Meanwhile, publisher Harper Collins revealed that the third and final instalment of Jade’s autobiography will be called Forever In My Heart. She shouted on Monday evening: “Everyone go and get ready — we’ll have one big last party tonight. Jade Goody’s final months as she battled with terminal cancer are to be detailed in a new book. Jade Goody did not choose to get ill with cancer; just as Princess Diana did not choose to die in a car crash. Bollywood babe Shilpa Shetty has dashed thousands of miles to the UK to keep her promise to say goodbye to her friend Jade Goody. The star, who has forgiven Jade, 27, for race jibes including her “Shilpa Poppadom” quip, confessed yesterday: “I really feel terrible about what has happened to her.

The quip that led to Jade leaving the Big Brother house under a blanket in the dead of night?
Sons gathering around their moms on Mother’s Day is a common and much-loved family tradition. The plight of Jade Goody, the terminally ill reality TV star, has highlighted the need to help children prepare for the death of a loved one, according to a psychologist. Cynthia McVey, head of psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University, thinks that her tragic and very public demise could result in more being done to aid children through the grieving process. Given that last August she got a letter about the abnormal cells and this time decided quite consciously to take the 100 grand appearance fee to be on Indian Big Brother. However point taken as developed by you over the past days that the copy implies some sort of choice in the matter (martyrdom).

Well i found this site by accident so im sure anyone could including a 7 year old they are very clever and are probably better than us with computers.
Its nice to see that a 7 year old has a heart even though most people on this site are sad lonely individuals with no other interests other than to slag off dying people!!!! Joseph Brendan: It is actually pretty common for rats, snakes, and frogs to come up through the toilet.
It is impossible not to be moved by her heart-warming voice which comes through loud and clear on every page of this last diary.

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