab some walnuts from his walnut tress and rub it against the wood.
My Uncle Larry loves him some solitaire on his iPhone but hates the ads because he always hits them on accident.
One day on the plane he noticed that he wasn’t receiving any ads and he figured out that it was because it was on airplane mode. Well he quickly learned that there has got to be a better way to get his car out of the snow without having to park somewhere further.

But just like here Mom and Dad, Aunt Ethel and Uncle Larry, she is a real penny pincher and only shops at thrift stores. So sometimes sizes may not be her size or have not been worn for awhile so have become stiff. He wanted his phone to be louder when listening to music but there was no way he was going to buy some speakers, instead he places it in a cup.
Wasn’t that big of a deal though because my Uncle Larry new this neat Life Trick he learned on one of his tricks to dry out a cell phone since he once when in the ocean with his. He is a bit old fashion and had no clue that there was different size batteries so he thought his clock radio was just a bit large for the batteries. One day i was making paper airplane and my Grandma Jessie told me I am going to get myself in some trouble and karma will bite me in the rear end if I aim and hit people with it.
Well when you have a Uncle that was a fisherman for a living he knows all the tricks to knots. One day my Uncle Steve saw me struggling with a know it my backpack strap and threw some cornstarch on it .

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