For his book Creativity, noted professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi did interviews with 91 groundbreaking individuals across a number of disciplines, including 14 Nobel Prize winners. It’s an excellent system to make sure you keep learning and growing in almost any area of your life.
Ready to set the world on fire…if only you weren’t dead tired, your socks weren’t feeling itchy or your back didn’t ache? We live in a glorious era in which motherhood has become synonymous with audacious, adventurous, confident and perversely seductive.

Richard Wiseman takes psychology research and tells you how to use it to improve your life in a straightforward (but entertaining) way. Michael Merzenich--a world authority on brain plasticity--explains how the brain rewires itself across the lifespan, and how you can take control of that process to improve your life.
The task of writing down everything you want to accomplish in one day, one week or one month can be daunting.
In addition to fascinating descriptions of how your brain has produced your unique memories, skills, quirks, and emotions, Soft-Wired offers sound advice for evaluating your brain and gives clear, specific, scientifically proven guidance for how to rejuvenate, remodel, and reshape your brain to improve it at any age.

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