The University of Arkansas Bowen School of Law is adjacent to McArthur Park in downtown Little Rock. Most Recent HotelGuides Review"The hotel clerk mistakenly gave away my room, but I was quickly given a room upgrade and free night. Michael Hunter Schwartz Credit A new dean at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Bowen School of Law is settling into his job. If you are considering attending Bowen, please begin by exploring our Admissions page, which details the application process and our many and varied scholarships. The BEST Program continues with structured study-groups of four to six students that meet twice a week during the fall and spring semesters to apply cooperative learning strategies to their law school experience under the supervision of carefully trained and supervised upper-division students known as Dean’s Fellows. Students encountering academic challenges after the first semester are assigned to Dean’s Fellows for more intensive assistance to improve their study skills. For the sixth time in seven years, the Bowen School of Law was ranked in the top 25 law school writing programs in the U.S. The school resided in various locations, primarily the old Federal Courthouse in downtown Little Rock.
The law school's current campus is located adjacent to MacArthur Park, near the Arkansas Center for Fine Arts. A law firm inside the law school, the Legal Clinic enables students to work with real clients, the community, and the court system.
A judicial clerkship is an externship in which students work for a judge and conduct research and draft orders, memoranda, and court opinions. The school is unique in that it is home to the Pulaski County Law Library, making it the only metropolitan law school library that is also the library for a county.
The law school is housed separately from the main campus of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and is located at 1201 McMath Avenue. Full-Time Tuition for residents is $14,447 and non-residents is $29,223.[19] Part-Time Tuition for residents is $9,674 and non-residents is $19,032. The law school has over forty five student organizations, most of which are very active on campus and within the community. First year full-time students take 15 hours each semester; first year part-time students take 10 hours in the fall semester, and either 9 or 11 hours in the spring semester.

The University of Arkansas Board of Trustees sets the following year’s tuition and fees for the School of Law in April.
Make sure you also look over Academics to get a sense of our curriculum and graduation requirements.
We have demonstrated our commitment by creating the Bowen Expert Skills Training (BEST) Program, which is a required part of the curriculum.
Unlike a new student orientation, First Week is an elaborate and rigorous program designed to teach students the learning strategies they need to succeed in law school.
The BEST Program also includes workshops throughout law school that will focus on various aspects of academic excellence.
The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs is available to meet individually with students to develop study plans for those who feel overwhelmed, to advise students in developing course outlines and preparing for exams, and to offer guidance to students selecting from the array of course offerings so that students will excel in their selected area of practice. Bowen School of Law is a public law school and part of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). The school follows a traditional doctrinal curriculum while also blending hands-on practice into the student experience. News and World Report and for the last six years as a Best Value Law School by the National Jurist. However, politics caused the school faculty to reform themselves as a private law school in the 1910s. The building was adjacent to the Pulaski County Courthouse, which afforded students the chance to see law in action. The historic building was originally built for the medical school of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and was extensively renovated in 1992 for the law school.
Clerkships are highly competitive experiences and Bowen offers the opportunities at both the Federal and State levels. It is just minutes from Arkansas's largest law firms, corporations, state and federal courts, and the Arkansas State Capitol building. Bowen School of Law is committed to providing high-quality legal education at the lowest cost possible.
To be a resident of Arkansas for tuition purposes, you must have lived in Arkansas for at least six months and show proof of an intent to stay permanently after graduation.

Schwartz gained over 20 years of law teaching and administering experience at Western State University, Charleston School of Law and Washburn University. UALR Bowen School of Law is both American Bar Association (ABA) accredited and a member of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS). However, the facility was plagued with poor parking and was insufficient to handle the growing student population. Other attractions include MacArthur Park, Arkansas Center for Fine Arts, Clinton School of Public Service, World Services for the Blind, Heifer International, museums, restaurants, Little Rock River Market District, and the Clinton Presidential Library. Reuben Clark Society, Law Review, Moot Court Board, Out of State Student Association (OSSA), Phi Alpha Delta (PAD), Part-time Student Association (PTSA), Pulaski County Bar Association, Student Division (PCBA), Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS), "Street Law" Mentor Program (Street Law), Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF), Student Bar Association (SBA), Young Democrats, and Young Republicans. We realize that many graduates of high-priced law schools have little choice when accepting employment, because they have a debt burden of tens of thousands of dollars.
A complete breakdown of fees, together with an explanation of payment options, is published with the admission and registration packets each semester.
You can also learn more about our talented faculty, our committed and successful alumni, and our career services. We encourage our graduates to consider all areas of legal practice, including public interest law β€” working as advocates for the poor, children, minorities and other traditionally unrepresented groups β€” and we give our graduates the financial means to keep public interest law a viable choice.
He has a few long-term plans for the school, including finding ways to reach those who find it hard to access legal services.
The latest incarnation of the law school started as a part-time program that was an extension of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville School of Law, and by 1975 was given autonomy and became a unit of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
Schwartz also says he’s been impressed by the faculty at Bowen and wants to continue to help improve their skills by collaborating with other institutions both nationally and internationally. And this is an institute that focuses on providing faculty development, faculty training in how to teach and how to assess and evaluate student learning,” he says.
Other goals include directing the school to expand its alumni mentoring network while also implementing a program to help graduates pass the bar on their first try.

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