Brand Management – Supervision of over 50 CPG brands in Home Personal Care, Food & Specialty, throughout her career. Creative Management – Directed designers, illustrators, production artists, photographers, food stylists, separators and printers. Operational Management – Implemented a turn-key Package Design Department for a Fortune 100 company. People Management – Strong mentoring and leadership skills through training, focusing on the use of Best Practices.
Project Management – High volume brand portfolio experience, with attention to deadline, budget and ROI. Print Management – Technical knowledge of Offset-Litho, Roto-Gravure, Flexo, Direct Print, Hot Stamping and Metal Decorating print methods.

The recent Certs article reminded me of this article that I planned to write ages & ages ago, about an essential xmas treat from my childhood.
The classic version gave you 10 rolls (5 per side of the book), which included 7 or 8 different flavor packs. This photo that I managed to find online is very nearly the same as the ones I used to have back in the 80s. The irony with the Sweet Storybook is that there are now many imitators, from generic rolled candy ones at the local dollar store, to name-brand ones like Skittles and Starburst, yet Lifesavers themselves have lost their vision. I always went straight for the tropical fruits roll; I even liked the pina colada ones, despite hating coconut as a kid. The only apparent difference is that the ones I had included cherry instead of strawberry (although the strawberry pack does look vaguely familiar, perhaps it was included as a backup flavor one year).

Later they reduced it to just 1 each of the mint rolls, and started adding in some new flavors (I was very fond of the swirled one, it reminded me of the Lifesavers lollipops). Gradually however, they started replacing more & more of the standard flavors with new (and often very *blech*) flavors, then they started reducing the number of rolls in the pack. I remember that I bought a frametray puzzle (which I wanted to keep for myself), but don’t remember what I wound up getting.
While they do still make Sweet Storybooks, the new ones are a very pale shadow of their former glory, like a broken rollercoaster at an abandonded amusement park.

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