You can read this in 30mins, his methods are simple and WILL change your life, after all, what have you got to lose? In October I joined The Betty Rocker‘s Rocktober 30 Day Bodyweight Workout Challenge.
Between work outs, I like to go for 5-6kms walks to ground myself and get away from the laptop and let my thoughts flow and to appreciate the outdoors and reconnect with nature. I highly recommend Belinda Davidson‘s Guided Chakra Cleanse Meditation to give you time to check in with yourself and balance out your inner world which is where it all begins. Every day this year Gala Darling is sending out a Radical Self Love Letter that you can have delivered into your inbox at a specific time, like when you start your day online. Who can talk more authoritatively about the importance of books than the people who create and critique them?
This book should be beaten with something heavy like a hammer until we're sure it's definitely dead. Here are my three recommendations of tools to help you change your life for the better in 2014! If you don’t have a Kindle device, you can download the Kindle app to your laptop or other device and read them like that. He explains the current employment situation and how it will never be what we grew up with and what to do about it, also giving you a Daily Practice that I wholeheartedly agree with, and if you are an ideas person, this book will light a fire up your butt!
SO MANY nuggets of life changing wisdom, it’s probably the most highlighted book in my Kindle app. It’s easy, you go through a relaxation movement and then focus on each chakra point and their respective colours, Belinda’s relaxing voice helps you to stay focused and you will be high vibing for the rest of the day!

It’s a beautiful way to be inspired and motivated every day this year, to keep us focused on the most important thing, loving ourselves, when we do that, everything else falls into place.
In this thoughtful collection, major writers and critics discuss the books that changed their lives and offer informed suggestions for titles that might do the same for others. I bought it from Amazon for one penny (plus postage) so you may think I shouldn't get so cross, but this is about something more important than money, it's about respect. It is quotable for days and it will crack open that brain of yours, shine a light inside and you will have another thing to be grateful for. Using my Gymboss interval timer, I did 3 rounds of the work out which start off easy on week 1 and then builds on each movement as the weeks go by getting a little harder. Organized around themes inspired by Shakespeare's "Seven Ages of Man," the book covers a diverse array of subjects and includes classic to contemporary fiction and nonfiction, as well as graphic novels.
Leaving aside the what-were-they-thinking cover we find firstly that these Time Out editors appear to think they can adequately discuss the merits of 1000 books in the span of 280 pages. There is a private Facebook group for people to support each other along during the challenge which I found so helpful and inspiring. Serious yet accessible survey essays are complemented by top ten lists chosen by Time Out's unrivalled team of critics.
In October I didn’t put in 100% with the challenge but even so got surprising results.
The book also includes fact boxes perfect for dipping, along with brief, autobiographical "Reading Experience" pieces by famous readers and writers.
I would argue that Proust, Joyce and even J R freaking R Tolkien deserve more than a third of a page each.

Personally, bodyweight workouts work best for me as I can do them whenever and wherever, no having to shlep to the gym or buy equipment. Designed as both a reference and an entertaining read, the book includes commissioned illustrations, photographs, and vintage book jacket images. But that's without factoring in the whole-page illustrations of authors AND - wait for it - the whole page adverts - yes! I also think using your own bodyweight gives you your optimum look instead of bulking with weights etc.
I don't wanna be turning over page 20 in my new edition of Anna karenina and be faced with MACDONALDS - I'M LOVIN' IT!! So this book is not a real guide at all, it's a bunch of articles about themes - the city, women in war, the generation gap ("Crossover books - novels that appeal to adults as much as to children - are the publishing phenomenon of the past decade") or books about sex ("If I say two words - Kama Sutra - what's the first thing you think about?" *).
Then we get a sprinkling of half page boxes containing a few sentences on "The book that changed my life" by a bunch of people they could get on the phone on deadline day (Toby Litt on the poems of John Keats, etc).
And then pages of Critics Choices - "Fights", "Rebellion", "Double Incontinence" (okay i made that one up) where they canter through ten or so titles on one page, so two or three sentences per book.So I think that there SHOULD be as many guides to books as there are guides to movies because in my world, which clearly does not exactly co-incide with the actual world, books are at least as important as movies. And maybe just a leetle more although i hope such a subversive thought doesn't get me put on a list by a shadowy government department. And I think there should be a good solid alternative to the dubious 1000 Books You Should Read Before You get Your Life Shattering Diagnosis And Can No Longer Concentrate.And in my fantasy life, the part which is not concerning Juliette Binoche or Julie Delpy, I dream of a massive edition of the Goodreads Guide to Books - where we ourselves, us here, would unleash onto the world all of our brilliant observations - of which, as any cursory glance at this website will tell you, there are bucketfuls.

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