Clinical nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder, published her first nutrition and beauty book in March called, The Beauty Detox Solution. The Beauty Detox Solution seems like more of a cleanse, except you are able to eat whole foods. One of the things I really like about Beauty Detox is that you make whatever improvements work for you. I have it, I agree with Snyder and if you follow her fb page or website you would know she is not that restrictive at all and she has emphasized to eat what is at hand depending on the region you are in.
Are you saying its not possible to have probiotics every morning, eat salad before every meal and combine proper foods? She probably has a good reason for restricting fruit but people who have eaten a raw food diet (which includes fruit)for a few years have wonderful skin. I think most people would lose weight if they can’t eat meat, eggs, fruit, dairy, soy, or peanuts for a week. October in one sentence: Much revising, many study, but also went to the movies twice and to a concert. Our rats are like that as well, they find the camera so interesting they won’t stay still and actually let me take their picture. Subscribe by EmailIf you would prefer to receive an email every time a new post appears on Nyx Book Reviews, fill in your email address.
The 21-Day Sugar Detox happening today, I figured it was a good time to give everyone a one-stop shop for the FAQs I’ve been getting about it!
Q: What is the difference between The 21-Day Sugar Detox book and the PDF guides that were available online since April 2010?A: There are a lot of differences! None of the recipes in The 21-Day Sugar Detox use sweeteners like honey or maple syrup, while the recipes in Practical Paleo did have sweeteners here or there.I hope that helps to clarify some more things!
Q: Will the recipes in The 21-Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) be the same as the ones in The 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook? And here’s a quick preview look-inside!Take a peek at how The 21-Day Sugar Detox is laid out and organized and how delicious the recipes look!  You are sure to be convinced that I truly support you every step of the way.Order from any of these retailers! Celebrities attend the "The Beauty Detox Solution" book launch at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

She claims her methods will help improve your nails, make your hair shiny, reduce your acne and wrinkles, and eliminate bloating. If following the Beauty Detox Solution, you can not eat dairy, soy, beans, peanuts, most meats, eggs, and most fruit! Kimberly suggests eating foods in a certain order and this can be tedious and unrealistic for most people’s schedules. I can understand why people would lose weight on this plan because the calorie level is likely low and you are restricted to a smaller number of foods.
I agree with the reviewer that you have to have time to do some things she advises but I think this is something Snyder says because she says it is worth of it. I read Kimberly’s book and although there are some things I disagree with and feel does not clarify well enough, she does NOT advocate removing fruit from your diet. She states in the book the scientific reasons behind proper food combining; different foods require different digestion methods, and too many at once can tire your body out. I have been following the program for 4 months and it has changed my life and I have never looked and felt better in my life.
When the author is speaking of not eating fruits she only advises it if you have certain issues like candida, which feeds off sugar.
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Before heading out to a store, I highly recommend calling them and asking them if the book is in stock, as well as to hold the book for you so that you’re sure to get it when you arrive!
I would never advocate eliminating fruits for the average person because research consistently supports fruit as a part of a healthy diet. If the diet allowed you to eat foods rich in Omega 3’s, and was a balanced diet, I would agree that it might help improve your skin, hair, and nails.
Reviewer didn’t mention anything about fermenting or making food from scratch, or sprouting seeds, which Snyder advocates.
That is only for those in the Blossoming Beauty stage, which is especially for those who may be suffering from conditions such as candida in which case eating high-sugar fruits is detrimental. I’ll add parts to this if I get a lot more questions, perhaps about the program itself next – though I did cover a TON of questions about the program in last week’s podcast, which can be listened to or read via transcript.

The diet would be most suitable for those wishing to do a cleanse for a week, or for celebrities who have the resources to diet in this fashion. Yes I think it is difficult very for many people but like all things I think it starts forming new habits like exercising or maybe a new lifestyle. If you own the PDFs and are wondering if you should get the book, trust me, you are going to LOVE IT.The original PDF program guide was 90 pages; the book is 240 pages! The content in Practical Paleo is loaded with information on how your body should work, and what do to when it doesn’t exactly happen (digestion, blood sugar, clinical health concerns), while The 21-Day Sugar Detox addresses sugar and carb cravings—why we get them, and what to do about them. Yes, there will be some reference to basic recipes from the first book (broth, sweetener-free ketchup, healthy homemade mayo, and some spice blends for example), but those recipes will be included again in the book for easy reference, not counted in the total number of new ones in the book!So… if you’re wondering which to get, I’m sorry to tell you that BOTH books are really going to be FANTASTIC resources to not only help you on your 21DSD, but also for easy, sweetener-free, Paleo-friendly, cravings-busting recipes to have on-hand to make life easier. Also, if you read it properly, you’d see that she heavily recommends fruit for the fiber as well as NATURAL sugars, but if you have a sugar issue such as candida and you decide to embark on the blossoming beauty phase, you should not eat fruit or at least only one, low sugar one such as lemons, tomatos etc, that are fine. And… the PDF guides are actually no longer available to order on their own—so if you’ve been wondering which you should get, wonder no longer! It’s a much more targeted plan that’s specifically designed for just THREE WEEKS of your life (or multiple sets of three weeks if you choose) versus a lifestyle plan.While I kept the page count down, I didn’t skimp on content—I jammed over 90 recipes into The 21-Day Sugar Detox book, however, as noted in the previous answer, I did so by putting a recipe on the same page with the photo for a lot of them in order to SAVE PAGES and make this book very portable for you! My new online program called Beyond Sugar Detox will be available soon and will have additional supporting materials that will add to the experience for you if you are using the book for your detox as well as, ahem, beyond the three weeks. Most folks on the 21-Day Sugar Detox want to carry around the guide and refer to it often throughout the program—this makes it EASY. Pun intended…The original PDFs had no meal plans, while the book has three 21-Day Meal Plans, one for each level.The original PDFs had brief information on modifications for all levels, but the book has two modification options for each level, with specific notes based on that level. All of the recipes in The 21-Day Sugar Detox book are grain-free and Paleo-friendly.There are a few recipes in The 21-Day Sugar Detox book that are also in Practical Paleo, some with updates—all with new photos with new ideas for serving them up.
It’s about half the size of Practical Paleo (432 pages and almost 4 pounds!) and weighs just about 1 pound.
You’ll love carrying it around with you everywhere: to the office, the grocery store, on an airplane….Be inspired, motivated and excited to get started on YOUR 21-Day Sugar Detox NOW– check out my official book preview trailer!

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