Coffee Cups and CrayonsSimple play ideas, learning activities, kids crafts and party ideas, plus acts of kindness for kids! May 8, 2013 By: Megan Sheakoski4 CommentsWe are having fun learning all about frogs at our house!  The kids have loved learning about the life cycle of a frog and have been pouring over the nonfiction books we checked out of the library.  It has been so cool to see them grab a frog life cycle book to look up a tadpole or frog fact while they are pretend playing!
There are tons of frog children’s books out there, but not all of them teach about tadpoles and the life cycle of a frog.  If your kids or class in interested in understanding how the frogspawn turn into frogs and seeing awesome photos and illustrations then here are 5 books for you to check out! I’d recommend all of these books about frogs for anyone interested in studying the life cycle of a frog.  Are there any other frog life cycle books you would add to the list?  Leave them in the comments for us to look for!

About Megan SheakoskiMegan is the creator of Coffee Cups and Crayons, a blog full of simple fun and learning. After reading her the summaries of many ridiculous self-published books and forcing her to laugh with me, I chanced upon the Top 20 Children’s Bestsellers of the Week. I am a person who spends a lot of time reading books for kids, at libraries, at bookstores, and I had absolutely no idea what a Ninjago was. I was also told by others that the five-year-old in question was likely wearing Ninjago underwear, but he is of modest demeanor and did not show them off to me.

She believes that kids’ activities don’t have to be complicated to be fun and that learning is better with play. I am a near lifelong fan of Lego, and the anthropomorphizing of bricks reminds me a bit of another early childhood favorite of mine – Gumby.

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